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30.04.2020 in Personal Statement
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In this letter, I would like to state my reasons why do I wish to take part in MS in Computer Science starting in the spring of 2014. I am going to mention why I intend to obtain the qualifications in Computer Science and how will I benefit in terms of personal development and career, achieving my goals in and for my home country. 

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In the recent decades, the whole world has witnessed China’s revival, growth, and achievements in many areas. China has become a leading country, a global innovator in science and technology, and now it is aimed at constructing the education system of high quality according to the international standards in this area. The country is also boosting its development in the sphere of tourism management, in order to guarantee and provide a better experience and comfortable staying for everyone who travels throughout the country. However, the scientific and technical level still lacks the development and achievements, which already have been reached in the like most of Western countries. A long time ago, I understood that the best way to achieve my personal goals is to study in a country, where the subject of my learning interest is developed on the highest level. Definitely, the United States of America is the right place for mastering the fundamentals of Computer Science. I am not new in this subject as I have already had real challenges and already have had to manage several projects. In fact, China is requiring well trained and highly educated person more than ever in the history, consequently, after graduation from the University and completing the Master’s Program, which I apply for, I wish to become one of the many players in the vast challenging computer science field of my country and to make contributions to the development of tourism management industry as well. 

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Academic Background and Experience

As I have claimed above, I am not new in this sphere. In the year of 2008, I received my Bachelor’s degree from East China University of Science and Technology, one of the top 100 universities in China, after four years of study at Tourism Management program. During the undergraduate study, I have been top student of my class taking into consideration not only the academic achievements, but my active participation in all events and trainings promising unforgettable and valuable experience, as well as needed practical skills. Repeatedly, I was distinguished by academic staff of my University, because of showing great potential and strong performance in real-life experiences. Moreover, I was awarded scholarship for being an outstanding student of the university for several times. Undergraduate studies trained me well in various disciplines, and I learned from those four years how important computer science is related to tourism management.

At the same time, I had the opportunities in getting access to computer systems that are closely related to the daily management of tourism industry. I realized that computer science is one of the key tools the tourism industry is in need for. Since those times, practice concerning Computer Science has been my favorite and the main part of my self-study. In 2007, I got lucky to work at Ramada Plaza Shanghai as a receptionist. It was then when I found out about “nuts and bolts” of practical importance and use of computers. The computer system assisted the department and connects every corner of the hotel. Yet, there were times when I was in the situation where the system was not capable of providing me with useful information. In 2008, I joint Renaissance Grand Hotel in St. Louis as the Stewarding Manager, and learned how the computer systems assisted the overall management of the back house and banquet functions. There are differences in every hotel, and I can indicate at once how well the computer systems are organized and developed, and how it can affect the management and operation of the hotel.

In 2010, a decision that changed my life was made – I landed to the U.S. to pursue my M.B.A. Degree.  Even though I had dreamed of gaining more knowledge in computer science and its application in tourism industry, I chose to continue my study in the same field for a Master’s degree, instead of MS in Computer Science, to show my respect to parents, who claimed to know me and my needs better than me and who considered that Computer Science is not the major for me. 

In November 2012, I received my M.B.A degree with a GPA of 3.6/4.0, and had the opportunity to work at a local Hotel Reservation Center. I realized how well the computer system was developed in the U.S. When thinking of the days when I got in touch with the redundant systems in China, I made up my mind to pursue a degree in Computer Science. I want to learn from this major to lay a solid foundation for my future research as well as career development in the tourism-related field. 

Prospect and Research Interests

Even though tourism and computer science are in two totally different areas, tourism needs computer science ultimately. The better computer science develops, specifically in the area of industrial applications, the brighter is the future for tourism industry. 

With my Tourism Management background and strong knowledge in business, I have confidence in ingratiating and challenge. I am willing to make every effort to discover the puzzles of computer science application to the industry, and face any problems posed. 

What I have learned is far from sufficient to tackle all the problems and questions, which may arise in my future study and research. However, I am confident that I will be of great use in the process of integrating knowledge from both fields of study.  My interest will reside in the area of how to apply computer science development systems to the tourism industry through integration of all sectors of the business, including reservation, management, sales, and customer relation management. 

In order to gain more systematic study of advanced knowledge, I will definitely pursue a Master Degree in order to have more research and practical work done. When I see Bridgewater State University, I know that it is a good opportunity for me to spend time diving into the world of Computer Science. Your academic competence in computer science, unique academic atmosphere and exacting work ethic are what I admire the most. Therefore, I hope I can get the opportunity to obtain my Master’s Degree in your Computer Science Graduate Program.

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