Pandemic Essay Topics

Pandemic Essay Topics
25 May, 2020 in Writing Prompts

The coronavirus has dramatically changed our lifestyle. Academies are closed, we have to stay at our homes and the closest future is quite indefinite. Foremost, we are living through history. Upcoming historians may watch back on the newspaper, narratives, and art that simple people are writing now to describe the story of daily routine during the coronavirus. Below you will see a list of pandemic essay topics.

Composing can also have a great therapeutic effect. It can be a method of showing our terrors, hopes, and hobbies. It can help us make the meaning of the world and our role in it.

In addition, despite the academies are closed, it does not mean education has stopped. Composing can make us think about what is happening in our lives and create fresh ideas.

We truly want to motivate you to write about the coronavirus while you stay at home. We prepared for you 5 interesting genres such as personal narrative essays, editorials, comic strips, and podcasts.  Each one features a text and hints to motivate your writing together with resources from The Learning Network to help you evolve your skills. 

We know that this list is not yet full. If you have other fresh ideas for pandemic-related writing projects, feel free to let us inform us.

  1. Journal

    Journaling is widespread as a successful method of therapy, a technique for helping you arrange your minds and express your feelings, specifically in difficult periods. But writing a diary has another great advantage during a pandemic: It may help teach upcoming generations. 

    If you require more motivation, here are a few helpful writing tools to begin:

    • In which way the virus has changed your usual life? What are you missing? Academy, friends, beauty salons, sports, or whatever?
    • In which way this pandemic affected your own mental and emotional condition?
    • Which changes, little or huge, are you seeing around you?
  2. Individual Narrative

    While writing in your journal, you probably notice that your daily routine during the pandemic has a lot of stories both positive and negative. If you are enough motivated, try to arrange one of those stories in an individual narrative essay.

    To help you to determine the moments that have been certainly impressive, significant, or weird during this pandemic, try to answer to the following questions:

    • Special events like Birthdays are moments to come together. In which way you arrange it during a pandemic?
    • Has your academy provided you learning process on distance? Describe it.
    • Is the coronavirus pandemic made your family closer or opposite?
    • In which way the coronavirus impact your life most of all?
  3. Poetry

    People long time ago have started to express themselves in times of crisis applying art. During the coronavirus pandemic, artists keep going to draw pictures, write songs, dance, play - and compose poetry.

  4. Review

    Are video games, TV shows, magazines, films providing you with a required abstraction during this period? What helps you most of all that you can advise to other people? Or, what would you warn about not to do right now?

    Share your point of view by composing a review of a piece of art for others who stay at home. You may offer board games, novels, cook shows, yoga lessons, or whatever you wish. Or, try something created specifically for the pandemic, as a virtual museum tour, theatre performance, or safari.

  5. Photo Essay

    The daily routine has a different look nowadays. Unordinary scenes are performed now at homes, parks, shops, and streets are literally everywhere. 

    In which way the pandemic looks in your city? Arrange your personal photo essay, accompanied by a written narrative that shows your temporary life. In your work, think well how you can express a certain topic or message about life during the pandemic via photos and text.

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Writing Pandemic Essay Topics for Academy Students

Paying attention to a certain situation, a lot of students like writing essays about pandemic lifestyle as this a matter they face for the last couple of months. While many students think that this situation is quite difficult, some prefer to continue distance learning even after the pandemic will gone. While composing your essay, you have to understand its aim and its meaning. All the students who entered to PhD realize the importance of PhD essay and how significant it is for them to get the highest mark in essays to graduate.

Coronavirus Effect on Students

The pandemic has fully changed the life of each person. Most of the people are forced to stay at home. It has changed the way humanity lives, consume food, and wash hands. All huge parties, holidays and occasions are postponed, which has never happened before, all the companies are working right from home. Pupils are missing their schools, their education life, and many of them are facing unsureness.

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Getting New Skills during Pandemic

All the educational sources are still available online, and now you have more than enough time to get fresh knowledge and gather new skills. You cannot make an excuse about being little on time or the events lined up. Share your pandemic narratives and say what you did to make it single-minded or what assignments you have done, which were pending for a while now.

Effects of Coronavirus on Ordinary Life

Students can also share their opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of their ordinary life while the pandemic. What was their lifestyle before the coronavirus and what are they doing now to deal with the fear occurred due to this period. How are they grieving over the mega-events that are canceled due to this pandemic for which they bought tickets a long time ago?

Living with Spiritual and Financial Pressure

Due to the pandemic, economies collapsed in the worst possible way and huge amounts of workers were fired from work immediately. A great number of families are suffered and have no idea how to meet both ends. One of the good ideas for a pandemic essay is to disclose the question of how families are surviving facing health and mental problems. People do not practice any physical activities and they are emotionally exhausted as well. People who do not receive salaries have no idea how to live and how to resist all those difficulties. There are dozens of issues, which have to be definitely discussed in such essays.

Issues with Distance Learning

Despite most of the schools are on distance learning, the level of education still is not the same. Sitting next to the screen a couple of hours is not the best decision. The tendency of delay also takes its place. Many people sit in the chair or lie down on the sofa and just visit the online lessons for the reason for attendance. In addition, teachers are not able to provide personal help to their pupils. All the mentioned aspects will also help you to write a persuasive essay.

All these pandemic essay ideas can help you in writing a worthy essay as you are going through the situation, so making it individualized would bring more sense to it. There are plenty of pandemic essay topics that can be revealed but you have to select the one, which fits you more.

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