Personal Statement Sample

Apr 16, 2020 in Personal Statement

Personal Statement Sample

My interest and desire to explore the electronic world began at a tender age, especially, my passion for electronic gadgets. In my younger years, remote control and electronic toys fascinated me, arousing my curiosity in the mechanisms behind the operations of toys. As I grew up, curiosity of how these implements worked took the better of me, therefore, instead of playing with gadgets and toys at my disposal, I took them apart in an attempt to understand the intricate nature of their operations and tick. Thus, my interest and desire to understand and appreciate technology began. Consequently, I began to accumulate any money I could find in an effort to have enough of it to buy a desktop computer albeit a second hand one.

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At the age of fifteen, I managed to accumulate enough money for my first desktop in 1997. Subsequently, I learned how to make minor changes in Windows 95, significantly on mobile phones. Meanwhile I enrolled for computer related classes, such as Microsoft office applications, Photoshop, and computer assembling. These were aimed at developing my skills in mastering this complex and intriguing technology. On receiving my GED, I enrolled in the best available information and technology institute in my locality. It was there that I began to learn C programming, AutoCAD, Dreamweaver, and Freehand. As a result, in my efforts to match my academic skills with hands on experience, I sought for employment. I was successful in securing a job in the capacity of a computer technician and network developer for a number of public internet service providers.

 I realized that my position at the time did not fulfill my actualization goals. I noted that if I wanted to further my ambitions, there was a need for advanced education and exposure to the computer science subject. However, this could not be realized in my indigenous location, and I had to seek this knowledge in another country. My country of choice was the United States of America. However, it was impossible for me to access entry into the United States. Therefore, I took the next alternative and opted to travel to South Korea to further my education hoping to find an opportunity to increase my academic and professional portfolio. Nevertheless, on reaching South Korea, things turned out contrary to my expectations and I had to seek employment in plastic injection and welding company in order to sustain my living expenses. While I stayed in South Korea without the possibility of pursuing further education as initially intended, I continued to peruse any materials on computing and developments thereto that I could find, including computer catalogues.

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After personal sacrifice and hard work for a period of three years, I decided to visit Turkey in order to apply for a United States Visa. At this time, I realized that had I made this decision prior to going to South Korea, my circumstance would have been much better. The application process was significantly shorter than I had expected and it took only thirty minutes to complete the process. As such, I sought employment in a computer, electronic and CNC machines diagnostic, and repair shops. In spite of the communication challenges of that time, my hard work, precision, and detailed attention to customers’ needs endeared me to most of them. These customers returned always asking for my services. This aspect led to my promotion in the shop where I was given a supervisory position. This was unexpected, however, I retained this position the entire time spent in Turkey.

My visa application for the United States advanced and I arrived in the United States on May 10th, 2010 at the age of 28. I knew that this was the country where my dreams would come true in spite of the hardships I had to undergo to come here. However, my quest was far from over. Since I was alone and did not have relatives or friends in the United States, I had to look after myself, thus I tried to secure any form of employment as soon as possible. Fortunately, I secured a job at Fry’s electronics computer department in my second week since the arrival in the United States. Though my struggle had consumed the greater part of my twenties, I could feel my dream was within my grasp. However, the struggle for it had to be unperturbed.  I enrolled for college in September 2010, working forty hours a week at the same time. In order to satisfactorily meet my allocated unit’s requirements, I had to lock myself in my car during lunch time to study, while my peers relaxed in the break room.

Meanwhile, I took an initiative to change my job to work as a barista in a coffee shop for better remuneration and less working hours. Given that English is my fourth language, time constraints for my fifteen units and jobs made life significantly harder. As a result, I was unable to balance the resulting pressure, and it led to a failure in my introductory chemistry course, which impacted my GPA results negatively.  It was at that time that I made a decision to apply for a loan while cutting my works time to thirty hours a week, therefore, leaving ample time for my studies. I could have taken twelve units with my previous workload; however, taking into account my predicament and time constraints, I intended to take as many study units as I could manage while attempting to score the best grades possible. I have struggled and sacrificed immensely to be here. My goals are to excel in my field and apply my acquired knowledge to improvement of current technological advances for the betterment of mankind.

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