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20 August, 2019 in Writing Prompts

Narrative Essay Topics That Will Bring You Excellent Outcome!

A personal narrative is a tale presented from the first person that includes the characters, plot, and conflict. Being a high school or a college student, you will be asked to create a narrative essay about some event that happened in your life. However, keep in mind that the topic of your essay should be related to the topic discussed in class. There are a lot of narrative essay topics available on the web. Choose one or make up your own topic for a narrative essay and develop it into a great piece that will bring you the best outcome!

When you need to tell your personal story in detail, a personal narrative essay is a perfect instrument to do that. It usually describes the experiences, places, events, or people that contributed to the author`s personal and professional growth. A narrative essay is rather easy to write since there are no specific restrictions or rules. However, selecting the right topic for a narrative essay is a crucial thing. Very often, novices just take the first topic suggested on the web and struggle with writing their narrative essays being unable to develop this topic using the details from personal life. As such, when selecting the topic, it is vitally important to choose the one that will provide you with the good field for reflection about your personal life and events that helped you become the person you are now.

Only good narrative story ideas make good narratives. When selecting the topic for your narrative essay, you need to brainstorm and think about the experiences you want to share with the audience. If you find it difficult to choose one, feel free to contact our first-class essay writing service. Our creative and talented writers know many secrets and techniques on how to select good narrative ideas.

How to Choose Narrative Essay Topics?

As it was told previously, a good narrative topic always reveals some particular event from the writer`s life. Although such an assignment is rather easy to write, you should not forget that it is an important part of your academic schedule. Thus, to maintain your successful academic reputation, your narrative essay should be written well. Your topic should give you an advantage because you need to write about something you are passionate about. To select a good topic, try to write down the list of memorable people or events in your life. Remember each of these episodes and think about the one that seems related to your discipline. If you do not know what to write a personal narrative about, feel free to look for the well-written samples of the narrative essays to understand how such an essay should be written, structured, and formatted. We assure you that learning from good narrative essays, you will enhance your own writing inspiration.

Basically, a narrative is the story about a particular person full of vivid details. An autobiography is also a life story of the person, though it is much more voluminous and complex. If you feel that none of your personal experiences are related to your class, you may create a fictional story. Another awesome alternative is to look through the lists of good narrative topics and chose the one that fits your class perfectly.

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Narrative Paper Ideas

Below, you will find the list of creative narrative essay topics that will help you write an impressive narrative essay. We do hope that some of these narrative essay topics for high school and college will help you remember about your childish dream, a person you admired, or an event that changed your worldview. If you like some of the narrative essay topics suggested by our writers, make sure to choose it for writing but do not forget that it should match the professor`s requirements. Undoubtedly, selecting a good topic is a truly challenging process, but the topic provided below will boost your writing inspiration:

  1. The most frightening event I ever experienced;

  2. The most embarrassing feeling I ever had;

  3. The experience that made me reconsider my values;

  4. The experience that helped me fight cowardice;

  5. The most unforgettable day in my life;

  6. The event that has taught me to appreciate what I have;

  7. The childhood experience that helped me grow up;

  8. My story of success;

  9. The most unpleasant experience in my life;

  10. My favorite childhood game;

  11. The dream that became a reality;

  12. Crafting: my favorite techniques;

  13. My favorite fairytale characters;

  14. The role of a history/language/math teacher in my life;

  15. The most disastrous event that happened to me;

  16. My first day at school;

  17. My best friend and his/her role in my life;

  18. The role of my teacher in my personal and professional growth;

  19. My favorite subjects in elementary school;

  20. A person I am afraid to lose most of all;

  21. What friendship experience you will never forget?

  22. The ethical lesson I do not want to forget;

  23. My relations with parents: the most valuable lessons they have taught me;

  24. Evaluate the role of love in human life?

  25. Do you believe that honesty is an integral instrument for building healthy relations with others?

  26. What morality problems bother you? Provide the examples;

  27. Describe your first love experience;

  28. What is the role of ethical values in your life?

  29. In challenging situations, do you prefer lying or telling the truth? Provide real-life experiences;

  30. What is your attitude towards strangers in your life?

  31. What supernatural skill would you like to have and why?

  32. What talent you have always desired to have? Why?

  33. Which fantastic character do you associate yourself?

  34. Tell about the song that influences you on an emotional level;

  35. Tell about your first experience abroad. Do you believe that traveling can help the individual push the limits?

  36. Without what things you cannot imagine your days?

  37. Which book or journal would you take on an island?

  38. Evaluate the role of respect in the treatment of other people? Do you agree that people should be equal regardless of their color of skin, religion, or nationality? Provide real-life experiences;

  39. Tell about your favorite mode of traveling? Do you prefer traveling alone?

  40. If you were a director, what would be the topic of your first movie?

Still Lack Interesting Narrative Topic Ideas?

  • Think of a place or a destination you have always wanted to visit. Perhaps, it is the place that scares, impresses, or amuses you? Think about the places you have read in the books or watched in films or TV shows;

  • All of us live in a community. Think about the influence of different people on your life and chose the person, who has made the greatest contribution to your spiritual growth. It does not need to be your mom or your school teacher. Remember, maybe you have noticed a weird guy on the street, who has taught you to follow your dreams?

  • Describe the event or experience that made you laugh, cry, shy, worry, etc. In other words, think about the experience that caused some emotions.

So, the Topic is Chosen. What to do Next?

When you have selected a good topic for narrative essay, start working on your essay. First, write down all ideas for narratives or memories that come to your mind within the scope of your topic. Then, organize these ideas in a good outline, and only after that start writing your essay following this outline step-by-step. Remember that good narrative essays are always appealing, detailed, and engaging pieces that involve the reader from the very first lines. So, start working on your paper, study your personal essay prompt carefully, and take care of every single detail of your assignment to reach success!

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