Research Paper


How Technology Impacts Bullying in Schools

Introduction Nowadays, school bullying is a serious problem in many countries. Harassment, intimidation, bullying, threats, and attacks have a negative impact on educational performance. However, in recent years, this phenomenon has moved to a new level. School students actively use modern technologies for bullying. Smart gadgets and the constant access to the Internet help to […]


Evaluation of Epidemiological Problem, Diabetes

Running head: EVALUATION OF EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PROBLEM, DIABETES 1. EVALUATION OF EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PROBLEM, DIABETES 20. The research topic of the current work is an epidemiologic issue of diabetes in the USA, particularly in Florida


John Rockefeller

The outstanding American businessman and philanthropist John Rockefeller still serves as an example to many people in the achievement of goals. Rockefeller was the only most important person who has laid the foundation of the oil industry. The same can be told about his role in the history of industrial development of the USA and the emergence of corporations of modern type


The Harrison Act

The twentieth century saw the rise of the use of anti-alcoholic drugs in the USA (Erlen & Spillane, 2004). The latter included opium, morphine, or products from coca leaves, such as cocaine, which were becoming popular with the population. Additionally, after the Spanish war, the U.S. War Department took up the task of governing the Philippines. As a result, it inherited the governing system, which saw all narcotics addicts being licensed and provided with opium legally.


Comparison Paper on Christianity and Buddhism

Nowadays, a lot has been written about Buddhism. Moreover, many works proved high dignity of Buddhist teachings and even its similarity before Christianity. According to Irving Hexham, Buddhism is the most misunderstood religion in the Western society, which he says is the consequence of 19th century European writers adapting Buddhism as an option to Christianity and using its texts to fill Western demands. In terms of such interest in Buddhism, this paper compares the fundamental principle of its faith with Christianity.


Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome has been discussed since its discovery in France in the 19th Century. However, to the present day, people still lack awareness of the disorder. The paper attempts to expand an understanding of the disease by explaining the importance of studying the disorder and its relation to an anatomy and physiology course.



A phobia is an unrealistic, intense fear, which can interfere with one’s abilities to socialize, work and interact with people and objects in everyday life. It is tied to a particular object, person or situation.


California Kidnapping Laws

In the state of California, kidnapping is defined as an act of moving a victim on a substantial distance against his will manipulating by fear and force.


The Mexican Mafia

The scope of this research paper is to shed light on the most powerful and well-organized criminal organization, the Mexican Mafia. This paper will cover the history of the Mexican Mafia criminal activities, racial makeup, and other meaningful information.


Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King is the most famous African American preacher, bright speaker and leader of non-violent resistance to racism. The American politician is one of the leading figures in the history of the struggle against …