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Having a solid education background and work experience, I still see a large possibility for personal development. Thus, it has become an ambition of my life to receive the MBA Degree which I believe is crucial for a truly talented business professional who does not accept conventional boarders for self-perfection.

I am convinced that holding the MBA Degree would enable me to develop my career to its fullest potential. As for the long term objectives, I expect that pursuing the Degree will be a crucial step for me on the way up the career ladder. My main professional target is to achieve a position in senior management in a large multinational business through developing within the scope of one company. My aim is to be the one who determines a long-term policy of the company, chooses a direction for its development, and is able to significantly improve the business outcomes. Hence, the MBA Degree will help me to develop general management skills, and explore management tools and methods commonly used in practice.

Thus, quality MBA academic education will be the basement for expressing my talents in order to contribute to the society’s prosperity on the way to reaching my goal.

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