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16.04.2020 in Personal Statement
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From a very early age, my inspiration was to work in the sphere of education. Even though teachers, students and an educational sphere in general have undergone dramatic changes recently, my intention did not change. I came from Saudi Arabia, where, in 2007, I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at King Saud University. Our country values educated people and exerts every effort to the improvement of this sphere of social life. Dramatic changes, mentioned above, reflected in the fact that traditional teaching and learning methods have become inappropriate in adequate preparing of students for the complexities of today’s rapidly developing society. New teaching methods and learning opportunities emerged and became available for students all over the world. Rapid implementation of information technologies and innovations made it possible that new forms of education like E-Learning and Distance Learning to come into our lives.

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As a result, The National Center for E-Learning and Distance Learning (NCEL) was established ten years ago with a strong start called JUSURE, which was the Arabic LMS used in the Saudi Universities. Three years ago, NCEL opened doors for qualified people to work in the center, so I was nominated there by one of the consultants who taught me at college. She thought that working at NCEL would best suit my skills, my ambitions and interests. I worked there in different departments that added to my knowledge and experience such as training, technical support, project and development and even in the public relation department. I learned lots of social, educational and technical skills and refined many of the previous skills. I contributed to the completion of many projects and events such as the first international conference for E-Learning and Distance Learning in Saudi Arabia and NCEL participation in EDUCA Berlin Conference, in addition to several awareness campaigns and E-Learning workshops in Saudi Arabia. Other projects that I took part in were:

  • “Saudi Digital Library” is one of the pioneer projects of NCEL, aiming to enhance the education process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • “JUSUR” is an LMS designed by the National Center for E-Learning and Distance Learning in order to manage the E-Learning process in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • “MAKNAZ” National Repository for Learning Objects;
  • Saudi eUniversity;
  • “QANATECH” – safety educational videos environment;
  • In the (NCEL), I had an experience as a JUSUR LMS System Trainer in Riyadh, Jazan, Madina, and other universities.
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I am strongly convinced that a meaningful life is all about aiming high and working hard to achieve all desired goals. As a result of my leadership involvement, I found out that I am capable of more than I thought I was. I needed to try and realize my potential, even if I might lose. Hence, in spring 2014, I received Master Degree in Human Development and Leadership at Murray State University in the USA. My decision to continue graduate study represents one of the major goals I planned to achieve in my life. After three years of work experience in the NCEL, I selected the United States as the country to achieve my professional goals. While my academic record has not been the most stellar, I believe that I have great qualities and experiences to share with other students, and I anticipate to reach a student body. 

A series of small steps make up big achievements. Hence, for five years, I have been working in a family business (Lady Dresses Boutique) in the customer service department. Then, I decided to study and volunteered teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers, especially Saudi hospital staff (Aug, 2007 – May, 2010). From May to October 2007, I worked as a computer teacher in a kindergarten. After that, from October, 2007 to August, 2010, I worked as a Senior Technical Support and Trainer for the National Center of eLearning and Distance Learning (NCEL) in the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia.

I see leadership as a potential ability to contribute to an organization, a team, etc. I believe, the dynamic academic environment that I am eager to face at ******* is indispensable for my future career development and will be highly beneficial for me. 

By the end of this course, students will be able to identify the complexity of a problem and provide a reasonable solution to it. Besides, this course will allow students to implement the obtained knowledge and apply them when necessary. Moreover, after this course, students will gain the capability to evaluate the exclusive and diversified tools, techniques and strategies obtained in the course of learning, as well as their ability to make decisions will make them leaders in their surroundings. Research, practice and individual professional growth will definitely create and support students’ leadership capacity in the future. 

To show where I stand, I would like to tell about my experience. In 2009, I participated in three week training course held in Japan (JICA). There I learned to develop a Learning Management System, E-Learning courses and ways of improvement of content development. Besides, I developed an understanding of the situation surrounding E-Learning and Distance Learning in Japan and learned advanced technologies in E-Learning and Distance Learning.    

Regardless of the leadership materials I might get involved in, one thing I would, perhaps, try to do even better is my personal organization. Earlier, I relied on organizational models, which were created by my predecessors. However, now, I feel confident enough to create organizational models, which suit my own needs, but, at the same time, might be useful and helpful for those people who are interested in becoming a leader not only at the workplace, but also in life.

Talking about my future prospects, I am planning to continue working in NCEL, particularly, in the e-University project. Clearly, my motivation, intellectual capability and background will help me to achieve success in this field. I am confident that this program will introduce me to the most competent people in my area of interest. Indeed, your institution offers many features that are simply not available at other universities, including the student diversity, the school’s ranking and the overall quality of the program. I am certain that I am making a good decision by applying to *******, and I hope that I will succeed in my application.

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