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Who can write my memo for me? This is a common question that students ask, especially if they are taking a business or public policy class. Writing a memo is a challenging task indeed. In order to write a professional memo, you need to have a lot of writing experience. The information has to be meaningful and it is important to understand the intended audience.  If you need memo assignment help, you can always count on the experts at FreshEssay.net. Our affordable and fast custom memo writing service can fix you up with high-quality memo writing assistance no matter the level of difficulty or the urgency. 

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Writing a memo itself can be a frustrating, complicated process. But ordering memo writing help should never require you to jump through hoops. When you say, “Write my memo” you will be relieved to know that we have a streamlined process that makes it so easy to get your perfectly polished paper by your deadline! Here is all you need to do:

  1. Fill out the required fields on our order page
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  6. Do whatever you wish with your memo, including turning it in. It is your work!

If you are looking to inform a supervisor or work team about important and relevant issues that have major consequences to the company’s operations, you need a memo that is perfectly written. Even a minor typo or an unclear sentence can create catastrophic misunderstandings. Avoid potential problems by entrusting your memo to our seasoned and highly experienced memo writers! They will write a memo that contains well-researched information and helps you achieve your goals whether they are academic or professional! Contact our friendly customer support team with any questions and they will be happy to assist! 

Custom Memo Writing Service

If reading memorandum examples is not enough to get your assignment started, Freshessay.net offers memo paper help that saves you time and stress. Just say, “Write my memo” and we will take care of the rest! For years, FreshEssay.net has established itself as a premiere memorandum paper writing custom service that offers everything from online test help and discussion board posts to term paper assistance and professional memo writers who can craft a perfect paper that gets you top grades. Our memo writing service is dedicated to helping students like you achieve better academic performance while giving you the freedom to concentrate on the things that matter most in your life. 

What You Get With Our Memorandum Paper Writing Help:

  • Custom writing that is original and free of plagiarism
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Our memorandum writing assistance has helped numerous students out of a jam when they send us a request that says, “Please write a memo for me!” Here are just a few types of memos that we have recently written for our clients:

  • Education policy memo;
  • Hospital billing department memo;
  • Memo highlighting a business conference;
  • Strategic financial memo;
  • Inquiry response memo.

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Reasons Why a Memo Should Be Written

  • To persuade an action;
  • To provide a business report;
  • To inform about a specific directive or task.

There are many reasons why you might be looking to order a custom memo from our experts:

  • You need to provide persuasive reasons to undertake a course of action;
  • You want to keep the organization or company updated on business-related activities;
  • You want to inform the staff about changes to departmental policy

No matter your reasons, you need a memo that is effective in communicating your purpose and objectives. The result will be an organization that is better informed and improves its operations. 

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Typical Memo Format and Its Essential Parts

Understanding how to write using the proper memo format is important. The intended reader – especially policymakers, elected officials and business managers – expect it to follow a particular structure. If you are writing a memo beyond one page, it should generally include the following components:


Whenever you look at memo samples, you will notice that they always start with the header. While the way the header is arranged can vary depending on the type of memo, they typically include information about the author of the memo, the primary recipient, the subject, the date, and the names of any other individuals who might read the memo as well. Keep in mind that the author usually initials the memo to confirm that they authorized the message, much in the same way that you would sign the bottom of a letter. 


For memos longer than one page, you should include a brief summary following the header. In some instances referred to as the executive summary, it is an effective way to provide the information to recipients who do not have time to read the entire document or want a complicated issue to be broken down into its essential parts. The length of the summary should be proportional to the length of the entire memo. Thus, the summary of a 4-page memo would obviously be shorter than one that is 20 pages long.

Subject Headings

As you think about the memo template, remember to divide the content into subject headings. This will serve as a cue to the reader that you have moved on to the next topic of the memo. It will also reinforce the particular points that you are making, especially if you are writing a policy memo that requires some persuasion. The headings should be concise, written in bold, and using a font size that is slightly bigger than the rest of the text.


One of the biggest mistakes that students make is assuming that every writing assignment should be written with a literary flourish. While this might get you a good grade in a creative writing class, the recipient of the memo is not looking to be dazzled. The memo should be straightforward and use common terminology. 

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When glancing at memo writing examples, you will see that they are always written with single-spacing within the paragraphs and double-spacing between paragraphs. Avoid writing overly lengthy paragraphs. Not only will the recipient find them difficult to read, but it is also a likely sign that you are including too much information. 

Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph is extremely important on many levels. The primary reason is that if the reader does not understand the relevance or significance of the subject, they might not see the point in continuing. Explain the purpose of the memo and tell them what to expect. You should also use this as an opportunity to provide names, dates, reference numbers, and other information that they might not otherwise recall. 

Style and Tone

Good memo writers know to maintain a professional demeanor and use a polite, agreeable tone. You do not want it to sound stiff or exceedingly pretentious. At the same time, neither a supervisor or professor is likely to appreciate slang terms. Of course, some of the tone will depend on your familiarity with the recipient as well as your relationship. In other words, a memo written for a complete stranger or somebody that you rarely come across will differ from that of a colleague that you share cubicle space with.


Unlike an academic essay, it is not necessary to finish the memo with a concluding summary. Instead, you will use techniques that are similar to finishing a letter. For instance, you could tell the recipients what happens next or how they can reach you in order to discuss the memo further. 


You will not include your signature in the memo. However, you should use a black ink pen and write your initials beside your name in the memo’s heading. 

When you are writing a memo – especially a lengthy policy paper that requires several alternative solutions along with the pros and cons to each – you will certainly be required to do some extensive research. After all, you will not be able to rely on a hunch. Your proposals should be well-grounded based on evidence that you find in reputable sources. Every source needs to be properly attributed to its author, which means you will be asked to write the memo in MLA or APA memo format, among the different style preferences. Therefore, just as with an academic paper, you will need to include in-text citing along with a reference page that will be attached at the end of the memo.

At this point, you probably do not need a memorandum definition. If you have read this article carefully, you should understand that this type of writing task is important for keeping a business or organization up to speed on a particular issue. These days’ emails are often the primary method for exchanging information. Nonetheless, the memorandum is here to stay. For instance, it often serves as formal documentation for legal/compliance purposes.

Memo Samples

  1. Response to the prompt MEMO sample
  2. Business Memorandum Sample
  3. Health Systems of Ohio Memorandum

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