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15.03.2019 in Admission Essay
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Why I Chose to Study Information Technology

In this essay, I will try to explain why I want to apply for a master’s degree in information technology. I will describe my major accomplishments and my goals in order to reveal my professional experience and personal qualities. In this paper, I want to show my potential and the individual features that make me stand out from the crowd. I will try to introduce myself in the best way I can by mentioning the most important issues and facts that will help you to memorize my application.

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The reason why I chose to study information technology is that this field is very extensive and integrates into a wide range of organizations. IT specialists are required in business and healthcare, government and schools, entertainment, and the military. In the business context, Information Technology can be defined as the activity based on studying, designing, developing, implementing, as well as supporting and managing computer-based information handling systems. It is a large selection of activities that offers big opportunities. Information technology is a fast-developing branch, and the area of its interaction with other sectors grows every year. Therefore, working in IT field is very perspective and diversified.

My intention to study comes from my desire to achieve success. I know how to define my goals and how to choose my own path to attain them. I can work in different conditions and remain efficient worker under unforeseen circumstances. I have leadership abilities, which make me a good team worker, though I am also able to work alone and make important decisions without hints and advice from others. I used to work in helpdesk support, and it helped me a lot to understand the process of implementation of new technology from the inside. To be able to help customers, I had to know everything about the system I was working with. I had to broaden my knowledge about a particular technology and information technology in general. This job strengthened my confidence about the right choice of my specialization. As I have an analytical mindset, I realize cause-and-effect relations very well and can find the most rational solution for any problem without additional efforts. I believe this is a good skill that may be helpful in my further education and work. I think my major accomplishment at the time of my study of IT was that I was able to apply the knowledge that I got in the process of education to real working situations. In my opinion, it is very important to be able to make an efficient transition from studying theory to working it out in practice. I am industrious, and I know what hard work is. I know how to achieve my goals and solve problems. I am not afraid of difficulties and always try to finish what I started. I am always happy to learn something new or see usual things from different perspective. I prefer to think outside the box in order to find original solutions for various matters. Though I successfully managed to put my knowledge into practice, I realize that I still need to improve my theoretical background.

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Relying on this definition, I find information technologies very interesting and exciting to study. What I find the most attractive in this specialization is that I can choose from a wide range of activities. I want to learn as many activities as possible in order to improve my professional skills. I want to have the ability to switch from one kind of work to another. I do not know if I will be able to get this kind of knowledge in a year, but I believe that getting a master’s degree is a good start. I tend to set objectives for myself when I want to reach success at something. I consider my study at information technology program as an intermediate point in my career. Though it is one major point, I want to move on after graduating and look forward for opportunities. My current goal is to gain a technical understanding of current and evolving technologies in the IT field and ways of their implementation to major up-to-date systems. I want to get abreast of the latest development in the IT branch and adjoining fields. 

On the assumption of the information given above, I believe that I have enough skills and experience to study at the information technology masters program. I think I will be able to reveal my potential and expose my talent. I tried to provide you with a full view of my previous education and work in order to introduce my experience. To my mind, I have the right qualities to be the best student at my department. I have been studying information technology for several years now, and I clearly understand what I want from this program and what can I do to show the best performance in my study. When I worked in helpdesk support, I acquired some useful knowledge and experience that will help me to continue my education. It is very important for me to complete my educational program and get a master’s degree in this field. I assume that it will help me to improve my professional skills and acquire useful experience. In turn, this will provide me with higher chances of getting a good job and a brighter outlook for the future. These are the main reasons why I want to apply for a master’s degree in information technology.

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