Frequently Asked Questions

  • The professor changed the length of the composition at the last moment. Is it possible to order more pages on the same topic?

    Being logged in to your profile, select the option “Additional Order” next to the initial order with the “processing” status. You will see a common page for the payment submission. The two orders will be interconnected. You will only have to pay for the extra pages. If you encounter some issues, get in touch with our agents to help you out.

  • When will the final paper be delivered?

    You are the one who created a specific deadline for us so that it will be delivered within the indicated time frame – no delays! After you click on your order ID and proceed to the “Delivery” section, you will see the precise time when your project was uploaded into the system.

  • Is it typical for you to cope with urgent orders?

    Yes, our experience with hot orders is astonishing. We basically receive urgent requests day by day. If you are our new customer, please address our Customer Care agents for assistance. They will share the required information with you, and then you will be able to place an urgent order on our website.

  • Can I check the completed project for plagiarism directly via your website?

    Yes, it is possible to order VIP option called “Plagiarism Detection”. We will redirect you to our partner website, where your new account will be automatically created. We will provide your login and password via email. You will have submissions on your balance, which will let you check the paper for similarities and get a plagiarism report. You can make use of this service to check your other works as well. Typically, the text written by our experts will not contain plagiarism at all.

  • Who stands behind the creative process of my project?

    Our team of writers consists of qualified specialists in miscellaneous spheres. Our editors are linguists with Master’s degree at the very least. There is a team of quality control evaluators who help to make sure that your writer has the required skill set and expertise to complete order successfully.

  • How many revisions can be requested overall?

    For shorter papers, it is even possible to request several revisions during the free period. In general, you are allowed to request multiple revisions, and the time frame can be flexible.

  • I reread the completed paper, and it needs certain corrections. Can I request a revision?

    If the research paper you ordered breached the initial instructions or the writer misinterpreted some information, please send us a revision request within 48 hours after the deadline. Such a revision will be free of charge. However, if you need to make changes, which are not reflected in your initial instructions, then you have to pay for the additional pages.

  • Can I send direct messages to my Writer?

    Yes, we give you an opportunity to discuss order-related issues with your assigned expert directly. You can equally communicate with both the ordinary writer and preferred writer. This communication can take place via our private messaging system. As an alternative, you can request your writer’s email and send messages to the specified address. In case your writer is not available, contact our Support agents, who will provide an instant response.

  • There is some unknown error when I am tying to authorize/pay for my order. What might be the cause?

    Typically, the error related to order authorization is connected to some issues in your device, the selected browser, which needs to be updated, or activated VPN, which slows down the normal work of every website you visit. There may be some issue with your bank, and you will have to address the transaction company in this case.

  • Is it necessary to specify my phone number? I am afraid of the redundant calls. 

    We do not demand authentic personal details from you. Still, if you indicate a correct phone number, it will be much easier to get in touch with you if urgent issues have to be resolved. It simply enhances the efficacy of our collaboration. 

  • Do you send special order-related notifications?

    Yes, each client receives automatic emails regarding their orders. Notifications are related to any modifications of your order particularities, actions, which should be taken, along with the significant updates. Besides email notifications, you can request additional SMS to track your order progress even without the Internet.

  • Can more pages be added to my initial order without editing its details?

    Yes, it is possible to pay for more pages by creating one more independent order. It is easy to find it in the section “My orders” on your profile. If something is not clear to you, please address our Support agents for further assistance.

  • Can I talk to my writer?

    According to our policies, our customers are free to communicate with their writers with the help of our convenient message system. If you have no opportunity to log in to the system, feel free to forward your message to the writer with the help of our support managers.

  • How can I be sure that my paper is proofread?

    All our customers are free to order our VIP services package, which includes a couple of extra services. One of them is called “Get your order proofread by an editor.” If you want to get extra proofreading of your paper, you will just need to add this service to the overall order price.

  • How will I get my paper?

    Once the deadline is over, you will find your paper in your profile. Besides, you will receive a link to your e-mail that will help you download your paper in one click.

  • The order form keeps loading and doesn’t go through. What can be a problem?

    This delay is caused by the files you are trying to attach to the system. In this case, you need to proceed with submitting the order form without any files. When the order appears in our system, you will be able to send your files to the writer with the help of our support managers.

  • Can you help me with an online quiz?

    Yes, an online test is one of many services we provide to our customers. When placing your order, make sure to choose the “Online test” order type. To help us pass your test successfully, you will need to attach all files and readings. Besides, you will need to indicate the correct time, date, and duration of the test, as well as your login details, so that we could access your test without any problems.

  • Can I order a draft of my paper?

    Certainly. A draft option is available to you at an additional cost. If you purchase a draft, it will become available to you within 50% of the deadline selected.

  • Can I ask the same writer to work on my next order? (I like the quality of the paper they provided/I have received a good grade for a paper produced by this writer.)

    Yes, you are free to cooperate with the same specialist choosing a Preferred Writer`s option. When filing in the order form, you will need to indicate the ID of your preferred expert and your order will go directly to him/her. Please, note that this option requires an additional 15% of the order price to encourage the writer to work on your order.

  • Will you keep our partnership private? Will you share my personal information with third parties?

    Taking care of our customers, we have developed a strict privacy policy, keeping the personal information of our clients confidential. To avoid any privacy issues, we keep the personal information of our customers unavailable to our writers. The writer working on your order won`t know your name, gender, and other personal details. Keep in mind that you won`t be able to find out the personal details about your writer as well.

  • How can I change my e-mail/password/phone number?

    If you are willing to update your profile, you are free to do it by using the Profile - Edit Profile tab. Also, you should not forget to save changes to get your profile updated.

  • How can I get a revision of my paper?

    You are free to request a free revision of your paper within a free revision period. The deadline for a free revision depends on the length of your paper (from 48 hours to 30 days). To send a revision request to your writer, you will need to go to Orders – Completed Orders, find the necessary order and send a detailed request to your writer. If you want your writer to improve your paper properly, feel free to provide him or her with clear comments and set a deadline. In case you have no opportunity to log in to the system, you may provide your comments to our support managers and they will forward them to your writer.

  • I have mistakenly chosen the wrong type of assignment/urgency/number of pages/writing level. How can I edit my order form?

    You won’t be able to edit the order form after its submission. However, you can ask our support managers to do it for you and they will gladly assist you. Pay attention that the price for your order will be recalculated based on your updates and you will need to pay a price difference for applying these changes.

  • What is the revision policy in your essay writing company?

    The revision request that you send should concern the paper in terms of its initial requirements. In other words, if you want to add some other requirements to your paper, your revision request will be considered as invalid because in such a way you change the original task. You can request a revision within two days after receiving your paper. If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us via email, phone or Live Chat Support.

  • Where do you get the necessary sources?

    We have access to many online libraries and databases where we can use books, journals, articles, newspapers, magazines, and peer-reviewed sources. Be sure that our writers use only credible sources and your paper undergoes check for plagiarism.

  • What are your writers’ qualifications?

    Our writers’ team comprises of well-qualified and highly competent professionals in their fields. All of them have demonstrated high academic achievements and graduated from prestigious educational establishments. They will surely get you an A on your topic. 

  • Who is responsible for writing my order?

    A professional and competent native speaker (British, American or Australian writer) will write your paper or do the research according to the requirements you provide. We want to ensure you that our essay writing service do not employ ESL writers. Our writers also have degree and possess ample knowledge needed to fulfill your assignment.

  • What if I need to make urgent changes to my paper?

    As we try to provide you with the best service 24/7 and be as helpful for you as possible, you can use our revision service according to the company’s policy. If you want to get some detailed information concerning this policy, you may contact our Live Chat Support Team, write an email or call us.

  • How will the writer send to me the fulfilled order?

    When completed, all orders are sent to your account. You will also be notified by an email when your paper is ready and can already be downloaded by you.

  • Can your writers’ team write my paper as quick as possible if it is an urgent order?

    You will get your paper according to the deadline that you have indicated when filling in the form on our website. Our writers’ team is professional enough to manage to submit orders within the shortest terms. If you want to receive your order earlier than you have indicated before, please feel free to contact our essay writing service and we will offer you possible variants how to do that.

  • How can I monitor the writing process of my order?

    If you want to track the current status of your order or how the writer has progressed with it, you can leave a comment or a message in your personal account on our website. Sometimes, you might not receive a response immediately, but our writers and editorial staff do all their best to update our clients with the latest information regarding their orders.

  • If I need any additional sources to complete the assignment, are you able to find them or get access to them?

    We have numerous online resources, and we can get access to different libraries and databases to find the sources you need. In situations when we cannot find a particular book or any other source, we will inform you about it in the shortest time or try to figure out the problem. Besides, we have access to plagiarism checkers to ensure that our clients receive plagiarism-free essays.

  • I have some attachments to my assignment. How can I send them?

    If there are additional files that should be used by the writer in order to complete the paper, simply attach them to the order in the process of providing information in the given fields. Another way to send the files to the writer is using your personal account on the custom writing website.

  • How can I make an order on your website?

    To order a paper, simply log into the website, then go to the writing order page, and provide all the required information. Another way to place an order is via the phone, using the service of Live Chat Support or by sending your paper description and requirements directly to our team via email.