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25.12.2018 in Personal Statement
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I am hereby forwarding to you my formal application for acceptance for graduate study at St. John’s University. I will attempt to demonstrate to you that my credentials and both personal and professional background qualify me to be accepted into the Master of Science in Marketing Management study program at our respected University, showing my resolve to attain the professional career objectives I am setting for myself.

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Let me introduce my personal background first. I have come from a single-parent family and, due to this fact, have learned at an early age how to cope with the challenges. I had to face in the course of my growing up and secondary school education. I have always made my best to overcome life difficulties, so I believe myself to be poised enough to deal with complications that I would face when studying for a Master of Science’s degree in Marketing Management successfully. Hence, my personal experiences should amicably correlate with the demands for excellence and achievement established by St. John’s University.

My academic background should likewise point toward my capacity to handle the study requirements established for the Master’s program in Marketing Management. In 2009, I graduated from the Renaissance Charter School (Jackson Heights, NY), having been a member of both National Honor Society (TRCS Chapter) and Excelsior Club (TRCS Honor Roll) in my pre-graduation years. These experiences prepared me to take upon the leadership responsibilities in my further academic development. When studying at the Bachelor of Science, Business Management program at St. John’s University, I have succeeded in receiving both Joanne Meyer Scholarship (in 2011) and Edgar Flynn Scholarship (in 2012). In this, I followed in the footsteps of my previous academic achievements at the Renaissance Charter School. Accordingly, I have enjoyed greatly my academic experience at St. John’s University, and this is one of the main reasons I have decided to apply for the Master of Science program at this University.

With respect to the means by which a Master’s degree shall enable me to achieve my future professional goals, I should say that I have intended for a long time to assist in marketing and arranging the major sports events. I have always had a great interest in soccer and baseball competitions, as one may glimpse from my past professional record. From October 2009 on, I have been a St. John’s University Women’s Soccer Office Executive Assistant, being in charge of such aspects as soccer events’ organizing as arranging travels, booking flights and accommodations, preparing and overseeing recruit mailing and filing, as well as training new student workers at the Office and drafting marketing strategies for impending competitions. Thus, in my view, I have learned a lot on the subject of sports events marketing from my experience at this Office, and the pursuit of a Master of Science’s degree in Marketing Management would enable me both to draw on such experience and the theoretical background I will receive as a MSc graduate.

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Furthermore, my previous experience with planning and arranging the extra-curricular sports competitions should show my resolve and profound interest toward building a career in sports management. Even in my pre-University years, I have obtained a significant experience in the field of sales and services management when working as an assistant to Jay Jeans (Manager, Jackson Heights, NY). After 2008, I enrolled as a marketing intern with NYC TLC Insurance Inc. (East Elmhurst, NY) where I received the preliminary knowledge of principles and processes involved in customer services provision, as well as certain experience of marketing communications and representing my organization to the people outside of it. These experiences were further enhanced by my subsequent professional performance as a Human Resources intern (Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, May 2010 – January 2011), as well as a Guest Experience intern at New York Mets (March – August 2011). In particular, the latter internship gave me appropriate appreciation of the challenges and modes of dealing with the tasks associated with guest service and events management, contributing to my subsequent professional activities at two Major League Baseball competitions in New York, NY (September 2011 – April 2012, and April 2012 – December 2012), where I had an active role in assisting the events management personnel with such tasks as drafting agendas, international players’ registration, client information dissemination and maintenance, etc. Thus, as one may understand, I am very serious about my pursuit of this career, and I think that the MSc program in Marketing Management shall give me further resources and opportunities thereto.

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As for the choice of St. John’s University as the place to continue my Marketing Management studies, I believe it should be evident now. I have had a wonderful experience at St. John’s both as an academic and sports events organizer, and I cherish this experience enough to try and continue it at the new, higher level. I have always shared the core goals and values of St. John’s University, i.e. its deep and earnest commitment to moral integrity, justice and community service, as well as the pursuit of truth and love for humanity. These commitments have had a place in my life as well, for I participated in the New Orleans Louisiana Project as a student volunteer, assisting in rebuilding of the local communities disrupted by the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. Due to this volunteering experience, I shall always bear in mind the need for Christian justice and mutual assistance in our lives.

Proceeding from the aforementioned, I do now transmit this Personal Statement to the Graduate Admission Committee’s objective judgment, and I hope that my efforts will be duly appreciated.

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