Sociology Essay


My Sociological Autobiography

However, two years ago, in summer, my life position was changed drastically. The next year of my life I devoted to my education and social work, as well as frequent meetings with Alice. The described situation has led me to undertake social support for Alice and other people with non-tradition orientation, who could not find a suitable job in our area.


Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

In essence, gender refers to the feelings, behaviors, and attitudes that a particular culture attaches to an individual’s biological sex (American Psychological Association, 2011). On the other hand, the term ‘sex’ refers to one’s biological make-up, which is usually characterized as female, male, or intersex (Jónasdóttir, Bryson, & Jones, 2010).


The Role of the Nation-State

The rapid growth of the global economy, increased interdependence of the economic and social forces, and globalisation of economic, social, political, and cultural processes have become one of the central…


Different Sociological Theories on Marriage

Family and marriage have always been the key structures of most societies. Marriage and family as relationships have become more complex, and sociologists have developed an interest in studying these interconnections.


Moral Issues with Abortions

Since the beginning of time, abortion was outlawed. All religions forbid their believers to participate in this cold boot. The 20th century legalized abortion and brought them to a cohort of family planning methods.


Drugged Driving as a Social Problem

Society faces a lot of problems and everyone is affected by them. Due to a large number of actual and potential problems, it is difficult to decide which ones have the most disastrous effect. Drugs are widely used in medicine, however, in many cases…


Family Sociology Essay

Sociologists define a family as a basic unit of society. A family, in a human context, is a group of people brought together by consanguinity, co-residence or affinity.


Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Drug turnover and drug-related crimes refer to one of the most urgent problems of a modern global society. Marijuana is the world’s most widespread and comparatively illicit substance. Some scientists consider it a recreational drug and…