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16.04.2020 in Personal Statement
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1. Please describe how you have prepared for your intended major, including your readiness to succeed in your upper-division courses once you enroll at the university.

As long as I remember myself, I have always been captivated by the mathematical studies. At the same time, having a flair for this subject, I decided to chose Statistics as my intended major. Moreover, my interest in the major developed when I started to study math in high school. Focusing on thought processes, I enjoy solving different mathematics tasks. For me, it is a challenging and intriguing subject, which allows to study and research it further. When I began studying math in high school, I started to feel more confident and concentrated. In addition, I have taught myself at home, using different books on mathematics and other available sources to improve my knowledge in this particular field. The challenge of thinking and finding an appropriate solution has always attracted me to math and related subjects. Thereby, I am confident that Statistics is extremely important in daily life, and I am eager to study it further.

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Moreover, my experience in the classroom strengthened my confidence in the right choice of the future major. To be precise, doing research projects on statistics did not only help me learn more information about the subject but also see its logic nature. As I prefer everything in life to have a logical meaning and purpose, I realize that Statistics is a subject that helps make everything comprehensible and precise. At the same time, mathematical classes deepen the understanding of my aim and strong sides. Indeed, when I became interested in math and subjects related to it, I developed into an optimistic and outgoing person who likes to overcome challenges. Furthermore, I chose Statistics as my intended major because it is a challenging subject that requires specific skills and human traits. Studying statistics and math subjects allows me to train myself and develop the necessary skills for further education. Thus, I believe a Statistics degree will help me achieve my career purposes.

2.Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side.

For me, creativity means thinking, exploring, experimenting, understanding, and discovering new ideas, perfect solutions or something unique and unknown before. I am confident that being a creative person is very important for the studying of Statistics. While math subjects require specific skills, I believe that a creative skill plays a significant role in achieving high results. In this respect, my creative side is expressed through the problem-solving skills. Problems are at the center of everyday human life, especially in the workplace. These complications can be large or small, easy or difficult, simple or complex. Nevertheless, each case deserves further examination and search for the necessary solutions. In Statistics,finding ways to solve the problem is a fundamental part of the subject. Thus, I am confident that I will apply my problem-solving skills in a creative way to achieve success in the future.

Using creativity to solve a problem, I usually take the following steps: define the problem, elaborate on it, select alternatives, evaluate possible results, choose a perfect solution for a particular case, and apply it. Although the above mentioned problem-solving scheme has a logical nature, I am particular about making complex things seem simpler, as well as spending less time on the whole process. Moreover, my creativity influences my decisions inside the classroom. As studying usually demands solving problems quickly and effectively, I use my imagination to make fast decisions and save my time. At the same time, my creativity has a direct link to my intended major. In Statistics, productivity mainly depends on the appropriate approach to a problem. If a person has creative skills and applies them when conducting specific research, the results of the study will be much more beneficial and interesting not only for specialists, but also for ordinary people. In addition, the confidence that comes from employing effective strategies when examining the case and finding the necessary solution strengthens my self-assurance.

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3. What have you done to make your school or your community a better place?

In my town, the crucial theme that needs special attention is the issue of homeless people. Despite a stereotypical view of homeless people as brutal, greedy, and asocial citizens, one homeless man greatly helped me when I came to the United States for the first time. After visiting my friend, I was going back home and got lost. Unfortunately, my phone battery was run-down, and I could not call my friend asking him to come and take me home. It was getting late and I became scared of the unfamiliar place. Nevertheless, I started to talk to homeless people and asked them how I could get to the street where I lived. One man helped me enormously so that I was able to return home successfully. Thus, not all homeless people are savage or arrogant. It is stereotypical thinking that makes the majority treat homeless persons as social outsiders. Personally, I donated clothes and food to homeless people. To my mind, each member of the community should assist such people to ease their life, as well as change the entire town to a nicer place.

Moreover, when I studied in high school, I was a volunteer at SOS children’s village. It is a charitable organization that takes care of children who have lost parents and attempts to prevent family breakdown. As this organization works with communities, I decided to become a volunteer and thus support my community to help its inhabitants. I believe that the rights of all children have to be respected. Unfortunately, there are families, as well as individual parents ,who neglect children’s rights and, in turn, harm their health and life in general. In this respect, I would like to fix this problem in my community. To benefit my town and its citizens, I tried to convince people to become volunteers and assist others. I also did my best to raise people’s awareness of particular issues and engaged in the lectures on  protecting children from the abusive parents. In addition, this volunteer experience helped me learn about the importance of understanding and respect in the family.

4. What is the one thing that you think sets you apart from other candidates applying to the University of California?

My life motto is “No pains, no gains.” These words show the inner belief and perception of myself as a strong and confident person. I am certain that there is no person in the world who likes pain or misery. Nevertheless, the reward for the pain and hard work eventually result in promising gains. Moreover, there is real pain behind the success story of every prominent person. To my mind, great success in studying, in the workplace, or in daily life comes after overcoming barriers, facing challenges, and fighting unexpected troubles. There is no easy way to achieve something valuable. In this respect, my perseverance and dedication make me feel that I belong to one of UC’s campuses. Looking at my life, I can state that I have always done my best to pursue the case and find a proper solution. In addition, I believe that my creativity will add novelty to the studying process at the University of California.

Moreover, what sets me apart from other candidates is my hard-working skills and optimism. Although there were both positive and complicated situations my life, I have never allowed myself to surrender. I believe that a student of the University of California should be dedicated to the chosen major, be hard-working  and confident in his or her strengths. I am such a student because I am not afraid of challenges or difficult situations. I am open to everything new, and I will accept both presents and strokes of misfortune with a smile. Furthermore, my optimism together with creativity will make me an indispensable member of the UC community. Thereby, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to study at the University of California. I am certain that the challenge of studying and developing my knowledge of Statistics to a higher level will allow me to enjoy every day in the campus.

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