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The grant application is usually referred to as a grant proposal. It is a kind of paper written with the purpose to receive costs for project funding, renovation of production or business. The main objective of grant applications is to provide enough evidence about how good your project is. You have to prove that only your project deserves funding. That is why all your ideas have to be formulated clearly using the appropriate tone and manner. In addition, every grant application must be properly organized and transparent. It helps to show that you can present and organize your thoughts.  

In some cases, you have to fill out or follow a certain form when writing a grant application. Sometimes, the grant application form can be rather loose or even unrestricted. However, in both cases the writer is supposed to use official language and proper writing style. 

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Organize Your Proposal Properly

Every year, various companies, corporations, and government agencies spend billions of dollars on the start-ups and ideas they are interested in. To give money, they want to see truly detailed and informative grant proposals written by passionate and goal-oriented people. Creating a grant proposal is a pretty effort-consuming task, which is very rewarding though. If you want to know how to write a grant proposal, you may learn some information on the website of the company offering the grant. Below, you will find the common grant proposal outline along with a short description of each part.

  • Abstract. An abstract is a brief summary of the proposal, about 100-150 words, that should clearly state your purpose and briefly describe the project you are working on;
  • Needs statement. This part should explain the problem or situation your proposal is going to address. When writing this part, you should not forget about using supporting evidence. Basically, it should tell what problem you are going to solve having the grant money and why this problem is important enough to ask for funding;
  • Project description. As you may guess, in this part, you need to describe your project in detail clearly indicating how you are going to solve the problem. This part should convince your reader that you clearly understand what to do;
  • Goals. This part of your grant proposal should clearly indicate what outcome you are going to achieve. Discuss the specific aspects of your project, as well as your long-term and short-term goals. Pay attention that your goals should be measurable, reasonable, and clear;
  • Plan of actions. Basically, it is a step-by-step description of the activities you are going to take in order to reach your goals. It means that you should clearly explain who will complete the certain task and which approach will be chosen for that;
  • Evaluation. This part describes how the project will be monitored and how the results will be evaluated. In other words, it should cover all the criteria of measuring success indicating when the evaluations will be held;
  • Budget. In this section of your grant proposal, you should tell how you are going to use the money received. Try to be realistic and reasonable in your calculations including only eligible expenses. At the same time, you need to make it detailed enough to satisfy the curiosity of every member of the company offering the grant.
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Steps of Grant Application Writing

  1. Learn how to apply for a grant and strictly follow the required procedure.
  2. You have to assess the field of competition. It will help you be sure that your proposal is a unique one.
  3. Conduct detailed research about the grant program history and people who decided to create it. You have to be aware of persons who were the initiators of the program.  
  4. Do your best and get to know about the types of projects the committee is interested in. In case the program is not specific, find information about the previous projects that received grants. It will help you to ascertain the general policy.
  5. Form the main goal and objective for your project.
  6. Determine the importance of the grant for your project. In addition, do not forget to outline its importance for a small group or the whole society. Beneficiaries of implementation should be also presented to the committee.
  7. Possible pitfalls should be analyzed as well. You can use the following methods: PEST, SWOT, Blue Ocean, etc. it will help you create a perfect business plan.
  8. Write about yourself in brief. Two or three sentences will be enough to show that you are a good applicant. No matter whether your grant proposal is for a company, you still have to tell the committee something about yourself as they must have a clear image of the project’s author.  

How to Write a Grant Application? Main Points that Should Be Considered

  • In case you have no idea how to write a grant, it is recommended to create a checklist of what should be covered in the grant application. Do not forget to include the main reasons why you decided to apply for this grant program; specify certain goals of the project proposed by you; mention the amount of money you will probably need to implement the project; explain why this sum of money will be enough for your project; inform the committee about your background and maybe some other projects you participated in. In order to show yourself in a good light, your task is to provide committee with as much information as possible. However, all the information should be strictly related to business. It will help the committee understand that you are the perfect applicant.
  • Make a detailed evaluation of all your ideas and suggestion. Analyze how many efforts, time and resources it will take to implement your project. In addition, it is recommended not to focus only on the inputs. You have to describe and demonstrate certain advantages received after the project implementation. 
  • In case you are tasked to represent a particular company, you have to give background information regarding its values, mission and story of its creation, etc. Talk about how you decided to become a part of the company. Make sure you mention that the company’s development is important for you. It will show that you are interested in the progress of your company and dedicated to it.  
  • Describe a clear picture of how you see the company before the project and after its implementation. Talk about benefits and disadvantages. Provide a clear summary by determining main advantages this project may have. Be sure that you can answer all possible questions regarding your project.
  • Apply smart method when formulating the main objectives and goals of your project. Objectives and goals must be specific, achievable, measurable and relevant to the grand program. In case they meet the criterion, you will have high chances of receiving the grant.

Writing Your Grant Proposal

The best grant proposals take much time to write. If you are going to receive a positive decision, you need to start the writing process early taking care of every single detail of the paper. We assure you that getting feedback from several readers on your drafts, you will be able to polish your paper and develop it in the best way. Perhaps, you will also need to meet the specialists in your research and your colleagues, who will assist you with the specific areas of your proposal. For instance, to write a great methodology section, you may want to meet a good statistician. It would be great if you could study the successful grant proposals written by other people in order to find out what are the secrets of the amazing proposals. Examining the great examples, you will understand how to start your paper, how to organize the main sections, and how to finalize the proposal in such a way to make a good impression on the target audience.

When editing your proposal, make sure all the sentences are clear and accurate. If some parts sound awkward, make sure to delete or paraphrase them. Also, when polishing your paper, do not forget to answer the following questions:

  • Have you presented your project well?
  • Have you managed to make your hypothesis clear?
  • Does your project look too ambitious? Does it have any weaknesses?
  • Are there any risks that the grantors won`t believe in the success of your project? Can these risks be eliminated somehow?

In case the company offering the grant has a list of criteria on its website, make sure to fit them all.

Order Grant Proposal Writing Help from Experts

If you have some problems with writing your grant proposal, you need to look for alternative solutions that will help you relax and forget about stress. Writing a grant proposal can be a serious milestone in the life of the researcher. If you don`t have sufficient experience or writing skills, you have absolutely nothing to worry about because you can always rely on the professional grant proposal writing service that will take great care of your paper.

Not all students know how to write sophisticated academic papers, including grant proposals. What to do if you need to write a grant proposal but academic writing is not one of your strengths?

In such a situation, the best solution is to hire a professional grant application writing expert and monitor his or her work. If you manage to find a trustworthy writing service, you can be certain that a seasoned writer will take care of your paper. Studying your guideline carefully, the writer will create an appealing proposal that will bring you the anticipated grade. Grasping all the areas needed, a proficient specialist will help you relax and forget about failures. You will probably agree that sometimes, it is better to hire a professional instead of struggling with the challenging task on your own.

How to Order Grant Proposal

Advantages of Buying a Customized Grant Proposal Online

Why purchasing a customized piece is a great idea? The answer is pretty simple – when you order a grant proposal at the custom writing platform, you can be sure that the paper will be written exclusively for you in accordance with your requirements and expectations. Also, there are other advantages that should not be underestimated:

  • The proposal will be unique and original, which is a primary requirement for getting a positive outcome;
  • The paper will be written in the grant proposal format indicated in your prompt. Thus, you do not need to worry about the formatting rules;
  • Your grant proposal will be written just as you expect. Moreover, a professional writer will apply many helpful grant application writing tips and secrets to turn a simple grant proposal into a truly winning paper.

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