History Essay


Honesty Is the Best Policy

Beth woke up to an early morning. Yellow petals shown in the air shone like gold in the sun. The day seemed to be promising, and Beth could not imagine it would turn out the way it did


The Innocent Transgressor, Jesus in early Christian Myth and History

The Innocent Transgressor, Jesus in early Christian Myth and History. A transgressor is a person who goes beyond the generally imposed limits (command or law), in other words, infringes or violates the prevailing limits. It is, however, contradictory that, one can be innocent and at the same time be a transgressor


The Great Songhai Empire Introduction

Under the leadership of Sonni Ali, the Songhai kingdom defeated the Mali Empire by wealth, power and, later, absorbed it. The Trans-Saharan trade, especially the control over the Taghaza salt mines on the boundaries of the Songhai kingdom, also contribute to the rise of the empire. Besides, the rise of the Songhai Empire led to the collapse of other kingdoms, such as the Mali kingdom.


The Implication of the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments

As a matter of fact, the proclamation can be seen as the precursor to the Thirteenth Amendment and eventual abolishment of slavery in the United States. Although the majority of Southern states rejected the amendment, it was still ratified providing answers to questions related to the rights of people freed from slavery by the 13th Amendment (Burgan 20). The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were designed to ensure equality for previously emancipated United States citizens.


Ottoman Empire

Maritime and land empires existed during that period of time. The Portuguese Empire and the Ottoman Empire, which possessed enormous power at that time, represented maritime and land empires, respectively. However, the Ottoman Empire became the most effective in the world.


French and Indian War

Several factors have largely contributed to the growing tension between the British and French colonies. The end of the War of the Austrian Succession in 1748 has marked the establishment of a rather fragile balance of power and urged the rivals to spread the conflict on other territories. In fact, the armed conflict was a direct result of the gradual expansion of the British and French colonies during the 1750s into the Ohio Valley.


American History: The Cold War

After World War II, the largest and the most violent conflict in the history of mankind, a confrontation between Communist bloc countries on the one hand and Western capitalist nations on the other hand started. The key reason for the Cold War included unsolvable ideological differences between the two models of society, socialism and capitalism. The West feared the strengthening of the Soviet Union.


The Trucial Coast in the Nineteenth Century

The Trucial Coast has a long and interesting history that is linked to many different states and rulers. It has given a start for the development of a powerful country such as the United Arab Emirates. It has also set a successful example of the state’s development after a long period of empire’s influence and slow improvements.


Japan’s History

The emperor in Japan was a leader of an empire, who exercised authority upon his reign and his sovereign subjects, according to the constitution operating at his time. The emperor possessed special powers bestowed upon him from his ancestors. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the important role played by an emperor in the history of Japan.


Cold War

After World War II, which has been the largest and the most violent conflict in the history of mankind, there was a confrontation between the Eastern Bloc countries and the Western capitalist countries. The confrontation was mainly between the two superpowers of the time – the USSR and the USA. The term “cold war” was coined by Winston Churchill during his speech in 1946. At the time his speech was a symbol of the beginning of the Cold War.