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24.12.2018 in Personal Statement
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Choosing a university to proceed with obtaining a Master’s degree is an extreme step for me since it will influence my future path and professional career. Although it is a huge challenge to decide on the way one wants to go in life, I have chosen to proceed with studies in biomedical science. Thus, with this personal statement, I am applying for the MSc program in Biomedical Science offered by the School of Health, Sport and Bioscience at the University of East London. Science and scientific research has always been my passion, and I have a strong desire to pursue further studies and a career in Biomedical Science. The University of East London offers a rather challenging yet dedicated curriculum in the Biomedical Science MSc program that will provide me with unique education and help me become a professional in this field.

Since school, I have had a particular interest in science, and for this reason, I pursued undergraduate studies in Applied Science at Croydon College. I obtained a National Diploma in Applied Science with distinction honors. To support my theoretical knowledge gained at the college, I worked for almost a year in AGA Software – an IT company where I was responsible for database and website designing, and preparation of bills. Despite I consider applied science to be an interesting and prospective area, after learning more about biomedical science, I became more attracted to it.

Consequently, I applied for BSC in Biomedical Science program at Middlesex University in London. Currently, I am awaiting the diploma and will eagerly send in my grades once I obtain them. The focus of the program I have been enrolled in is identifying the clinical needs that can influence patients’ quality of life. The BSc program is captivating because it not only provides quality education, but also insights into new methods of diagnosis and therapy that may improve the results of patients’ treatment.

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While studying at the university, in order to improve myself and gain additional knowledge and experience related to my area of interest in biomedical science, I worked as a nursery practitioner at Puddleducks Nursery. There, I prepared children’s journals and arranged meetings with parents. Notwithstanding this job had allowed me to practice identifying children’s needs, I stepped forward to gain some practice in dispensing medicines and worked as dispensing assistant at Harland Chemist Modern Pharmacy.

Earning an MSc degree from the University of East London that equips me with practical and theoretical knowledge in such biomedical science aspects as clinical chemistry, medical microbiology, cellular pathology, and hematology has now become my dream in accomplishing goal of becoming a biomedical scientist. I believe I can make use of the outstanding research facilities as well as educational support to add value and actively participate in research activities at the School.

I am a dedicated, hard-working, and goal-oriented person who seeks further development and improvement of knowledge and skills in the sphere of biomedical science. I have strong analytical and leadership skills. I am convinced that I will excel myself while pursuing MSc Degree in Biomedical Science, and meet all high expectations set towards Master’s students if I am given admission to the program.

I appreciate the time to consider my application and look forward to a positive resolution on my candidacy.

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