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How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

An essay conclusion is one of the main parts of any essay paper. Generally, the structure of any essay paper foresees its division into three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introductory part should contain information on the main issues that have to be discussed in the paper. The main body provides information, which […]

How to Write an Essay Introduction

What is actually an essay introduction paragraph? It is an opening, or the very first, a paragraph of any essay. Despite the fact that the introduction does not require to provide any research findings, it may be really hard for many students to provide a good essay introduction. Since the introductory paragraph is the very […]

Interesting College Essay Topics

With the growing number of college students, dozens and hundreds of young learners need immediate college essay writing help. What is the main reason for these people to seek quality assistance from college essay writing services? Well, there can be many. On the one hand, colleges are getting more demanding than ever; as a result, […]

How to Brainstorm for an Essay

Brainstorming for an essay is an essential stage of gathering ideas for an essay. It is one of the prerequisites how to make the paper well-organized and logically structured. If you are interested in getting some valuable tips for brainstorming essay ideas, read the article presented below. Brainstorming and How to Do It Properly Brainstorming […]

How to Write an Essay on COVID-19? Find Handy Guidelines

In fact, a paper on the Covid-19-related topic can be assigned at any discipline including Nursing, Business, Politics, Chemistry, and many others. If you find it too difficult to understand how to write an essay on COVID-19, you should have a closer look at our guide to figure out how to organize the writing process in an appropriate way. Although it can be pretty difficult to write a good essay, our handy suggestions will help you to cope with this task.

IB Extended Essay Topics

The IB extended essay is one of the parts of the general International Baccalaurerate program requirements. This essay should demonstrate how well a student has coped with the independent study of a given topic. Normally, the theme of the research is chosen by a student. The average length of an IB extended essay comprises of 4,000 words, which is why the essay is called extended.

Tips for Writing a Quote in an Essay

Looking for tips on how to quote someone in an academic essay? It is not an easy task, but if you read this article, you will be able to do it without any problems.

Evaluation Essay Topics

An evaluation essay is one of the common essay types, which requires providing value judgments on a specific topic or subject. When working on an evaluation essay, you need to provide your opinion about a specific topic or issue supporting your arguments with credible and accurate evidence. Pay attention that you need to be maximally objective and unbiased exploring your topic from different angles. Such an essay can take a huge part of your grade, so you should not underestimate it.

Pandemic Essay Topics

The coronavirus has dramatically changed our lifestyle. Academies are closed, we have to stay at our homes and the closest future is quite indefinite. Below you will see a list of pandemic essay topics.

How to Write Observation Essay

Have you ever been dreaming of painting a beautiful picture? Unfortunately, only a small number of people have the necessary skills and talent to draw pictures or undertake any other creative activities. Well, you should not get upset as there is a superior alternative, i.e. an observation essay. Such papers can be compared to pictures with the only difference that instead of a brush you will use words and expressions to create them. Certainly, this type of paper also requires the one to possess the whole set of skills.