Evaluation Essay Topics

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30.06.2020 in Writing Ideas

An evaluation essay is one of the common essay types, which requires providing value judgments on a specific topic or subject. When working on an evaluation essay, you need to provide your opinion about a specific topic or issue supporting your arguments with credible and accurate evidence. Pay attention that you need to be maximally objective and unbiased exploring your topic from different angles. Such an essay can take a huge part of your grade, so you should not underestimate it.

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If you need to write an evaluation essay but you lack creative ideas, then you are reading just the right article. We will help you find answers to all of your questions about the evaluation essay writing. In particular, we will help you choose the topic that will help you create a truly impressive essay and get the desired grade for it. Well, there are multiple evaluation essay topics to choose from. For example, you may write your essay about the book you just read or about your last trip. If you want to write an essay that will bring you the best outcome, you need to consider the needs of your audience. Some people may be interested in your topic whereas others may just get bored. Spending enough time choosing a topic for your essay, you will greatly enjoy the writing process.

Many students get stuck on the choice of the topic for an evaluation essay. The best essays are written on relevant, interesting, and intriguing evaluation essay topics. Besides, to handle this assignment well, you need to know its specifics and have good writing and analytical skills. In our guide, we are going to help you understand how to write your evaluation essay, as well as provide you with amazing evaluation essay ideas that will help you boost your writing talent.

Writing an Evaluation Essay: How to Do It Right?

If you were asked to write an evaluation essay, you need to think about your reader putting yourself in their shoes. Why are you writing this paper? What are your goals? What you are trying to tell your target audience? Below, you will find three major features that will help you understand what to do with your essay:

  • Criteria. Basically, it is a principle you need to select to choose the appropriate topic. To select the best subject for your evaluation essay, you need to think about criteria defining it. For example, if you are going to write an evaluation essay about a hotel, it will be based on staff, food, accommodation, cleanliness, etc.;
  • Judgment. Judgment will help you understand if your criteria were met;
  • Evidence. When you provide judgments, you need to support your claims with strong evidence. For example, if you are writing an evaluation essay on a specific literary work, your arguments should not be based merely on your assumptions or reflections. You need to prove your words using evidence from credible articles, books, and publications.

When working on an evaluation essay, many students commit the same mistake treating this paper as a simple review. However, such an approach is not right. Each of these assignments has unique features, which should be considered when working on them. If you lack understanding on how your evaluation essay should look like, make sure to study the evaluation essay samples available on the web. By studying these examples, you will be able to find out what makes this paper authentic and how to do it right. At the same time, you should not forget that only a unique and original paper will bring you the result you expect.

How to Choose a Topic for an Evaluation Essay?

We know how difficult it can be for you to choose a topic for your essay. Thus, we have collected several handy secrets and suggestions that will help you select a good subject for your paper. Many students prefer to look for good evaluation essay topics on the Internet. No doubt, there are diverse interesting ideas developed by the skilled and professional writers that are worth your attention. However, picking up a great subject and developing it into a creative and well-structured paper requires much time and effort. If you want to facilitate this process, just have a look at our suggestions and you will be able to make up a truly intriguing topic for your paper.

Pick Up a Topic Fitting Your Research Interests

Very often, professors ask their students to choose their topics on their own because it helps check their creativity and analytical skills. If you are allowed to select a subject for your evaluation essay, try not to pick the first subject you find on the web. To enjoy the writing process, you need to choose a topic that seems truly interesting to you because it will allow you to generate interesting ideas and forget about the lack of motivation. Even if you do not really like the writing process, picking up a topic of interest, you will get emotional pleasure from your work.

Make Preliminary Research

When choosing your topic, you need to make sure it is neither too broad nor too narrow. A too narrow topic won’t allow you to explore a certain subject carefully whereas a too broad topic will prevent you from focusing on important detail. Only by finding a balance, you will be able to write your evaluation essay well. If you experience any difficulties with selecting the right topic, do not hesitate to ask your teacher for assistance. He or she will definitely provide you with a few hints that will help you choose an interesting subject for your essay.

Make Sure There Is Enough Information

Keep in mind that your evaluation essay should be based on credible academic sources. Besides, all of them should not be older than ten years. If there is no enough information on your topic, it is better to choose another one. Otherwise, the writing process may turn into a nightmare. When working with your sources, do not forget to note all their bibliographical information as it should be included in your reference list.

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Evaluation Essay Topics

If you lack interesting ideas for your evaluation essay, just have a look at the list of topics collected and structured by our proficient academic writing experts. We are certain that you will find an idea that will help you produce a premium quality essay.

Education Topics for Evaluation Essay

  1. Evaluate the main benefits and shortcomings of American secondary education.
  2. The impact of mental health issues on students’ performance?
  3. Evaluation of ESOL’s provisions for refugees’ kids in the United States;
  4. An analysis of education features provided to American children experiencing the difficulties in learning;
  5. A discussion of verbal praise as a motivational factor for teaching middle school students;
  6. Implementation of inclusion policies in U.S. schools. Pros and cons;
  7. Critical evaluation of facilities available for people with disabilities;
  8. In what way do the living conditions impact the learning ability of American students?
  9. The evolution of the US education system;
  10. Evaluation of teaching methods used for students with social behavior problems.

Fun Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate your favorite cafe. Do you like the quality of the food offered there?
  2. Evaluate a recent comedy movie you have seen. What can you tell about its cast?
  3. Evaluate your favorite restaurant. Are you satisfied with the pricing policy offered there?
  4. Evaluate a popular cosmetic product. Why do so many people use it?
  5. Evaluate the performance of your favorite football team. What are its main strengths?

Culture Topics for Evaluation Essay

  1. The impact of stand-up on modern culture;
  2. The main causes and effects of cultural shock;
  3. How to cultivate good habits in the new generation?
  4.  How to address difficulties faced by people with different backgrounds?
  5. Cultural diversity in the United States. Benefits and shortcomings;
  6. Evaluate the movie “The Great Gatsby” as a bright representative of the US culture;
  7. An analysis of the main consequences of culture wars;
  8. Main similarities and differences between ancient and modern arts.
  9. Discuss the influence of the Internet on the US culture;
  10. Why it is important in the 21st century to recognize the importance of culture?

Sports Topics for Evaluation Essays

  1. Evaluate the performance of two famous male swimmers at the recent swimming tournament;
  2. Evaluate the play of Lionel Messi. Why he is the most well-paid player?
  3. Evaluate the last season of your favorite baseball team;
  4. Evaluate the role of sports in your community;
  5. Men’s soccer vs. women’s soccer. What are the characteristic features of the two?
  6. Evaluate the role of hard work in becoming a popular athlete;
  7. Evaluate the role of good management in the life of your favorite basketball team;
  8. Explain why decathlons are becoming very popular these days;

Internet and Technology Topics of Evaluation Essays

  1. Evaluate the importance of WhatsApp and other messengers;
  2. Discuss the role of cloud computing in data storing;
  3. Evaluate the negative impact of the internet on teenagers;
  4. Analyze the main approaches in using modern technologies in education;
  5. An analysis of Twitter. Why it is so popular in the United States?
  6. Facebook and its role in marketing;
  7. Current threats in information security. How to protect identity?
  8. Evaluation of the successful promotion strategy for the Mobile startup;
  9. Reflect on the opportunities provided by modern technology to people from a critical perspective;
  10. Human cloning. Are there any threats?
  11. What are the main factors that made Google a truly popular search engine?
  12. How to promote business with the help of social media platforms?

Television, Film, and Music Performance Evaluation Paper Topics

  1. Evaluate the film “Titanic” from a critical perspective. Why this movie is so popular?
  2. Evaluate a musical “Jesus Christ is a superstar” Focusing on its strengths and weaknesses;
  3. Explain in what way do contemporary romantic movies depict romantic relations. Are they different from the ones that were a few decades ago?
  4. Why adventure movies are popular among adults?
  5. Evaluate the music concert you have attended. Have you been involved in the performance? What techniques were used by the artists to bring you emotional pleasure?
  6. Make a compare and contrast analysis between the book and its TV adaptation. What is more interesting to the audience?
  7. Evaluate the movie about space exploration. Why these films become more and more popular these days;
  8. Explain how the movies about war represent past conflicts. Why it is important to watch these movies and make the right takeaways?
  9. Evaluate the book that has inspired you for changing your life. What is so special about this manuscript?
  10. Evaluate the art of anime. What are the characteristic features of this art?
  11. Evaluate the director’s work in “Avatar.” What has made this film so innovative?
  12. Review a popular French movie and explain what are the characteristic differences between the American and European cinematography art;
  13. Evaluate a sequel. Does it bring anything innovative to the well-known story?
  14. Evaluate the performance of your favorite artist. Why do you like his or her play?
  15. Evaluate a ballet show and discuss the quality of the performance. Why many people cannot understand this form of art?
  16. Analyze several movies directed by the same individual. Find the essential similarities in these films and analyze them;
  17. Evaluate the special effects used in the present-day movies. Discuss the role of technology in the cinematography.
  18. Evaluate contemporary movies for children. Do they help kids understand the surrounding world better?
  19. Evaluate the role of Hollywood in the US culture;
  20. Analyze the book you didn’t like. Explain your negative reaction.

Restaurant Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Explain the high popularity of fast food;
  2. Describe your favorite food. Are there enough food options in your community?
  3. How to become a good chef. The secret of Gordon Ramsey’s success;
  4. Discuss the competition between KFC and MacDonald’s in the historical perspective;
  5. Explain the reasons for the high popularity of Chinese food in Western culture;
  6. What is the reason for the popularity of coffee shops like Starbucks?

Other Topics for Evaluation Essays

  1. Explain how social media platforms destroy human relationships;
  2. Analyze the main benefits and shortcomings of studying abroad;
  3. Evaluate the role of a teacher in the life of a child;
  4. Prepare an evaluative essay on your academic performance. What subjects do you prefer? 
  5. Evaluate your best friend as a leader. Do you think he/she has all the necessary leadership qualities?
  6. Evaluate the effects of global warming on society. How to prevent disasters?
  7. Evaluate the actions taken by WHO in the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic;
  8. Evaluate the role of communication in human life;
  9. Evaluate the main pros and cons of using smartphones in the study;
  10. Evaluate the role of advanced technology in the music industry;
  11. Analyze the main differences between watching a film at home and watching it at the cinema;
  12. Evaluate the best album of your favorite singer;
  13. Analyze a specific art movement. What makes it unique and authentic?
  14. Analyze the historical movie. How well do the historical events are depicted in the movie?
  15. Evaluate your personal experience of traveling abroad.

We do hope that our list of ideas helped you understand what subject you would like to explore in your essay.

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