Research Paper


Evaluation of Epidemiological Problem, Diabetes

Running head: EVALUATION OF EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PROBLEM, DIABETES 1. EVALUATION OF EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PROBLEM, DIABETES 20. The research topic of the current work is an epidemiologic issue of diabetes in the USA, particularly in Florida


Spina Bifida

The assessment elements of the learner: structured interview questions, the learner’s self-assessment, and simple notes made by the teacher during the observation of learners. The expected learner needs: the information about prevention of spina bifida, its signs and symptoms, the development of the disorder, the process of infection, treatment; the national statistics, and the frequently asked questions


John Rockefeller

The outstanding American businessman and philanthropist John Rockefeller still serves as an example to many people in the achievement of goals. Rockefeller was the only most important person who has laid the foundation of the oil industry. The same can be told about his role in the history of industrial development of the USA and the emergence of corporations of modern type


Public Budgeting

Public administration mainly involves the implementation of government policies. Public budgeting is one of the fields in public administration, and it involves the formulation of federal and state budgets, with each being formed depending on the level of leadership. Therefore, the federal government and the state governments have independent budgets. This paper looks into how budgets are formed in the federal government of the USA, the processes involved in a budget formation, and the institutions involved in the processes.


Dubai 1910 Incident

In 1853, the Trucial sheikhdoms signed a treaty with the British and agreed that disputes among the Sheikhs became referred to the British administration for settlement. The enforcement of the agreement was conducted entirely under the preview of the British colonial headquarter in Delhi (Abdullah, 1978). Despite the treaty signed by the parties, the British were not actively involved in the matters of the Sheikhs’ lands.


The Harrison Act

The twentieth century saw the rise of the use of anti-alcoholic drugs in the USA (Erlen & Spillane, 2004). The latter included opium, morphine, or products from coca leaves, such as cocaine, which were becoming popular with the population. Additionally, after the Spanish war, the U.S. War Department took up the task of governing the Philippines. As a result, it inherited the governing system, which saw all narcotics addicts being licensed and provided with opium legally.


Education and Standardized Testing 

The use of standardized tests has significantly increased in the past decade. The supporters of the tests believe that standardized testing is necessary for evaluating the progress of the students and assessing the quality of teaching. Other groups emphasize that testing requires too much time and resources: particularly, teachers need to devote too many hours to preparing children for evaluation.


Comparison Paper on Christianity and Buddhism

Nowadays, a lot has been written about Buddhism. Moreover, many works proved high dignity of Buddhist teachings and even its similarity before Christianity. According to Irving Hexham, Buddhism is the most misunderstood religion in the Western society, which he says is the consequence of 19th century European writers adapting Buddhism as an option to Christianity and using its texts to fill Western demands. In terms of such interest in Buddhism, this paper compares the fundamental principle of its faith with Christianity.


Anorexia Nervosa

Many people worry about their weight but people with anorexia would go to any length to lose the weight. It is because they dread putting on any weight at all. Anorexia nervosa is a disorder that manifests in people with an exaggerated fear of gaining weight. These people usually become very thin because they limit the amount food they consume to a very little quantity being not adequate to cater for the body’s needs.


Johnson & Johnson Big Data

Johnson & Johnson sells health products to clients in over 175 countries around the globe. It researches, develops, manufactures, and distributes health care products. It has been in operation for at least 130 years and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1944. Johnson & Johnson has a decentralized management system with an executive committee responsible for developing strategies and financing its projects.