Medicine Essay


Mental Retardation

Caring for people with mental retardation has evolved over time. Since the 1500s, the way that the society views such people has changed. They have the right to live normal lives.


Cancer Treatment

Risks of CAM Using and the Ways to Minimize the Risks. Cancer is one of the most dangerous and serious diseases.


Family Therapy

The members who do not participate in treatment sessions as a result of physical illness or related limitations are not ideal for this therapy as they are not able to experience its full impact. In cases where a family member has a severe mental or physical illness, the role of family therapy is to educate the entire families on the disease and the care that the members ought to provide. In case these are not present, it is advisable not to involve the children and adolescents into the process at all as there are some risks are that family therapy may be stressful for them.