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09.01.2019 in Admission Essay
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Why I Believe I am the Most Suited Nurse for Admission

I am a qualified and registered nurse with 10 years of working experience in acute care. My work experience has enabled me to understand the dynamism of the nursing profession that calls for high-level professionalism. Ethics is an important parameter in the definition of a successful nurse. Clients and institutional bureaucracies against demands of the nursing ethics pose challenges to many nurses. It has neither been easy for me, but I have tried to the best of my ability to balance between these issues and still emerge top as a professional nurse. I have a deep understanding of the nursing ethics in both public and private clinics.

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The Registered Nurse, (RN) or the Advanced Practice Nurse, (APN) must come up with a plan to address the administrative and clinical issues presented in the clients’ cases. While there is important clinical care to be taken to respond to the patients’ needs, I look for the best way possible to ensure that the nursing ethical practices are adhered to. The cases test nurses’ ability to apply the concepts of autonomy, letting one make self-determined decisions; nonmaleficence, unwillingness to cause harm to an individual based on their self-made decisions; beneficence, the ability to find a balance between harm and benefits; justice, the ability to distribute risks and benefits in an equitable manner and veracity, the duty to tell what is true among others.

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In California, the registered APN refers to a RN who meets all the provisions of Article 2.5 beginning from Section 2746 and other nursing related acts, as stipulated in the Board’s act up to Article 9 starting from 2838. An increase in the demand for nurses is culmination of the extended roles of an APN due to the advancing conventional nursing duties. The new roles imply that nursing as a profession contributes now to the provision of different healthcare delivery system than ever before. I understand the changing roles of APN, and in this regard I have revamped my skills through training to adjust to these developments in the new and uneven nursing environment. As an APN, I believe I have advanced cultural competency to address the diverse needs of my clients who come from all walks of life. This is essential to me in order to overcome the cultural barriers that would compromise service delivery to my clients, their families and the community at large. By advancing my cultural competency I get to understand the ethnic dimensions of the 21st century, which improves my professionalism.

In California nurses are registered under The Board of Registered Nursing in the Consumer Affairs Department. I am a RN under the above mentioned body and I have the knowledge on provisions of Nursing Practice Act (NPA) in California. I understand my role qua a RN as defined in the act and wider provision of the federal government laws that pertain to the nursing profession. California act defines nursing as the practice of assisting people to cope with difficulties in relation to their health problems or illness. It is a duty of the nurse to understand this problem and offer treatment by incorporating the wide knowledge and technical skills in health sciences. The skills and technical knowledge of the nurse are defined in Division 2, Chapter 6, Article 2 of the Business and Professions Code. I also have a mastery of the drugs administration by a RN in California as provided for by the law.

Having 10 years of working experience in acute care in very busy nursing institutions, I believe I got tested my ability to respond to nursing needs to the best level of professionalism. I have a deep understanding of the California nursing acts and as such, I am a registered nurse with the relevant authorities. I comply with all provisions of the state and federal acts pertaining to the nursing practice. Upholding the core values of nursing and its ethical practices are the main goals that I wish to extend in my new and future challenges. 

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