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What Is an Article Critique?

An article critique assignment is also known as a response paper, which is a type of academic writing, where a student is supposed to provide a formal evaluation of a specific article and pinpoint to its strengths and weaknesses as well as its relation to the broader topic or context. When you are assigned to submit an article critique task, you are expected to analyze the article and make a conclusion whether the author of the article has managed to provide credible and convincing arguments and facts to support and prove the core idea.

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How to Summarize and Critique an Article?

When working on such paper types as an article summary and a critique, you need to make sure you know how to differentiate them. When you are given an article summary to submit, you would mainly focus on the plot – specifically, you may retell the plot in chronological order of events and draw attention of your readers to the main ideas, topics, and concepts touched upon by the author. However, when you are supposed to submit a critique of an article, be sure that you will have to analyze and evaluate the way the ideas are conveyed and supported as well as how the core message is communicated across.

When students hear the word “critique,” they usually associate it with some negative meaning as the first notion that comes to their minds is the word “to criticize.” However, these are really different. When you look at an article critique example, you will see that one hardly ever criticizes the article but rather focuses on the way the ideas are presented. When working on a critique, it is essential to stay objective – to provide an unbiased analysis of the core points.

If you feel that writing a critique of an article is a really difficult and complicated task for you or if you do not know how to critique an article, be sure that the most prudent decision would be to seek professional and reliable help from some online custom writing agency. When you make up your mind and trust your paper to expert writers, you will finally free yourself more time for enjoyable activities and will have an opportunity to rest and have enough sleep.

How to Write an Article Critique?

Upon receiving an assignment to provide a critique of a scholarly article, the very first question that students wonder of is what to include in the critique and how to organize it.

Just like many other academic assignments, an article critique has four constituent parts.

  1. Introductory chapter. In this opening paragraph, you need to provide the following information:
    • introduce the name of the author and the title of the article to your target readers;
    • highlight the main message that the author was trying to convey;
    • finish the introduction with a strong and clear thesis statement that provides a brief preview of the analysis you are supposed to conduct further.
  2. Summary of the article:
    • outline the core points that the author has covered in the article;
    • pinpoint to the main arguments;
    • provide the main article findings.
  3. Critique of the article:
    • provide a brief and concise discussion of the article’s strengths and weaknesses;
    • express your opinion concerning the relevancy of the content to the article title, clarity, accuracy of facts provided, and any other aspects that are vividly noticeable.
  4. Conclusion:
    • provide a succinct summary of the key points that were touched upon in the article as well as the major points of your analysis;
    • finish the conclusive paragraph with your own commentary concerning the significance of the research outlined in the article;
    • you may as well include a statement concerning the future investigation of the topic.

If you have been assigned to submit a critique of an article but you do not know where to start, be sure that you will receive tips and guidelines from our company’s writers. Check out the following steps that will help you maintain proper article critique format.

How to Write an Article Critique

Step 1. Read the article actively and attentively

One will not be able to successfully critique an article without careful and in-depth reading. Sometimes the scholarly articles given for reading may be rather lengthy and extensive and you may not have sufficient time to read them through in great detail. In such case, however, try to pay attention to the main points and keywords. If it does not help you to understand the meaning of the research, then it is recommended to seek professional assistance from custom writing companies.

Extensive reading is necessary in the process of proper understanding of the article. In such a way, you will get a chance to pay close attention to facts and details. Moreover, you may find it easier to extract the core arguments that the author used to support his/ her view.

As you read through the text of the article, be sure to pay attention to the following aspects and highlight them:

  • research problem and the main research goals;
  • hypothesis;
  • methodology;
  • research participants;
  • types of variables;
  • the core findings;
  • conclusion and research outcomes.

Step 2. Work on the preliminary outline

Taking notes, brainstorming, and composing mind maps is all good. However, your process of writing will be a lot simpler as well as more logical and coherent when you draft an outline of your future work. It is perfectly normal to change some parts of the essay further – the outline is just preliminary.

Step 3. Question the main points expressed by the author of the article

The very first thing your professor will start paying attention to is to finding out whether you have understood the difference between an article summary and critique. Therefore, it is essential to provide analysis of the main aspects the author reflected on, to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s arguments, and to indicate whether you agree or disagree with the author’s findings.

As such, you have to pay attention to the logical development of ideas in the article, to how the author analyzes the issues, etc. You will have to indicate whether the chosen research methodology was relevant and helpful. Apart from the general aspects, you are encouraged to pay attention to the following:

  • research methods;
  • obtained results;
  • points of discussion;
  • elements of style used in the article.

Step 4. Outline possible contradictions in the article

While reading the article, you may be attentive enough to spot some contradictory points in the article. If you managed to notice some dubious ideas, you should definitely outline this issue in your critique. Contradictions are not always a sign of being inattentive – it is just that researchers can sometimes be biased concerning some issues.

Step 5. Write the critique

By the time you reached this step, you must have gathered a lot of notes and drafts. So, as you are writing an article critique, try to organize all the notes you have in a logical and concise order. Make sure you have a logical progression of the things you discuss and analyze. You may use the following tips on what steps to follow: Unveil your main argument in the introductory paragraph. When starting with the introduction, make sure to mention the title of the article, its author, the journal of publication, and the date of publication. After you have provided all this basic information, make sure you put forward a statement concerning what you think of the article or which of its aspects you intend to analyze. Make sure the introduction ends with a thesis statement. Work on the development of body paragraphs. In the main body, focus on the article critique. If needed, provide subheadings so that it is clear for the target readers to navigate through the article. Make sure that each body paragraph is properly organized: it should start with a topic sentence, be further supported with evidence and examples, and end with a closing sentence. Provide a summary of your critique. Sum up the key findings and the core points of your critique. Suggest potential implications for the future research of the topic.

Step 6. Revise your paper

Never undermine the importance of paper revision. However, make sure that you leave some time before finishing to write the critique and starting to revise it. With the help of revision, you will be able to spot potential mistakes and errors. Moreover, you will take a fresh look on how well you have managed to apply critical thinking to analyzing the topic. While revising, pay specific attention to formatting and citations. For example, if you were expected to provide an article critique APA format, make sure you double-check all the requirements and academic standards.

How to Format an Article Critique in APA Style?

It is a well-known fact that the majority of professors take into consideration not just the quality of content but also a student’s ability to adhere to the required formatting and citation style. Therefore, since formative impacts your grade, you need to be particularly careful when formatting your critique.

APA is one of the most frequently assigned formats. The acronym stands for the American Psychological Association, and it can be inferred that the format is mainly used for formatting papers on psychology, sociology, and adjacent disciplines. It has its specific guidelines, rules, and requirements that should be precisely followed if one wants to succeed in formatting the article critique.

If you have been assigned to submit a paper in APA style, be sure that you would be expected to write the text double-spaced by using Times New Roman 12 pt. font. You also need to make sure that the margins on each side of the page equal to one inch. The style is also decisive to the way you will structure your paper. As such, you need to have a separate title page, an abstract page, the main text of the assignment, and the list of references. When you format the cover page, make sure to provide the title of the paper, your full name, and the name of the institutional affiliation you study at.

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Following APA style, your paper will have the following structure:

Abstract page. This section should consist of a brief but detailed overview of your paper, specifically what you intend to critique and what you intend to achieve by the end of writing the article critique. Pinpoint to what methods of analysis you have used. Keep in mind that the abstract should range from 150 to 250 words in length.

The main body. Make sure you provide the title of your essay in the center of the next page. Start working on the text of your critique. Focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the article as well as what mistakes or contradictions you have found in it.

A list of references. Make sure you organize the reference list in alphabetical order. When organizing the list, make sure you adhere to the required formatting style. When it comes to APA, you need to provide the last name of the source’s author, put the year of publication in parentheses, provide the title of the article, mention the medium of publication (the journal where the article was published), provide the number of volume and the page numbers if required.

When it comes to in-text citations, they should be formatted using author-date style, i.e. you have to provide the author’s name and the year of article publication.

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