Additional Skills and Abilities

13.07.2022 in Admission Essay

According to my resume, I have been studying as a board consultant at the University of Zhengzhou during the year 2011 between the month of May and August. During this time, I acquired some skills and abilities to assist in my future employment career. On top of this, there are additional skills that the admission committee should know about and which are summarized below. For a productive partnership in a board consultancy, some of additional skills and abilities which I have gained including creativity and innovative thinking are applicable for every institution to help in achieving its goals and objectives.

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Concept of Focusing

Still on the same, the concept of being insightful and soundly structured in mind helps a lot to become a deeply trusted partner in building a structured board. I have the ability to notice distinctly talented and appropriately focused ideas in performing an interest of stakeholders in a rapidly changing situation. On the part of chairing the board, I have the ability to consider high specialized skills in judging whether the person is right or wrong. This is done by evaluating ideas of each member’s contribution during a committee meeting.

Nevertheless, I know how expertise of board consulting members should work in the identification and attraction of customers in learning institutions. The ability of knowing members’ characteristics and identifying whether they closely match their nature and culture of institution demands is very useful in my activities. Moreover, I possess skills of identifying and dealing with gaps that may rise due to the emerging need and unexpected events as well as anticipated vacancies. This is solved by ensuring sustainability rights of the institution in functioning and experience sets of board skills. My knowledge how to deal with committee assignment rotations focuses and reflects the evolving of requirements needed in board institution.

Globalization Skills

In addition, I have gained additional skills in globalization and diversity needs which help in maintaining the optimal circumstances of gender and cultural viewpoint on international skills in my board. I have the ability of handling productive and constructive ideas on the going feedback in my board structure in composition and diversity areas. I have gained ability and knowledge of how board processes ideas and information flow. On the same, I have acquired behavior and interpersonal experience regarding the relationship between shape and quality in discussion and decision-making.

Internship at Henan Sing and Dance Theater

During my internship at Henan Sing and Dance Theater in May-July2012, I have been able to gain the following additional skills and abilities in the department of secretarial. First, as a manager in this institution, I have got experience in secretarial handling concerning duties and responsibilities, for example, keeping files in correct shelves and cabinets. Admission committee should know that if given a mandate, I can successfully handle correspondence duties pertaining to the University.

Reflection of My Ability in Academic Performance

Due to my main honors and achievements indicated in the resume, I stand a better chance to get a mandate in reflection to my ability as far as my performance is concerned. It gives out a clear outline on what I have achieved which hopefully would result in powerful consideration of the admission committee. Speaking about job seeking, it is a good achievement as long as I had to spend less time searching for a good place to work. My academic achievements in education would help a lot the admission committee to determine the level of my ability performances.

In this case, the requirements may vary depending on the type of college and course. Speaking about officework, my Bachelor degree in business accounting as well as acquired abilities and skills would assists a lot in performing computer operations connected with business arithmetic and public relations. Moreover, I have the required skills of typing which involve accuracy, correct spelling of words, correct punctuations, and a high speed of performing tasks. My ability of handling confidential work helps a lot in keeping files and approaching clerical work for other persons and organizations. As a secretary manager, I have the experience in procedures and techniqueswhich are involved in business communication.

If the admission committee prefers mature entrants especially those with a relevant background, my academic performance will qualify my ability. Administration committee should regard what I have gained in employment and my academic achievements which reflect high level of knowledge. I also have ability of following up a critical analysis in company strategy, culture, and risk factors to stakeholders relationships. Admission committee should know that my academic performance reflects my skills of identifying most common themes, a similar issues faced by other boards, and sharing practices that have proven effective in the area of consideration. In comparison to board roles such as finding strong paths in optimizing consideration of companies’ strategies success, my level of academic studies can play a role.

Academic Performance

Regarding the performance of my academic exercise, I can make judgments in interpretation and applying rules to establish and maintain working relationships with others as a reflection of my ability. In the process of welcoming individuals and staff members who report on work in the school, it also reflects the application of my abilities. Again, in my academic performance, I have knowledge on the provision of administrative support to managers and other professionals in providing help in all teams of members of company departments. Academic performance also reflects my ability in maintaining efficient use of time and energy. In comparison to my academic education, for example, on the part of accounting in business school, there is reflection of my ability in dealing with calculations of numbers of school attendances in the University.

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