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25.12.2018 in Personal Statement
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Without a doubt, every person has his/her lifetime dream in order to realize it in the future. As for me, I am not the exception of the rules. My dream is to serve in the Air Forces. Since childhood the height and the flights attracted me a lot, moreover, I am interested in parachute jumping and airplanes. Furthermore, when I got to know that there is the Air Force Academy, I was sure that I would study there in spite of my parents’ dissatisfaction and disagreement. I am determined, and when I decide to do something, nobody can stop me.

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I dream to become a pilot as my grandfather who was my best friend and the example for following. I was growing up in a military family, my father; my grandfather and my great grandfather were busy with the military affair. My grandfather was a pilot during 1945. They were strong and brave and I always wanted to be like them and continue their steps. I wanted them to be proud of me.

This dream was always sparkling in me; I read and watched different programs about the Air Forces. I did not miss the occasion to get to know anything from that field. I dreamt about being a pilot in order to steer an airplane. At first, that idea seemed to me fantastic and unreal but I never give up on what I began.

I knew what I wanted and tried to improve my skills and my knowledge that would give an opportunity to advance and be the best. I observed other people who were the professionals of the Air Force Field in order to get something new from them. I am not used to stand still. I know the value of success. It is not easy to be successful; it is like climbing the high mountains without any help. You climb overcoming all obstacles, falling and getting even then when you have no strength at all.

I want to tell you how I am preparing to enter the Air Force Academy. First of all, I do sports regularly. I jog early in the morning, twice a week I attend gym, and also I play football. I try to make myself strong, sporty and capable of great endurance. I read a lot in order to be knowledgeable. I am obsessed with the idea to serve in the Air Force. In spite of my parents’ precautions that it is hard and dangerous, I will follow my dream to the end. I have an endless desire for knowledge. I burn from the need, to know and understand something new and that desire still lives within me today. If I have a question, I do the best to get an answer. If I am interested in something, I look for it until I feel that I know everything there is to know about it.

I consulted what one should learn in the Air Force Academy. There are the following courses as: military training, athletics, engineering, humanities, basic sciences, military studies, physical education and social sciences. At first that variety of disciplines scared me but soon I understood that I would cope as my desire to study there was stronger than my fear. I am still interested in sport, technique, airplanes and my physical training. After the intense preparations, I entered the Air Force Academy.

I have never regretted and become disappointed when things are not going swimmingly. I learn from my mistakes and my faults, as long as I do my best to realize what lesson life is trying to teach me, and as long as I follow my moral beliefs and values. I think I will become better. I feel like I have begun something huge and important in my life.

I hope to enter such fields as navigator, pilot or air battle manager as I want to fly and I like airplanes. In my childhood, my parents bought me the construction sets and I always built airplanes. I expect to gain knowledge, the necessary skills, and practice from the Air Force Academy experience as they are important for Air Force career. The education at the Air Force Academy is the step to a good future and perspective work. Being Academy cadet means being ambitious, knowledgeable, brave and experienced. The Air Force Academy learns to be disciplined, serious, responsible and well-educated.

As far as I know, through studying at the Air Force Academy I will gain academic, military, training, athletic, social and spiritual experience. I will prefer military and athletic experience to social, academic and spiritual. I am a sporty man and I am not afraid of physical training. I am ready to run and to work at gym in order to be strong and have muscles. However, for a good pilot it is not enough to have good physical preparation. One should also be knowledgeable and educated that is why social and academic disciplines are not less important.

Too much learning and training is not the only problem that I will face with. There will be the ethical dilemma when the elder cadets might offend the junior ones; they may force to perform their duties instead of them and even insult. It is necessary to be morally strong to bear such outrages conduct from the side of the elder cadets.

I am a leader and I do not like when somebody humiliates me. If one of the elder cadets beat the junior one, then I will stand up for the junior one. After such case, these elder cadets will leave me and my friends in peace, I hope. I am not a kind of person to be manipulated, I have my own opinion and I can defend myself.

Another ethical dilemma will be my relationships with the same cadets as me. I am a peaceful person but I know that there will be different people with different characters, moral values, education and social status. I have already prepared myself to the thought that I must try to find a common language with different people. However, for the sake of my dream, I will overcome any obstacles on my way.

In my opinion, it is necessary to be brave and never give up. Only timorous and weak cadets can suffer from the elder cadets. It is necessary not to show fear, panic and weakness. My leadership potential might let me be responsible for discipline and order in my group.

I am an adventurer; I like to risk. I am convinced that without risk, struggle, persistence, hard work, self-education there is no success. I hope that I will enter the Air Force Academy.

I only want to prove that it is possible to get something with the help of hard work and great desire.

I know my destination, I want to become a pilot, and I want to find the purpose of life and enjoy every moment of it. Life is given to us to be happy and share this happiness with other people. People who are hard-working, persistent, determined, confident and strong always follow their dreams. I am capable of great endurance, strength and able to overcome difficulties and problems with studying. Many people think that success in life is measured by a person’s economic status. I believe that success is measured by the ability of a person to handle challenges in life.

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