Tucker: The Man and His Dream

17.01.2019 in Film Review
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Tucker: The Man and His Dream is an inspiring movie that portrays the story of Preston Tucker – an American legend of automobile making. The events of the film occurred during the postwar period, in the 1940’s. The main character in Coppola’s film was performed by Jeff Bridges who skillfully played an innovative designer, pursued by a dream to create better and cheaper cars than those were produced in that time. Therefore, an ambitious entrepreneur made numerous innovations within the automobile industry – aerodynamics features, disk brakes, seat belts, fuel injection, additional headlights, pop-out windows, and a stylish view. The demand for innovative cars increased and Preston Tucker became a wealthier man with a dream to establish a company for the growth of his automobile production. However, success does not come easy, but it generates new challenges, sometimes racking for a man. Therefore, Francis Coppola in his film Tucker: The Man and His Dream represented a strong-willed and motivated Preston Tucker who despite his ups and downs confidently stepped up towards his dream.

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Tucker: The Man and His Dream raises a question of the success and failure of entrepreneurs with innovative thinking. The automobile industry is a challenging business with many barriers. However, Preston Tucker believed that he could struggle with giant automobile companies as GM, Ford, and Chrysler, and thus dedicated his life to fulfill his dream. Therefore, the entrepreneur believes in value and safety guides him in his work and research in finding the causes of cars’ deadliness. It should be noted that many ideas displayed in the film had been incorporated in a modern car. Nevertheless, Preston Tucker faced not only with the power and influence of giant automobile companies but also with people’s ignorance and fear towards innovations that could make a profit in their lives.

Throughout Tucker: The Man and His Dream, the main hero tries to make his dream a reality. Tucker had to work hard for the realization of his dream, but the support of his family and friends gave him the strength to do so. Nevertheless, during the film, Preston Tucker faced many problems – a lack of skilled labor, manufacturing capability and raw materials. However, one of the most serious problems was the financial one. The automobile designer took nearly 20 million dollars from investors and were supposed to produce 100 cars, but managed to release only 50. Tucker also faced with problems in the political area, where giant automakers were against him. Therefore, established by Tucker, the corporation depended on circumstances that could not be controlled by its founder. In addition, an excellent performance of the main male character deserves attention. Moreover, Jeff Bridges brilliantly represented Preston Tucker and endued his character with charming optimism. The actor was able to transmit Tucker’s endurance and firmness before the face of American automobile business. Jeff Bridges with a broad and friendly smile managed to convey the unique feature of Tucker’s deep personality – sincerity.

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In conclusion, Preston Tucker is an example of the true and unbreakable spirit of entrepreneurship. However, Tucker’s initiative and enterprise were not enough to compete with the entrenched economic and political interests of contemporary society. Jeff Bridges’ a portrayal of the main character in Tucker: The Man and His Dream provided the film with the optimism and charisma of Preston Tucker, who was the embodiment of the true American dream – even a small person could make be the cause for big changes. The giant automakers took away Tucker’s car, but they were not able to take away his dream. Despite the apparent failures of the Tucker’s company due to the power of big business, Tucker became an American legend and continued to live in human hearts and minds.

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