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20.08.2019 in Writing Ideas

A personal narrative is a tale presented from the first person that includes the characters, plot, and conflict. Being a high school or a college student, you will be asked to create narrative essay about some event that happened in your life. However, keep in mind that the topic of your essay has to be related to the topic discussed in class. There are a lot of narrative essay topics available on the web. Choose one or make up your own topic for a narrative essay and develop it into a great piece that will bring you the best outcome!

Only good narrative story ideas make good narratives. When selecting the topic for your narrative essay, you need to brainstorm and think about the experiences you want to share with the audience. If you find it difficult to choose one, feel free to contact our first-class essay writing service. Our creative and talented writers know many secrets and techniques on how to select good narrative ideas.

Choosing the Best Topic for a Narrative Essay

  • A narrative is a description of the author’s life. More often than not, the writers will describe a specific event or change that they believe deserve the reader’s attention.
  • Most narratives are easy to create. However, as a writer, you have to know how to maintain a formal tone and write a paper well.
  • A strong project begins with a strong, memorable topic. Narrative story ideas are numerous, but only the best one will win the prize.
  • While choosing the most appropriate topic, make a list of the most memorable events. Keep in mind that each topic has to be relevant to your subject or discipline.
  • Review your notes. Which of these episodes you believe is the best subject for your paper?
  • You can review samples of other papers written on the same subject. You can use their structure to create your own work. They can inspire you to develop a brilliant piece that will fascinate your readers.
  • Consider that any narrative tells a vivid, interesting story. For instance, you can write an autobiography. However, it is not enough to write. This has to be something really awesome. If you have difficulty choosing the topic, review the recommendations below. You can find a topic that will keep your audience engaged and interested in your story.

160 Narrative Paper Ideas

Below, you will find the list of creative narrative essay topics that will help you write an impressive narrative essay. We hope that some of these narrative essay topics for high school and college will help you. You can use them to recall and describe your childish dream, a person you admired, or an event that changed your worldview. Choose any narrative essay topics suggested by our writers, but do not forget that you must also comply with your professor’s requirements. Choosing a strong topic is a challenging process, but the list below will certainly inspire you:

  1. The most frightening event I ever experienced;
  2. The most embarrassing feeling I ever had;
  3. The experience that made me reconsider my values;
  4. The experience that helped me fight cowardice;
  5. The most unforgettable day in my life;
  6. The event that has taught me to appreciate what I have;
  7. The childhood experience that helped me grow up;
  8. My story of success;
  9. The most unpleasant experience in my life;
  10. My favorite childhood game;
  11. The dream that became a reality;
  12. Crafting: my favorite techniques;
  13. My favorite fairytale characters;
  14. The role of a history/language/math teacher in my life;
  15. The most disastrous event that happened to me;
  16. My first day at school;
  17. My best friend and his/her role in my life;
  18. The role of my teacher in my personal and professional growth;
  19. My favorite subjects in elementary school;
  20. A person I am afraid to lose most of all;
  21. What friendship experience you will never forget?
  22. The ethical lesson I do not want to forget;
  23. My relations with parents: the most valuable lessons they have taught me;
  24. Evaluate the role of love in human life?
  25. Do you believe that honesty is an integral instrument for building healthy relations with others?
  26. What morality problems bother you? Provide the examples;
  27. Describe your first love experience;
  28. What is the role of ethical values in your life?
  29. In challenging situations, do you prefer lying or telling the truth? Provide real-life experiences;
  30. What is your attitude towards strangers in your life?
  31. What supernatural skill would you like to have and why?
  32. What talent you have always desired to have? Why?
  33. Which fantastic character do you associate yourself?
  34. Tell about the song that influences you on an emotional level;
  35. Tell about your first experience abroad. Do you believe that traveling can help the individual push the limits?
  36. Without what things you cannot imagine your days?
  37. Which book or journal would you take on an island?
  38. Evaluate the role of respect in the treatment of other people? Do you agree that people should be equal regardless of their color of skin, religion, or nationality? Provide real-life experiences;
  39. Tell about your favorite mode of traveling? Do you prefer traveling alone?
  40. If you were a director, what would be the topic of your first movie?
  41. Good Narrative Topics about Friends and Friendship

  42. A weird event that happened to your friend
  43. How you once quarreled with your friend
  44. How it feels to meet a friend after years of being apart
  45. How your best friend and you met for the first time
  46. A case when your friend and you risked your lives
  47. A story when you had to keep your friend out of trouble
  48. How you got acquainted with your friend’s family
  49. How you saw your friend’s cat or dog for the first time
  50. A situation when you had to choose a better friend
  51. A story of your being a conflict manager between your friends
  52. How your friend and you managed your time after school
  53. How you met a person of your life
  54. Your experience of finding a reliable friend online
  55. How you met an online friend in reality
  56. Describing a friend you have not seen since childhood but keep missing as an adult
  57. Narrative Essay Topics for Culture

  58. Exclusive, unusual traditions in your family
  59. The most surprising tradition in your friend’s family
  60. Your family’s most sacred or valued holiday
  61. The key values and principles in your home culture
  62. A story of embarrassment, when you do not know something about your native culture
  63. The impact of political change on culture
  64. How media reshape our vision of culture
  65. How your family maintains its food or nutritional traditions
  66. How the culture of your country impacts personal relationships
  67. How you would describe your cultural or national identity
  68. Middle School Topics for a Personal Narrative

  69. An eye-opening moment when you discovered something brand new
  70. A story of meeting your first school love
  71. The most memorable moment from your school studies
  72. The most disappointing lesson when you studied in school
  73. What did you think about love when you were at school?
  74. High School Narrative Topics

  75. The first essay you wrote after going to school
  76. What do you think you look while talking to others on social media
  77. How social media changes the way you think
  78. A situation when you saved someone from a huge mistake
  79. A situation when you needed someone to save you in a crisis
  80. College Personal Narrative Topics

  81. A case that strengthened your confidence in people.
  82. The best strategy to handle anxiety and manage your time
  83. How your family is handling gender roles
  84. The moment you became a different person
  85. The easiest thing you have ever accomplished
  86. University Level Narrative Topics

  87. What you value in your life
  88. Your advice how to survive in the most stressful situations
  89. Describe your beliefs about gender equality and the glass ceiling
  90. Describe a family member who inspires you
  91. Share your thoughts about using smartphones in the classroom
  92. Describe the funniest encounter you have ever had in your life
  93. What is the best way to deal with depression?
  94. How did you spend the last day at school?
  95. Share your thoughts about someone who has had a major influence on your personal or educational decisions.
  96. Discuss your favorite book and reasons why you like it
  97. Narrative Topics for an Interesting Essay

  98. Superb narrative topic ideas for anyone. Use anything you like, and it will brighten your paper.
  99. The most controversial decision in your life
  100. A decision that made your life different
  101. A traffic accident that left you untouched
  102. The most beautiful day you ever had in your life
  103. Your most serious failure
  104. Something that keeps you embarrassed over years
  105. When you were so sick you thought you could die
  106. When you saved your neighbor after an accident
  107. When you decided to explore an abandoned house
  108. Personal Experiences

  109. A life-changing moment;
  110. My first job;
  111. Overcoming a fear;
  112. The day I moved;
  113. Meeting my role model;
  114. A surprising encounter with a celebrity;
  115. My most memorable dream;
  116. An unforgettable childhood adventure;
  117. A secret talent I discovered;
  118. The day I faced my biggest phobia;
  119. Travel and Adventure

  120. A memorable road trip;
  121. Lost and found;
  122. Exploring a new culture;
  123. Camping under the stars;
  124. The solo adventure;
  125. Surviving a natural disaster;
  126. A surreal encounter with wildlife;
  127. Getting lost in a foreign city;
  128. An unexpected journey into the wilderness;
  129. A cross-country hitchhiking experience;
  130. Family and Relationships

  131. Sibling rivalry;
  132. Lessons from grandma’s kitchen;
  133. A long-distance friendship;
  134. A bond with a pet;
  135. My parent’s love story;
  136. A family holiday tradition like no other;
  137. An unexpected family reunion;
  138. The day I became an older sibling;
  139. How my family survived a challenging time together;
  140. The mystery behind a family heirloom;
  141. Education and Learning

  142. A teacher who inspired me;
  143. My academic turning point;
  144. The school play;
  145. A learning experience outside the classroom;
  146. The power of books;
  147. Learning a new language;
  148. My favorite subject in school and why;
  149. How I developed a unique study technique;
  150. Overcoming academic challenges;
  151. The impact of online education on my learning;
  152. Challenges and Triumphs

  153. Overcoming a physical challenge;
  154. From failure to success;
  155. Facing discrimination;
  156. Battling a health issue;
  157. The daredevil stunt;
  158. Surviving a natural disaster;
  159. My experience with a major life setback;
  160. Defying the odds against all predictions;
  161. A valuable lesson from a personal failure;
  162. The day I conquered my biggest fear;
  163. Social Issues and Impact

  164. Volunteering abroad;
  165. A moment of social activism;
  166. The power of kindness;
  167. Bridging generation gaps;
  168. The importance of environmental conservation;
  169. My journey to promote sustainability;
  170. Breaking stereotypes through community involvement;
  171. My role in a local charity organization;
  172. Empowering women in my community;
  173. Creating positive change through small actions.

So, the Topic is Chosen. What to do Next?

Any of these ideas for narratives can create a context for a perfect paper. With the topics above, you can finally find something that will suit your purpose and depict the uniqueness of your personal experiences. What to write a personal narrative about? Each of the subjects above provides an answer. However, before you start, check what your professor expects from you. Most instructors are very detailed in their topic requirements. In the meantime, our narrative paper ideas can become the best secret of successful writing. Use our narrative essay tips to produce a memorable paper. Good narrative ideas do not happen overnight. Learn our narrative essay tips and techniques and become successful! Our online essay writing service provides plenty of useful services to help you out with your project.

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