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With the ongoing spread of IB schools across the USA and the other countries of the world, students have started to seek professional writing help with their IB extended essay writing assignments. The reason for their choice is obvious as they spend quite a lot of time on planning the writing process, structuring the paper, and writing the very paper. So, if they get stuck with the task, they can easily get professional assistance from FreshEssay.net IB extended essay writing service that is available round-the-clock every day of the week. 

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What Is Important to Know about IB Extended Essay Writing

When you are assigned to write an IB extended essay, you need to closely follow instructions or guidelines provided in the essay prompt by the professor. As a rule, extended essays have specific requirements to the paper length, formatting, and citation style. If a student does not adhere to the IB extended essay guide, they put their possibility to get a diploma at stake. When you are preparing for the writing process and you are gathering sources to extract some supporting evidence from, be sure that you should consult only credible and reliable articles or books taken from peer-reviewed sources or scholarly databases. When providing any statements or evidence from the outside sources, be sure to cite them properly in order to avoid plagiarism. What is even more important, it is essential to pay attention to the sentence structures, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and choice of vocabulary. If you are not confident in your skills and knowledge, be sure that you can ask for essay help from International Baccalaureate.

IB Extended Essay Writing Guidelines

Structure of an IB Extended Essay

Composing a rough outline or coming up with an extended writing plan can greatly help you within the very writing process. Regardless of the topic or subject that you are writing your IB essay in, be sure that an outline greatly helps you organize the paper, structure the thoughts, and overall ease the writing process. Outline also helps one to create a specific and clear plan how the topic will be discussed, analyzed, and evaluated. 

Take into account the following steps if you want to develop an effective IB extended essay:

  1. Identify the central problem and formulate a research question. To answer questions related to the paper topic, you may need to carry out a brief investigation. So, before writing the paper, you may need to research the topic a bit. Formulating a research question will help you maintain your focus on the paper.
  2. Conduct some preliminary research on the topic in order to delve deeper into the essence of the subject area. Find all the information that you seem to be lacking. Take notes while reviewing some literature. Try to look at the central topic from various perspectives. 
  3. Develop the core argument. As soon as you have collected sufficient information and materials on your topic, think of what main message or argument you would like to convey. Remember to support any argument with sufficient supporting evidence, i.e. examples and facts taken from the outside sources. 
  4. Communicate the main message across. Once you have collected sufficient materials, you can now think of what theme or message unites the topic. Try to convey your main argument in a clear and concise manner. Each aspect of the main argument should be clearly presented in each of the paper sections, chapters or body paragraphs. When organizing the paragraphs, you need to pay attention to logical transitions and phrases that should link ideas across the paper. 

When working on the paper, it is not needed to include each idea or fact that you have gathered from the sources. You need to take only the most important information and make sure that you do not repeat the same ideas repeatedly. When it comes to sentence structure, the sentences should be brief, clear, and concise without any lengthy or flowery structures. As a rule, the average number of words needed for an IB extended essay is 4,000, so make sure you meet this word count limit. Revision and editing after the writing process is a must in order to get a high-quality paper deserving an excellent grade. 

Appealing Topics for IB Extended Essays

  1. Efficiency of the most widespread ways of propagation of begonia (Biology topic).
  2. Compare and contrast Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians in terms of their religious practices, beliefs, and values (Classic Greek and Latin).
  3. Outcomes of continuous usage of laundry chemicals, detergents, and enzymes (Chemistry).
  4. The role of dance improvisation in choreography (Dance).
  5. The impact of the Internet on the interaction among doctors and medical stuff (Technology). 
  6. The required changes for diabetics getting insurance policies (Economics). 
  7. Tim Burton’s works within the context of Expressionism: emotions in the movies, colors, and the concept of distortion (Cinematography). 
  8. The current-day excessive usage of pathos in the media (English).
  9. The influence of Stalin’s rule on the Russian art (Art). 
  10. Women’s position in the 19th and 20th centuries in European countries (History). 

Original Extended Essay Topics for Students

What Our Academic Writing Service Do for You

Our company’s professional writers can provide you with all the assistance you need when it comes to IB essay writing. We guarantee that your custom IB extended essay will be written for you from scratch according to individual requirements. If you are not sure how to write the essay or how to organize it on the whole, turn to us for help and you will be fully satisfied with the quality of IB extended essay. When you are wondering, “Who can write my IB extended essay for me,” be sure that we have a rich and versatile team of writers who specialize in different subject areas and majors. It means that you can get a premium-quality paper on any topic and of any complexity level. You can buy IB extended essay from us regardless of the topic: we have experts in Psychology, Political Science, History, Business and Management, English, Literature, Marketing, and other spheres. What is even more important: we always deliver papers on time regardless of the deadline. Our company operates 24/7 to be able to help you even if you need professional assistance with some urgent tasks.

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How to Buy an Extended Essay Online from FreshEssay.net

Clients come to our service because they can get IB extended essay writing help from true experts in any field of research. The ordering process consists of the following stages:

  1. Visit an order page. When you place an order with us, you can get a discount for choosing the extended essay help. 
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How to Order IB Extended Essay

Top-Quality IB Extended Essays Written Individually for You

Our company’s writers will easily cope with the IB extended essay format and they will definitely provide you with an essay of any complexity strictly on time regardless of the paper urgency. They have solid experience in the academic writing field as well as in the subject areas they specialize in. Our writers are more than willing to accept each order with great enthusiasm. They are well versed in the latest formatting and academic writing standards and can provide papers according to the requirements you send them.

Benefits You Get When You Purchase an Essay from FreshEssay.net

  • Your assigned writing expert will help you choose a proper topic that will align to the course requirements. When you rely on our writers for help, be sure that the topic will be relevant to the research field and will be appealing to your audience. 
  • All the required topic investigation will be carried out by your assigned writer as well. He/ she will extract information only from credible and peer-reviewed sources. 
  • The quality assurance team will care for the paper quality and will ensure that the paper is free from grammatical, structural, and formatting mistakes. 
  • Information taken from the outside sources will be cited according to the formatting requirements and the style preferred by your academic supervisor. All sources will be then organized into a reference list.
  • Word count requirements will be followed as well. 

You can order your IB extended essays from any custom writing company but when you place your order at FreshEssay.net writing agency, be sure that your chances for success will be higher due to the company’s trustworthiness and reliability. Each paper will be carefully crafted according to individual requirements and will be written from scratch. 

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