Personal Statement: Radiologic Technology

24.12.2018 in Personal Statement
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Radiology is a branch of medical science that uses X-rays or imaging of the human body in the diagnosis of medical problems of patients. A person who carries out the diagnosis using X-rays or radioactive substances is known as a radiologic technologist or more frequently a medical radiation technologist. Science has ever been my field of interest, and I always had a passion to pursue a career in the field of medicine, especially radiology. Talking about radiology, it is a very interesting field of study as it involves an examination of internal organs, bones, foreign objects, and cavities of patients. Therefore, this makes the process of medical diagnosis easy and promotes accuracy. The process includes interventional radiology and cardiovascular X-rays.

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The technology, for instance, makes it possible to monitor the fetus during the entire pregnancy period. Radiology uses imaging technologies such as radiography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and computed tomography in medical diagnosis and disease treatment. A radiologist interprets the images and afterward drafts a report of the findings and inferences. The process enables physicians to handle delicate patients accurately and fast to save lives. Radiology is also critical in preventing the deterioration of serious medical situations; in fact, this motivates me a lot. Moreover, radiology technicians are able to produce clear and accurate images of the body under investigation. Thus, this enables physicians to diagnose and treat medical conditions that would be hectic to document the findings.

I was first introduced to the radiology program by my high school teacher in Poland. The program was and has continued to be fascinating to me since then. My biology teacher was a true master, and for that reason, he delivered lessons professionally, passionately, and eloquently. In addition, the practical training simplified the process of comprehending and mastering of the program. The course offers career advancement and specialization options. One can be self-employed in this field and, at the same time, be a consultant to other health care providers, including government and private caregivers. As a consequence, the program aroused considerable interest in studying radiology so that I could use my expertise to help people in need. At the age of eighteen, I worked at the Aurora St. Luke’s hospital in Milwaukee as a volunteer and immensely enjoyed the work of a technician in the field of radiology. Apparently, what one learns is exactly what one practices, and this allows for specialization and growth in that field of work at a very early age. After the volunteer ship period, I was encouraged to pursue a career.

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The program offers both theory and clinical education for students to perform the basic X-rays and imaging procedures. It gives one an opportunity to make a decision as early as possible whether this is their field of interest and capability. Any student having considerable interest and desire in additional specialty can seek additional training. I am attracted to this particular medical field because it combines human compassion and knowledge to assist humans at the point of the greatest need. Radiology will allow me to interact directly with patients. In addition, it is an evolving world that promises to grow and expand.

According to UAF Community & Technical College, the idea of imaging diagnosis is notable because a radiologist can have a different perspective of the human body. Physicians can diagnose interior body parts without necessarily having to perform surgery. I am fascinated with the sophisticated technology and computers used in producing X-ray images for analysis. Nowadays there is a continuous need for radiology technicians due to the rapid aging of the population in my country. Therefore, I feel that my specialization in this field would substantially contribute to the fulfillment of the medical needs of older people. Moreover, the course is suitable for those who are well qualified and experienced. Increasing the lifespan of older people implies more benefits from their experience in life and expertise, which is essential in building a better and caring society.

Radiology technology combines anatomy and problem-solving skills which are the right field for me to pursue as per my qualifications and passion. It is also propelling medicine into the future with new diagnoses and treatment modalities. My dream has always been to be at the forefront of clinical science and technology. I am, therefore, convinced that having training in radiology will help me to realize this dream. I would also contribute to the growing field of radiology through my problem-solving skills. Furthermore, the field of radiology offers an opportunity for me to teach in the same field and thus contribute its growth specialty and knowledge sharing.

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I learned through my experience with doctors at Aurora St. Luke’s hospital that every decision made by a physician is critical to the life of a patient. The decisiveness of the decision taken by a caregiver not only appeals to me but also manifests my personality. I am passionate about responding to challenges, especially in saving lives through the provision of specialized diagnosis and treatment to alleviate human suffering. I have also realized that being a radiology technologist will give me a chance to exercise skills and challenge other interests in a positive way.

Being a modern person, I honestly yearn to aid society. Through my motivation to achieve my ambition of becoming a radiology technician I would be able to achieve this dream. A healthy nation is a working nation, and this concept I want to promote by providing health care. I would also encourage other physicians who handle patients’, especially older people without regard to their situation and needs to change their approach and attitudes. In my opinion, the field of medicine is a noble job. Thus, I wish to pursue it in order to eliminate the pain people undergo in the process of surgery. Radiology courses are very competitive, which means that only the best students reach admissions for this course. The reason is in the delicacy of the job and the reputation of those pursuing and practicing it. Consequently, this motivates me to join a group of professionals. I have always admired the fact that radiologists are able to shrink and sometimes eradicate cancerous cells in and out of the human body using radiation. It is an admirable achievement, and I am determined to practice as a radiology technician. With increasing rates of cancer infection, there is a need to correct the situation and I am motivated to save the affected and aid in the provision of advisory services by furthering skills in radiology.

Therefore, I believe that being a radiology technician would not necessarily benefit me alone but the entire society. My qualification and passion for medical science since my childhood have inspired me to study radiology. The study is constantly growing and evolving as per the needs of society. Therefore, this implies that sophisticated technology is employed, and this motivates me more. I like embracing technology in solving problems that affect humanity. I find the use of imaging and radioactive substances in the diagnosis of diseases fascinating because it produces clear and accurate images of the patient’s problem. Expertise in radiology gives an opportunity to support a considerable number of people due to the efficiency of technology as it is time-saving and accurate.

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