The Impact of the Internet on HRM

09.08.2021 in Case Study

The Internet has changed the world of business quite significantly. Specifically, it has made a great impact on the approach of Human Resource Management (HRM) to working with people and to finding the most appropriate specialists for the specific positions in organizations. In fact, the Internet has promoted the improvement in the productivity of numerous interaction aspects between the applicant and the employer. At the same time, while talking about the positive aspects and the progress of using the Internet for HRM, it will be necessary to understand the potential hazards and look for the most optimal resolutions for them.

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New Perspectives Provided by the Internet

The Internet has made it possible for Human Resource Departments to optimize the process of looking for applicants and defining whether they are appropriate for working in a specific sphere, thus making this process highly effective. Specifically, the global network has helped HRM optimize activities in the aspect of saving time. The number of websites, created specifically for recruitment, has allowed choosing specific and narrow criteria of the applicants’ selection, thus helping avoid wasting time on the talks with people who are not qualified enough. Nowadays, the manager in the sphere of human resources needs to have access to the Internet and know the number of specific demands to find the required employee (Sparrow, Brewster, & Chong, 2016). At the same time, there is a need to find appropriate software that would promote the process of effective selection of needed candidates and suggest them to the manager. Next, organizations have changed their approach to planning the financial aspect of working with applicants. In fact, they need to hire a specialist who would be able to develop and optimize their engine that is responsible for the search of candidates, which implies the need to pay to specialists who would probably provide the organization with qualified and experienced workers in the future.

Future Activities

The perspectives of the development in the sphere of HRM are rather positive. Further technological advancement would probably allow the employees to control and monitor their HR activities without any additional support from the manager. For instance, the system of self-service will help them understand the real amount of compensation, insurance spending, health service, and other aspects. Furthermore, considering the fact that technologies evolve rather quickly, this perspective might be rather alerting from the point of view of the potential possibility of frauds. The symptoms of this problem are rather challenging. The Internet allows organizations to hire people of appropriate qualification all over the world, but it reduces the potential possibility to exert full control over their actions and approaches to work.

Moreover, the number of technical tools that allow conducting fraudulent activities becomes higher every day. Even governmental organizations can be considered vulnerable in this regard. If technologies continue developing in the mentioned way and employees receive full access to managing their affairs, this might imply great risks for organizations (Tarique, Briscoe, & Schuler, 2016). The solution of the problem should be primarily of technical origin. If the company fully protects its inner systems from the possibility of using them in an inappropriate way, it will provide its employees with the necessary freedom, while employers will know that they have hired reliable and qualified workers.

Ethical and Legal Issues

Problem Identification

It is also necessary to consider the fact that the Internet that is used by human resource managers can promote the development of ethical and legal issues in cooperation with employees. This is also partially related to technical safety and its drawbacks in modern society. For instance, it is possible to imagine that an organization has a general database that includes information about each worker, including their income, skills, failures, and achievements. In this regard, such a database can be a great source of information for various stakeholders who are interested in looking for the staff (headhunting), blackmailing, committing financial frauds, and even stealing the inner elaboration of the company. The symptoms of this problem can be found everywhere in a modern technological world, as hackers gradually become capable of finding ways to overcome any form of protection (Tarique et al., 2016). At the same time, each organization should be aware of the fact that its employees can be defined as the most valuable resource. If they lose their trust to the organization because their personal data has leaked from a closed database, this might promote the further loss of trust in other workers of this company.

Situation Analysis

The causative mechanisms of the problem are rather simple. Information has become the most valuable currency in modern world. Therefore, in order to acquire it from their competitors on the market, some organizations or swindlers are ready to neglect the ethical and even legal aspects of keeping personal information private. For instance, if the company gets some information about the worker of another firm, possessing such data would provide the possibility to suggest them a higher salary and to make them change the organization in favor of the one that is able to suggest more (Martocchio, 2007). Any information that can be found in the Internet is vulnerable in the aspect of hacking, and each organization should understand it.


To find a solution, it is necessary to address the essence of the issue while also considering its symptoms. Thus, organizations should locate and protect their information with the highest level of effectiveness. For instance, there might be a necessity to conduct data encapsulation in accordance with the latest tendencies in the sphere of information protection. Moreover, corporations will have to pay much to the professionals who are able to do it, but these expenses are fully justified by the necessity to protect the workers of the company and to provide them with the idea that the leaders of the organization are concerned for the safety of their employees’ personal information.

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Future Approach of the Managers

To manage human resources in the future, managers will have to be able to establish contact with people effectively. Moreover, they will need to analyze their manner of communication to understand their real intentions, plans, inclinations, and ideas. In fact, there is a possibility that the majority of workers will work remotely. Therefore, managers will have to make them understand their responsibilities and perceive them properly even in such conditions.


While the Internet has brought many positive changes to companies, it has also created some difficulties and promoted dangers both for organizations and their employees. There is also a possibility that the system of cooperation and communication will change greatly in the future to make the process of staff hiring safe for all participants. Moreover, it is necessary to consider that the failure to protect workers might result in lack of trust to the company, thus forcing people to quit it. Each company should contribute not only to looking for professionals but also to retaining them and protecting them from anything that might hinder their work. In this regard, the security of personal data should turn into the highest priority for the department of human resources in all modern big companies that genuinely value their workers.

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