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09.08.2021 in Personal Statement
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1. Please describe how you have prepared for your intended major, including your readiness to succeed in your upper-division courses once you enroll at the university.

Since my main subjects of interest are mathematics and numbers, continuing education and also improving my knowledge in Economics are my greatest goals right now. I am extremely interested in studying Financial Services because I would like to work at a financial institution in the future. I strongly believe that my abilities combined with hard work will help me with my studies and bring me the desired result.

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Discussing my readiness for the University, first of all, I have to mention that I was a very hard-working student at high school. My favorite subjects were Mathematics, Economics, Physics, and Geometry. Therefore, I was interested in solving different mathematic equations because I was good at understanding the sequence of actions. During my high school years, Mathematics seemed to be the easiest and the most fascinating subject for me and I was sure my fondness of exact sciences would help me in my future career.

Furthermore, I have had the desire to study Economics since childhood as my parents are businessmen. I am inspired by their success and their smart approach to leading business. In my opinion, it is crucial for a businessman to know how to manage resources correctly. Thus, I try to follow all the economic innovations and upgrade my understanding of finance whenever it is possible. I participate actively in my parents’ discussions about their job and sometimes give suggestions on different issues. They, in turn, help me to improve my knowledge in economics and explain to me certain aspects in a comprehensive way.

Apart from, my interest in finance, I am also fond of volunteering. In my understanding, being useful for society is an obligatory task of every person. Therefore, I attempt not to miss a chance to help in the benefit of my community and combine it with my interest in mathematics. In fact, recently I have taken part in settling running activities to support centers that provide researches on different diseases. I have worked with the AGS (Alpha Gamma Sigma) organization, helping to register charitable marathons participants and arranging their numbers.

My biggest dream is to obtain profound knowledge and make some contribution to my family’s business. The knowledge I will get at the university will help me to reach my goal and become a successful financial consultant and a contributing member of society.

2. Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem-solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistic, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side.

I believe that every person is creative in his or her own way and what is difficult to one individual can be exciting and interesting for another. Generally, I express my creativity in Mathematics and volunteering, which helps me to find extraordinary solutions in my everyday life.

My Math capability developed naturally but I also worked hard on improving it since it requires creative thinking to find solutions to mathematical problems. Sometimes, when I cannot find the correct answer for the first time, I spend some time examining other ways to resolve the task. At last, when I find a solution, I feel proud of myself and understand that there is always a space for self-improvement.

Truthfully speaking, I try to find a creative approach to all the difficult circumstances that happen in my life. I believe that there is a way out of any situation; it just requires applying imagination and persistence. In this regard, it is possible to mention that volunteering helps me to develop my creativity. I participated in the organization of running and walking activities to support research centers. Besides that, I was responsible for participant registration, decoration of the territory, and water distribution. In addition, I helped with counting all the expenses for some marathons, which would contribute to the overall level of my proficiency. Registering participants also requires math creativity because the number of people is too large and it is important to assign each of them a unique number. Moreover, I use my creative thinking when I count the amount of water for each participant on each part of the running way. So far, I have never been mistaken in any calculations for the marathons and I believe it is due to my attentiveness and creativity.

I hope my creative approach in Math will be beneficial for my education and will positively influence my academic performance. I believe my experience in accounting and keeping records of supplies will be a huge advantage in my future career.

3. What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time?

I believe my greatest talent is handling organizational issues and communicating with other people. Owing to my active lifestyle, I have improved and extended my talents over time and keep enhancing them till now.

During my high school years, I participated in different extracurricular activities. For example, together with other classmates, we organized a charity shop where we gathered clothes for people from developing countries. My duties included informing all the students regarding the event, disseminating tasks among my teammates, and keeping a record of donated belongings. Also, I was responsible for the report where I had to indicate the exact number of everything that people donated. Such experience enhanced my leadership qualities and taught me how to properly distribute responsibilities among team members. Also, I have improved my communication skills as being an organizer required a lot of negotiation and discussions.

After school, I began to organize vacations and trips for me and my friends. It is a fascinating hobby for me and I like taking advantage of and plan everything needed for a successful traveling, including routes, booking, lodging, tours, and meals. I apply my creative skills and think broadly about the future trip, taking into consideration all the nuances and friends’ suggestions. My attentiveness to detail enables me to perform well at organizing events, and my habit to take notes helps me not to forget about anything. In addition, I possess good communication skills, and I know how to find an approach to any person. I fact, last summer, I had a great opportunity to meet with my parent’s customers and discuss some business issues with them. Such experience was very useful for me as I learned some aspects of formal communication. I understood the importance of speaking accurately and concisely, as well as the importance of following the proposed topic.

Therefore, I had a brilliant experience in organizing or participating in various events in the academy; at the same time, it was a great responsibility for me too, for example, to assist with my family’s business last summer. Finally, I believe my knowledge in communication and experience in organizing will help me during my education at the university.

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5. Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and the steps you have taken to overcome this challenge. How has this challenge affected your academic achievement?

The most significant challenge that I have faced was learning a second language. I used to think that studying English was not my favorite thing to do and did not pay much attention to it. With the age, I started to understand that knowing a foreign language is beneficial for my future life and will be helpful in my career.

Several years ago, I reconsidered my attitude towards studying English and perceived my failures as a motivation to develop and do not stop until I attain satisfactory results. Owing to my persistence and patience, I began to improve my English in all possible ways. I had a strong will to learn the language because I knew it will be beneficial for my education and future occupation. I did not hesitate to talk to foreigners and practice speaking English with native speakers. In addition, I was reading books and doing some grammar exercises in my free time. Besides that, it was helpful for me to watch movies in English as it broadcasted my vocabulary. During the period of hardship, my friends and family supported my desire to improve my knowledge in English and helped me in different ways. For instance, my parents presented me with many English books and magazines so I could read them whenever I had a chance. Also, my friends invited me to watch movies in English so I could combine studying and entertainment. Obviously, it is always good to have support from close people. Owing to my relatives and friends, and also to my persistent temper, I improved my knowledge in English during a short period of time and still continue doing it.

Although it was not easy to practice my second language so intensively, owing to this challenge, I learned how to continue working despite any difficulties. Now I know for sure, that there is nothing impossible for a willing heart. I believe my experience in overcoming obstacles and learning English knowledge will be beneficial for my further education at the university.

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