Case Study


The Impact of the Internet on HRM

The Internet has changed the world of business quite significantly. Specifically, it has made a great impact on the approach of Human Resource Management (HRM) to working with people and to finding the most appropriate specialists for the specific positions in organizations. In fact, the Internet has promoted the improvement in the productivity of numerous interaction aspects between the applicant and the employer.


Harvard Business Review

A friendly and fair corporate culture is crucial for organizational productivity because satisfied workers show more concern about the companys progress. Generally, people spend at work the biggest part of their life and they want to be confident that their effort is evaluated objectively. At the same time, the companys market always dictates new rules that must be followed if it strives to remain competitive.


John Lewis Partnership

This paper aims at coming up with a conclusive case study of John Lewis Partnership. The company is a partnership in the UK, which is run through trust and for the sake of employees who are viewed as the company’s partners (Tomar, 2013). The partnership operates department stores known as John Lewis as well as supermarkets Waitrose


Company Case Snickers

Advertising has different media forms, and for Snickers, integrated advertising campaigns are typical, meaning that the product is advertised on TV, the Internet, and via printed ads based on the same slogan and goal. The current advertising campaign of Snickers is integrated because it is provided via different types of media, both traditional and innovative ones. Finally, Snickers is promoted via innovative advertising media, including social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and others (Company case Snickers, 2010).


IT Planning at ModMeters

Therefore, the following work is dedicated to the development of the IT planning process for ModMeters, considering the current strategy of the firm, as well as the challenges presented by the internal environment of the company. By taking into account that ModMeters plans to open new plants in Asia and Eastern Europe, it is possible to assume that the informational structure of the branches located there will be largely similar to that of the parental company. In turn, these measures will ensure deeper integration of the IT into the structure of the enterprise, and, therefore, provide possibilities for expansion of ModMeters IT budget in the following years.


Implementing an Electronic Health Record at the Central City Medical Group

Central City Medical Group seems to have a similar problem as it unreasonably relied on the advice of IT providers and information technologies themselves. Central City Medical Group is recommended to implement the EHR on the basis of healthcare companies that have already managed to succeed in similar projects; otherwise, the probability of a new failure will be dramatically high. In this context, Central City Medical Group is advised to invite healthcare representatives that already have experience in implementing EHR.


Jess Westerly at Kauflauf GmbH

Jess Westerly at Kauflauf GmbH Case Study. Thanks to the quick learning process, Jess is enthusiastic because she has a passion for yielding good results (Gabarro & Kaftan, 2012). Daily business success cannot be achieved if there is no successful plan of execution in terms of the communication strategy (Kaplan & Kotter, 2008).


Kitchen Staff

Thus, in some period, the general performance of the staff may decline, and the quality of customer service will be lower. Thus, customer service quality may become lower as kitchen staff might not work to the fullest. Thus, customer service quality as well as the quality of food will become lower, and the restaurant will lose its customers, especially loyal ones?


Child Development

The child that has participated in this study is named Thani Hamad. He is four year old and lives with his mother, father, and two siblings, one older and one younger. The names of his parents are Ronan and Arnona. Both of them are educators. The religion that is observed within the family is Islam.



Business planning is an important pre-startup activity that visionary entrepreneurs should undertake. Business plans are one of the most important business documents since they provide a clear direction to a systematic implementation of a company’s vision. Moreover, business plans are crucial as they are an effective way of articulating the company’s potential objectives that might attract stakeholders.