Admission Essay


Additional Skills and Abilities

According to my resume, I have been studying as a board consultant in the University of Zhengzhou during the year 2011 between the month of May and August. During this time, I acquired some skills and abilities to assist in my future employment career. On top of this, there are additional skills which the admission committee should know about and which are summarized below.


Essay of Admission

The idea of living in a new place and different environment always lured me. When I was younger, I liked to imagine what my life will look like. To be honest, I imagined myself contending through the streets…


The Admission to Master’s Program

I am currently pursuing a graduate business program at Texas State University as I believe it can equip me to become a strategic business professional.


IT Admission Essay

In this essay, I will try to explain why I want to apply for a master degree in information technology. I will describe my major accomplishments and my goals in order to reveal my professional experience and…


Admission Essay for Paramedic Program

I would like to be a real professional in the paramedical sector by achieving a degree that is related to the paramedic program. I have CPR certificate and EMT-Basic certificate from UTAH-BEMS, which will be helpful to prove my…


Ph.D Admission Essay

I started to be interested in educational leadership only a couple of years ago. For me, educational leadership can be defined as a method specifically aimed at ensuring that an educational program is able to produce…


Nursing Admission Essay

I am a qualified and registered nurse with a 10 years working experience in acute care. My work experience has enabled me to understand the dynamism of the nursing profession that calls for high level professionalism.