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24.12.2018 in Personal Statement
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During all my life I have a passion for business and economics, and this was the main reason why I decided to dedicate my life to this field. In every field of business and economics, business administration studies referred as a combination of all necessary aspects of the field. Consequently, this specialty helps its graduates to choose any field of work in the future. I am sure that BA degree in Business Administration at your University will help in my future career, and will help to become a specialist in the chosen field.

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In the 21st century, with a big growth of a business, international trade and market in general, leadership studies such as business administration became very vital in today’s world. Nowadays, many companies understand the importance of right leadership strategies because right leader will bring to the company more advantages and benefits, and leadership failure can result in lots of bad consequences. Leadership refers as one of the most significant features of a successful person. To become a leader, it is vital to be competitive and take the most difficult challenges. As a result, more economists are spending their efforts on researching new theories or methods, which can help to improve leadership. The course of business administration will provide with all necessary knowledge and practice in the field of business and management

Business and economic studies have always been my main passion. Such term as capitalism influenced the way people built this world, where every product or service has its price. The issue is that almost every field of life referred to business. I decided to become an economist because every field or industry needs good specialists, and graduates of this specialization will have many opportunities in their future career. Business is a core of all activities of modern society, and every person, in the modern world should know at least general knowledge concerning this field. However, the main reason why I decided to study business as in the future I am planning to become a successful financer. My interest for business studies has started since my childhood. My favourite subjects at school were dedicated to economics, and I still have an extremely large interest in reading various political, economical, and business articles. This hobby brings me the necessary information concerning the business world and new economical and political trends in society. Moreover, reading business articles is vital for every specialist in this field as it will add necessary knowledge of the chosen field. Despite my interest in various fields of business, the chosen specialty Business Administration will provide me with useful information concerning financing, accounting, management, and marketing. In addition, this specialty prepares high-level professionals.

Another reason why I decided to enter Business Administration is my good managerial skills. All my life, I participated in various events and organizations where I was a leader of the team. One of these experiences is my work in community service. I did community service where I was a leader of a group that was responsible of conducting surveys and taking information of damages that happened to houses and families during the flood in my city (JEDDAH) in 2009.

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This experience gave me a general understanding of teamwork and developed my leadership and managerial skills. The experience taken in community service gave me the opportunity to feel how it to be a leader and brought the experience of achieving various goals. I understood that one of my main positive sides is responsibility and self-management as I made every task on time and on the highest level. In addition, as I was a team leader, this experience brought me an understanding of teamwork, and, consequently, developed my communicative skills as well. In fact, team building is one of the most significant aspects of successful activity. Business administration covers the aspect of team building, HR management, and also develops skills of management. This course will help to understand how to develop relationship in any team, and encourage team spirit. The individuals who feel comfortable inside the team will work better than those who work in disturbing and bad conditions. Strong management and motivation of the team members can result in the most effective and productive work and loyalty. In addition, a good leader should understand that every person in the company always has a lot of useful ideas, and it is better to work together because every employee has its own strengths and can add something innovative. Relationships with the team play a crucial role in a positive work environment.

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Marketing is one of the most significant sides of economic and business studies, as any product or service need a significant plan or strategy, and the right way of its promotion. In every industry or field, marketing plays a crucial role that is the reason why I decided to get more practice and knowledge in this field of business. I have worked in companies during summer periods where I took roles in marketing sector. The experience I brought from the companies I worked for is extremely vital for my future career as I worked with well-qualified specialists who taught me many important issues concerning the field of marketing. In addition, working in the field of marketing and business, helped me to make a first step in the development of myself as a professional economist.

However, despite my experience, there is a lack of necessary knowledge and practice, and that is the reason why I need to continue my study in this field. For successful career in business, it is crucial to know such issues as planning, staffing, directing, organizing, controlling, and budgeting, and the Business Administration course supposed to provide with this disciplines. In addition, this field is mostly based on practical side rather than theoretical, and it is extremely vital as business requires practical experience.

Business administration is one of the most popular courses among students. As I mentioned above, the main reason of it is that this course combines the full range of economics and business studies, and as a result, brings its student the opportunity of choosing speciality they are most interested in pursuing. After graduating BA in Business Administration, I am going to get Master degree in Finance. It is clearly the case that Business administration is a core of economics studies and can be relevant for finance as well. With a help of BA degree in Business Administration, I am sure that I will get more opportunities in my future career. My main goal is to get both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of business, and this course will provide me with this opportunity. In addition, Business Administration course will help in developing my leadership skills that consequently will bring me the possibility to become a top manager or executive. Business Administration is an extremely significant part of the company’s development. Modern companies recognize the importance of business administration as this department provides a large variety of functions that necessary for company’s competiveness.

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