Comparative Essays


Japanese vs Korean Movie

FEMININITY, GENDER, AND THE MASCULINITY BASED ON KOREA’S AND JAPAN’S MOVIE Femininity is a set of attributes, roles, and behaviors that are associated with women or girls. Since femininity comprises the factors, such as gender roles and characteristics, one can define that it is socially constructed issue but results from both biological and socially-defined factors.


Similarities & Differences between US Constitution

Similarities and Differences between the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of California. A constitution is a critical symbol of a nation and its well-being



The twentieth century was an epoch of the economic, social, cultural, and political progress of humanity. The economy became global, the communist system collapsed, and the worlds society began a process of its democratization. Moreover, the two World Wars, a parade of socialist revolutions, famine, natural disasters, and a series of genocides happened in the last century


Islam, Judaism and Christianity

The analysis of the origins and key pillars of Christianity, Islam and Judaism illustrates the existence of synthesis among the three religions. Islam and Christianity derive most of their religious philosophies from the Jewish Bible and largely base their practices on ideas and traditions of the Jews


American Civil War and World War II

Wars are in more ways than one a sordid affair, with more losses than victories. In almost all cases, the number of fatalities and casualties outweighs the resulting benefits. However, politicians have in so many centuries relied upon wars to enforce policies and mark territories. In most instances, wars are just excuses for various state and non state actors to stamp their feet and show their strength to the rest of the world.


Comparative Analysis Punishment and The Lottery

This paper thoroughly analyzes and compares Rabindranath Tagore’s “Punishment” and Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”. I plan to focus on the plot of both short stories, the overall settings, and their main topics. These works share certain similarities as well as differences that make both stories unique and captivating in terms of illustrating the peculiarities of the human nature and questionable patterns that shape people’s behavior.


Comparison of Gatsby and Tom

The Great Gatsby is an American novel that was written in 1925 by Scott Fitzgerald. The cast comprises of many characters, among them being Gatsby and Tom. These two characters have similarities and differences in terms of on their reasoning, actions, desires, conscience and well-being.


Modernization Dependency and Neoliberal Theories

Modernization, dependency, and neoliberal theories are referred to as the development concepts. All of the theories explain the peculiarities of the economic growth and the possible ways of the changes in societies. The major developmental efforts of the international community include the attempts to reduce poverty and provide the well-being of the population as well as increase the national income of the poor countries.


On Dumpster Diving and On Being a Cripple

People do not ponder over the influence of definition essays on their perception of that or this notion. However, they should think it over because such essays can change the comprehension of some notions entirely. Two short stories, “On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner and “On Being a Cripple” by Nancy Mairs are the illustrations of definition essays, which can deeply affect the readers and alter their apprehension of the words cripple and dumpster diving.


Mary Rowlandson and Olaudah Equiano

Mary Rowland and Olaudah Equiano have both documented their enslavement experience through writing narratives. Mary Roland was captured during the raid by Native American, while Olaudah Equiano was captured from West Africa and sold into slavery.