Politics Essays


US Politics Before and After September 11

The complete alteration of the US politics was a feedback to the acts of terrorism that took place in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001. It is enough therein to recall the war in Afghanistan, invasion of Iraq, the Bush Doctrine, detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, and the Patriot Act. The USA declared a war on international terrorism in the aftermath of September attacks.


US Dependence on Saudi Arabia Oil

The relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia has strengthened over the years despite cultural and political differences. The main reason is the US dependence on Saudi Arabia oil. The origin of their relationship dates back to the early years of the Second World War, during Roosevelt administration (Long, 1985)


European Nations

Jorg Haider led the far-right Alliance for the Future of Austria. In the 1999 general election, Haider garnered 27% of votes, which earned him inclusion in the government. Subsequently, Austria experienced months-long sanctions imposed by the European Union owing to his seemingly anti-Semitic statements


Limited Government

According to Articles 1 to 3 of the Constitution, the executive, judiciary powers and power of the legislature belong to the President of the United States, US Supreme Court and lower courts, and the US Congress respectively (Mason and Stephenson 31). The actual relationship between the three main organs of government, the Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court, are constantly changing, but the principle of separation of powers remains unchanged. Since 1803, the Supreme Court of the United States, other than those specified in the Basic Law of powers, has appropriated this right of constitutional review, in othe words, the right to decide on the constitutionality of the acts of Congress, the President, and the bodies of state power.


Political Participation

The main feature of democracy is the power of the people. Every citizen has the right to vote and chose his representatives in the government. It is written in the constitutions of hundreds of countries. However such a right is often neglected by citizens of democratic states. The U.S. is not an exception since the rate of political participation is low there.


American Politics

The most critical concern of America’s political imagination is not the high rate of inequality in income and their negative effects on opportunities, but how this inequality is replicated in the system. In the USA, the flow of funds into politics by the wealthy increasingly becomes more vibrant. Wealth has great significance in the American political imagination in numerous ways (Fishel, 1997).


Hitler and the Aestheticization of Politics

The aesthetic and political value is determined by the fundamental aesthetic nature. The aesthetization of politics together with the politicization of art is the potentiality inherent in historical change of human…


Religion in Contemporary America: Religion and Politics

Religion plays a huge role in society, politics, and culture throughout the American history. About 68% of the U.S. population considers themselves as believers, and 40% attends church at least once a week, which is significantly higher…