Narrative Essays


Surrealist Fashion

Art is the human energy to duplicate, supplement, modify, or counter the work of natural surroundings. It is a situation whereby human beings organize sounds, colors, systems, movements or other essentials in a mode that affects the logic of beauty, precisely the production of the gorgeous in a graphic or pliable medium (Gershman 1969). Art […]


Thanksgiving and Chanukah Concert

At the present time, people are too busy and completely absorbed into their work forgetting that there are other joys of life, like music. As for me, I am not an exception of the rules.


Point of View Essay

My study is the place of my inspiration. It is calm and very purposeful. Big windows welcome me with a start of new day. It was 6 o’clock in the morning and the sunrise has just started. The window looked like bright water-color painting…


Personal Narrative Sample

Childhood is a period of life, when you discover something new all the time. It is an amazing feeling, when you live in the world that is filled with unknown things and opportunities. With each coming day you can explore different facts and…


The First Man to Step on the Moon

At times, I picture myself communicating with some outstanding individual just like interviewers communicate with movie stars. Here is one of my imaginary would-be encounters.


Individual Development Essay Sample

We, as humans, go through different phases in our lives that actually mould who we are. What we are is not a product of pure coincidence; we are who we are because of what we have gone through in life. There are numerous factors that influence us on this wonderful journey that is life…


The Rural Story

This is a story that happened to my friends and me when we came to the Kirksville for studying. I will start from the beginning.


Personal Narrative: Cleaning the Park

Once, I went to the park with my friends. Everything around us was beautiful, clean, and tidy. The plants were green, and the flowers were blooming, just like in paradise. However, suddenly a clearing caught our eyes.


Narrative Prewriting Assignment

A time I was embarrassed most was during the physical education lesson when the whole class was taken to the field by the teacher for various sporting events, but I could not ride a bicycle to the surprise of my classmates.