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17.01.2019 in Admission Essay
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I started to be interested in educational leadership only a couple of years ago. For me, educational leadership can be defined as a method specifically aimed at ensuring that an educational program is able to produce skilled individuals in the outcome. However, it is still not clear for me how to reach this goal. That is why I am applying for a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy.

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I graduated from Boston University as an educational specialist. It was there that I realized how important it is to have a clearly guided system of instruction that ensures favorable results accepted by Boston University. I proved the effectiveness of this approach to learning in my Undergraduate, Master’s, and educational specialist studies, as well as my ESL and reading certification programs.

My short-term goals included obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in education, which I completed in a period of two and a half years with a grade point average of 3.87. Unfortunately, my illness prevented me from completing this program sooner and with a higher GPA. During my undergraduate studies, I was honored numerous times by Spurs, Kappa Delta Pi; also, I managed to get scholarships from several organizations. My Undergraduate Degree was a good springboard that enabled me to join higher-level programs in the same field.

Then, I enrolled for a Master’s degree in special education. The reason for doing so was the perspective of getting a promotion that entails more responsibilities and ensures me the opportunity to assist more students. Acquisition of my Master’s Degree took me two years. At the same time, I managed to raise 6 children and work full time as a special education teacher in an urban district. While working as a special education teacher, I was proposed to develop a program for cognitively impaired students. It was an academic program based on reading and writing skills. I should say that my students had unbelievable success. My next obstacle to overcome was how to train and qualify staff to carry on my success. In the Education Specialist Program at Boston University, I studied not only administration and management issues but also acquired skills that can be helpful in guiding students to become future leaders and achieve their full potential. I was also interested in learning how the whole community can do its best for the students to be able to achieve more in terms of disclosing their potential. It brought up the need of involving students, parents, and teachers in the educational process.

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As far as my long-term goals are concerned, I am planning to apply for a Doctorate Program. I am sure that the experience that I acquired while creating a curriculum for Special Education Department gave me considerable insight, thus, I can see how vital it is for my further studies. In addition, this program is an excellent chance for me to be able to carry out research in certain key areas that I decided to be of interest for an educational practitioner.

To enrich my experience, I have had an opportunity to attend various workshops, seminars, and conferences that brought together various members of the educational fraternity. Those forums were extremely useful for me, as I was able to exchange my ideas with other specialists, share valuable work-related experiences, and learn about how to apply various teaching methods and pedagogy in practice.

I am sure that the qualities I possess as a teacher make me the best candidate for Boston University. I am patient, knowledgeable, and attentive to details. In addition, my organizational skills are outstanding, which, along with impressive intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, makes me a suitable candidate for your Doctoral Program.

Last but not least, the Doctor of Education Leadership Program that I am applying for is innovative and practice-based. Thus, I find it the best solution for me, and I hope to reach other facilities available in terms of intellectual and professional resources. I chose this program because it combines educational leadership with business and other social sciences. It makes it unrivaled in comparison with those offered by other institutions. If I get a chance to study this Doctorate Program, I would realize one of my most important long-term goals. Moreover, this would be valuable for me in qualifying for a job as a policy-maker. I will also be glad to make use of a further opportunity in my career in the framework of advantages that the program offers: a shorter time for completion. This advantage will allow me to easily further my career aspirations.

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