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24.03.2020 in Admission Essay
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I am currently pursuing a graduate business program at Texas State University as I believe it can equip me to become a strategic business professional. The specialized expertise that I will get while studying will enable me to effectively lead global organizations and reach high performance. I have chosen to apply for a Master’s degree in Science of Human Resource Management, as this program is taught by eminent scholars and promising practitioners in the human resource (HR) industry and respective fields. These specialists are willing to share their extensive professional experience with the students pursuing a Master’s degree. Moreover, as the program emphasizes organizational behavior and management in the rapidly changing environment, students will be introduced to managerial and ethical decision-making, the way business strategy is developed nowadays, and the significant competitive advantages of the changing world. I have chosen Texas State University, as I believe its courses provide a solid foundation of required skills, knowledge, and experience one needs to succeed in an educational career. Moreover, the program corresponds to my professional goals and personal interests.

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My main objective is to reach the entry-level position, where I will be able to apply the skills I have learned in practical human resources applications. I am a responsible and hardworking person, who is fluent in English and Arabic languages, have experience working with Windows, Microsoft Office, and internet applications, can work independently, able to communicate, design, plan, organize and implement projects and tasks in a timely manner, as well as work in a diverse environment overcoming all the obstacles along the way.

I am applying for a Master’s of Science in Human Resource Management program, as it provides students with the necessary knowledge and helps them acquire vital skills that HR professionals have to obtain nowadays. The specialists can effectively contribute to the activity and performance of dynamic organizations. As the responsibilities of human resource management evolve, this program will help me embrace broad policies connected to work-life balance and incentive design. Moreover, Texas State University keeps pace with advances and develops knowledge of HRM concepts, which are vital to modern business. Research, theoretical, and practical education distinguish this educational establishment from others, and, therefore, I have chosen to apply for the program.

Career opportunities of the selected graduate business programs are innumerable. I can choose from and prepare myself for a wide range of interesting and promising positions, including analyst, recruitment manager, and advisor. Leading employers highly regard graduates of business programs at Texas State University and provide them with promising job opportunities. I have chosen the Master of Science in Human Resource Management, as this program is flexible and specialized. As admission to the program is highly competitive, students have to demonstrate all their skills and proficiency to excel within the rigors of the chosen profession. I am convinced that my competitive scores and strong academic performance will deserve the attention of the respected committee. Relevant work experience, recommendation letters, community and extracurricular activities, and achievements will only accelerate my admission to a Master’s program.

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From my personal point of view, the university will highly value my uniqueness, specific competency, and proficiency in various fields. Moreover, my work experience is rich; I have been working as a waitress, server, human resource intern, store associate, cashier, and food runner. The responsibility, perseverance, efforts and significant knowledge will ease my admittance to the famous and reputable university. I have set a goal and will try to achieve it despite possible challenges. I want to be useful to the community where I live and successfully contribute to the nation’s prosperity and development. Following the intended path will help me to reach new heights and prove that I am a worthy candidate for getting a degree in Texas State University.

As a society, business, and individuals significantly advance from the technological perspectives, the country requires professional, educated, qualified, and proficient employees, who will be able to resolve complex problems related to the business sphere. The wide availability of jobs and accessibility to high market positions have affected my decision to get an education in one of the most prominent universities in Texas. The discoveries, development of innovative approaches and new comprehensive programs, have enhanced my interest in the field. I believe that the reputable educational establishment, through its graduate business program, will professionally assist me in all undertakings. Classes that I will take in the university will significantly affect my personal and professional development and profoundly educate me on the subjects focusing on business and its further prospects. Moreover, the program that I have chosen will help me to reach balance, effectively perform tasks, and think critically.

 I look forward to getting approval for my admission, as I see this decision as a possibility to enjoy significant career opportunities. Modern business requires talented, qualified, enthusiastic, promising, creative, and proficient graduates, and I am hoping to meet all of these requirements. The graduate business program that I have chosen will stimulate me as a person and a business partner to move forward in the ever-changing environment. I consider Texas State University to be the perfect place for promising youth to get a degree as prosperity in the competitive world can be reached, owing to the skillful graduates. I am a hardworking person, who works independently and collaboratively using modern approaches and innovative methods. The successful admission to Master’s program will also enhance my logical problem solving and development creative thinking. Perseverance, communication skills, and reliability will help me become an integral part of a unique learning experience, that the famous Texas State University provides.

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