Film Review



Every culture has its legends, myths, and stories about heroes performing miracles with their special abilities. The ancient people believed in their legends and worshiped gods and heroes from the myths. It is still a question whether these tales were true or just existed in the minds of our ancestors.


Garbage Dreams

Garbage Dreams is a documentary shot over four years by Mai Iskander. The setting is the world’s largest garbage village and home for Zaballeen, garbage people. The main heroes are three…


Hotel Rwanda Movie Review

Hotel Rwanda is an award-winning film by Terry George, which is based on a historical fact. While writing a plot, the director consulted people who experienced everything…


“Gladiator” Movie Review

Nowadays, such quality as leadership is an important and essential part of many areas of our life including business, sports, politics, etc. Leadership may be…


The Review of the Movie “Antz”

The movie Antz (1998) depicts a totalitarian ant society that has undergone a revolution owing to the unwillingness of one little worker to unquestionably follow orders and be a perfect…


Comparing and Contrasting “Goodfellas” and “Casino”

Martin Scorsese is, perhaps, the most controversial figure in American cinema of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The majority knows the filmmaker as a master of crime dramas


Suzhou River

The film Suzhou River is named after the river that is clogged with pollution. It runs through the Chinese city in the industrial area known as Shanghai. However, an interesting love story could take place anywhere in the world…


The Titanic Movie Review

Titanic movie was one of the most watched American romantic films. It was directed by James Cameron, who also wrote, edited and co-produced the movie. On the film poster there is a man and a woman who are hugging…


Tucker: The Man and His Dream

Tucker: The Man and His Dream is an inspiring movie that portrays the story of Preston Tucker – an American legend of automobile making. The events of the film occurred during the postwar period, in the 1940’s.