Admission Essay for Paramedic Program

13.03.2019 in Admission Essay
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Why I Want to Be Professional in the Paramedical Sector


I would like to be a real professional in the paramedical sector by achieving a degree that is related to the paramedic program. I have CPR certificate and EMT-Basic certificate from UTAH-BEMS, which will be helpful to prove my competence quite successfully by cooperating with various types of people. Since I am an international student, I cannot work in the U.S.A., I am taking currently an Advanced EMT Course to gather experience in this sector.

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My Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

A Desire for Learning

Since my desire and aim is to become a paramedic, the University of Utah seems to be the best place to complete the course. I am well aware that the syllabus of medical science is vast, but I want to complete it in order to fulfill the aim. I am always thirsty for knowledge and learning, and the healthcare sector is the best place to gather knowledge as well as experience.


I always feel the pain of injured or people who have been suffering from severe or chronic diseases and need proper treatment. This pain always motivates me to be a part of the health sector. I am ready to sacrifice everything for the treatment of patients. Each and every patient should be treated well, and I can become one of the perfect health assistants.


I have got a determined nature, which always enables me to move forward in order to reach the goal. My one and only goal is to serve the ill and injured till the last moment of my life, and I am quite determined by it.

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Patient care requires a lot of patience. The patient may be an adult or juvenile, male or female; he or she may get some severe injury and scream loud because of it. However, this type of circumstance should be taken normally by a healthcare specialist, and patience should be kept. Having this understanding, I am ready to reveal myself as a gentle health specialist.

Hard Work

In this world, nothing can be achieved without working hard. Though it is not so difficult to become a health assistant, this profession requires a hard-working mind. As I possess it, it is not impossible for me to become successful in this field. Thus, I am quite hopeful of fulfilling my aim by dint of hard work.


I always feel pity for those who are suffering, and an ideal health specialist should have compassion for his/her patients. It is definitely needed to keep professionalism. Since sympathy, kindness, consideration and, of course, compassion is the moral qualities of a human being. I always give utmost priority to these virtues, which are necessary for a person dealing with multiple people in this sector.

A Passion for Biology

From my boyhood days, I have been keenly interested in natural sciences, especially biology. It is one of my favorite subjects. I got a good grade on every test in biology, which enhanced my aspiration. This passion will help me to accumulate a bright career.


My cherished desire is to be a paramedic and serve patients. It can be fulfilled by being gentle, liberal, witty, and, of course, perfectly intelligent in this profession. I believe that I possess the above-mentioned positive qualities that can make me a successful health specialist. I want to be a successful paramedic to help people and to go back home to serve my native people, which will improve the paramedic program over there.

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