Economics Essays


Causes and Impact of 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

In 1997, the Asian countries were struck by financial crisis that struck with an unexpected severity. Most of them were the admired nations that had emerged as successful in developing market economies. The Asian countries had realized rapid growth rates and drastically improved the living standards of the population (Sugisaki).


The Great Depression

It was felt at varying times by different countries, with some affected by it as early as in late 1920s while others got hit by it around mid-1940s. This economic slump was an indication of how bad the state economies can become as a result of prevailing political turmoil and disturbances, both in the internal and external economic environments.


Brexit: Challenges for the UK Workers and Economy

The procedure related to the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit) has become one of the most important events in the modern history. It has provoked an ambiguous reaction and announced serious changes in the international politics. The effect of this process on the life of ordinary citizens of the UK is not yet clear, but the analysts and research institutes predict economic cataclysms, the exacerbation of confrontations between the powers, and a decrease in the well-being of the population in general.


Catastrophe Bonds

Catastrophe bonds are issued by insurance and reinsurance companies. These are risk linked securities whose purpose is to transfer catastrophe risks from the insurance companies to the capital markets. The benefits accruing to an investor in catastrophe bonds are linked to the occurrence of a predefined catastrophe within a given period.


Economy Now

Every single nation around the world pursues the objective of raising the standards of life for its citizens. As a result, some nations have successfully raised the standards of living of their residents, while there are others whose standards of living are still low due to reasons such as political instability, poor technology, and natural calamities.


Toyota Company Project: Land Cruiser

Background information. Toyota Corporation is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that has its headquarters in Toyota, Japan. It manufactures different brands of vehicles throughout the world. The company is well famous following its management philosophy as the world’s first mass-market hybrids producer. The Toyota Land Cruiser has the longest running history among all Toyota cars.


Essay about International Economics

The organization that has both the U.S. and international presence is Coca-Cola. It is a multinational company with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, in the USA, being a leader in the manufacturing, retailing and selling of non-alcoholic beverages. It was branded in the late eighteenth century. The company has a significant influence on the economy of nations around the globe. At the same time, the strength of different economies in various countries affects its performance.


Disney-Pixar Relationship

The Disney-Pixar relationship makes perfect sense in different aspects. This can be analyzed from both the economical and operational aspects. Pixar brings operational benefits to the partnership. It was one of the first companies to make a breakthrough in animation by moving away from the traditional animation process of 2D animation and starting to use the 3D computer-generated models.


Tesla Motors Case

Tesla Motors may succeed in gaining financial sustainability in the case if this company manages to attract more investors. Otherwise, the chances for prosperity are low. The arguments below are collected to display the current condition of Tesla and its chances for positive changes.


IKEA Financial Analysis

IKEA is an internationally recognized company known for home furniture retailing, which was founded in 1943. It has rapidly grown since its establishment. It is one of the world’s largest furniture retailers due to its Scandinavian style furniture.