Research Proposal


Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue refers to the cost that individual nurses incur emotionally as a result of caring for the patients in pain. They are adversely affected as a consequence of the direct exposure to traumatic events. They also experience this fatigue after listening to the patients narrations of traumatic events


Ethics in Measurement and Research

Ethics is highly important for researchers in different fields of studies because it demonstrates both the applicability of research methods that should be used in the process of research.


Admission System and Retention of New Students in Higher Education

This research is important because the results obtained from it may influence institutions to improve their admission systems and processes (Nichols-Barrer, Gleason, Gill, & Tuttle, 2015).


Community Gardens as Contributors to Food Security

Several decades ago city farming seemed like a weird idea, and the poor people probably did not consider urban gardens as a way to overcome …


Human Sleep and its Impact on the Productivity

This proposal is about a product that incorporates the aspect of neuroscience and sleep patterns. Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system of the body. It incorporates the study…


The Pros And Cons of Using Social Media

Today’s generation is very different from the Baby Boom generation in many aspects. Both generations have contentious views on each other. Social media has become…


Nurses Understaffing and Quality of Patient Care

As evident from the introduction of the legislation on mandatory nurse-to-patient ratio in the United States, it is certain that a low number of nurses in hospitals results in increased risk for the health of patients…



Today, when mankind is involved in scientific and technological progress, some important problems connected with people’s psychological condition remain unsolved. Thousands of researches…


Juvenile Crime

Juvenile crime appears to be one of the biggest social concerns in the US. This phenomenon requires thorough investigation and control in order to provide an adequate social response. There is a need for a certain social action…


Childcare Organizations in UAE

Working parents tend to record higher levels of absenteeism at work as they are looking for childcare services. However, employers can reduce family-related…