Essay Introduction

Before Learning How to Start an Essay Introduction Read the Tips on Writing a Perfect Essay:

  • Step 1: choose an interesting essay topic. Think about ideas that are most interesting to you. It will help you find an excellent topic.
  • Step 2: now it is better to make the list of your ideas shorter.
  • Step 3: choose the best topic from the shorter list. Note that the chosen topic has to be interesting, funny and attractive for your future readers.
  • Step 4: create a rough outline of your paper prior to the very writing. It will help you understand whether the topic is interesting.
  • Step 5: in case you realize that the topic is good, start conducting a detailed research on it. Do not forget to make notes.
  • Step 6: after you have made all necessary notes, you can now make an outline. It will be a sort of a guideline on writing your paper. 
  • Step 7: following the outline, start writing the draft of your paper.
  • Step 8: make sure that your draft has no spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Step 9: when all necessary changes are made, you can start writing the final draft of the paper.
  • Step 10: prior to submitting your final paper, do not forget to check it for any kind of mistakes. Make all corrections and turn the paper in.

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Why Essay Introduction Is Vital for Every Academic Paper and How to Write an Essay Introduction?

  • The essay introduction provides the reader with the information that will be discussed in the paper.
  • In the Introduction the reader gets know the following :
  1. The paper topic.
  2. Thesis statement.
  3. Major points that will support the topic.
  4. Provides the structure of an essay or paper.
  • Thesis statement should be the last sentence in the introduction.
  • The essay introduction should catch and keep reader’s attention.
  • Avoid using “catchy phrases” in the introduction so as not to distract the reader.
  • Do not provide a conclusion in the introduction.
  • Make your introduction compelling so that the reader would want continue reading the whole paper.
  • Note that the introduction should provide necessary information about the paper.
  • The main task of any introduction is to provide the “meat of the story.” It helps the reader to understand whether he / she want to read the paper to the end.  
  • Outline the major points in your introduction.

Now you know how to make an introduction. In case you need more information search for essay introduction examples on the Internet.

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