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Naval Officer Personal Statement Sample

My interest in armed forces dates back to my late years in primary school when I used to watch movies; I liked the way policemen acted their part. I loved to watch how the navy police rescued people in case there was an accident in the sea. I have always wished to know how the navy officers manage diving in deep waters and operating from underwater. I loved physical games especially swimming; we used to go to the river and compete in swimming and diving anytime we were free after school.

My urge to join the navy increased when I joined high school and where teachers and my fellow students suggested that I should consider joining the armed forces, because I had a good physique and was the best in sports, in swimming. In fact, I was crowned the sportsman of the year. I have also served as a scout commander; I liked the adventure in the forests where we went for camping.

My main reason for applying for this commission program is a great passion for serving my country in the force's capacity and especially navy. I believe I have all the qualifications that are required for the program. I did well in high school especially in math and sciences. I am a good swimmer; my height and weight is in the required range, and I have no health issues.

I am the type of a person who believes in perfecting what I do; I am driven by the urge of achieving my set goals and objectives. In this case, I understand that the work of a naval officer is very involved and requires a lot of commitment. Sometimes, it may call for great sacrifice especially if another country tries to attack from the waters. Applying all the knowledge and skills I have learned in high school and as a scout, I believe, I will deliver the best services for this Country.

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