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30.04.2020 in Personal Statement
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Dear Representative of the University of Washington, Seattle,

With this statement, I would like to express my sincere interest in pursuing an academic degree at your reputable educational establishment.

Since my early childhood, I have had an ambition to entertain people and share my knowledge with them. I have tried to realize this ambition through toy talk shows and TV broadcasts organized for my parents when I was 5 years old, and mock press-conferences when I was 10. I have always been inspired by the fascinating effects of media on our lives. 

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My more mature interest in the subject started through my psychology studies, which have allowed me to acquire a thorough understanding of human thoughts, behaviors, and reactions. After I acquired an excellent knowledge in Psychology of Adjustment, I have decided to broaden my social and career development skills by taking up such courses as Introduction to Communications and Professional Development, Introduction to American Culture and Intercultural Communication. From my A-levels in the first two subjects, I have seen a significant improvement of my career advancement and management skills. Thus, I have got a grasp of different approaches used in education and learnt how to transfer my thoughts to any person, in the way they could be properly understood and accepted. At the same time, cultural studies gave me a broad overview of mentality of the American people compared to other nations, and taught me how to apply communication principles in a multicultural society. 

My volunteer activity allowed me to practice the skills obtained through my academic trainings. 

Two years ago, I performed duties of a front desk officer at Mary’s place, where I applied my knowledge of social sciences to satisfy visitors’ demands and respond to their requests. In addition to developing my communication skills, I gained an ability to work under high time pressure there since some our guests required urgent medical help. 

In 2013, I taught English as a second language to a group of students coming from different countries of the world, such as Germany, Japan, and France. My assignment as a tutor required me to bring together people from high context and polychronic cultures, for example, France and China, and low context and monochronic cultures, such as Germany and the U.K. In order to achieve this goal, I gave every member of my team the tasks to interpret the same sources of information (e.g., photos, short movie clips depicting people facing life challenges). In this way, they could become aware of their cultural differences and learn how to accept and respect them. Moreover, I gave the members of my team the same case studies, sharing responsibilities between them, so that each of them could take advantage of his/her strengths. The invaluable experience gained from the job helped me to become a leader of a global engagement team in the beginning of this year. In addition, I was able to encourage other students to take an active part in students’ exchange, charity and other social activities around the world.

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My career ambition is to become an international public relations (PR) specialist. I hope to assist fast-developing Chinese companies to manage their communication on goods, commodity, and labor markets of Northern America and Western Europe, where they have been actively expanding their performance for the last five years. These highly competitive markets require specialists who could be able to build up efficient communication links with local employees, state authorities and press. Furthermore, they such need professionals to gain exposure to new clients through trade conferences and fairs organized with respect to the local traditions, customs, and marketing principles.

The job in PR can help me to realize my leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills, as well as apply my knowledge of intercultural differences gained through my studies and on-the-job training.

One must notice that these skills and experience have allowed me not only to gain a deep understanding of own country but also of myself. Working in a multi-cultural environment for a while, I have got aware of such advantages of my nation as the ability to listen, respect of the community opinion, and complete several tasks simultaneously.

My current goal is to do my best to apply these advantages to further studies in Communication Leadership program at the University of Washington, Seattle. Having studied the curriculum of the program, I realized that I can get a deep understanding of network building strategies, such as creative and community engagement, as well as of communication in innovation hi-tech communities. This knowledge is will be essential to succeed in fast-developing and highly demanding PR field. However, I could not obtain this competence at my university. While studying at the University of Washington, Seattle, I could also gain useful experience from communication and cultural exchange with students across the globe, who could later become my colleagues. This would allow me to pave the way for my future career, become an efficient specialist and a valuable part of the intellectual asset for my country.

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