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17.09.2019 in Writing Ideas

Specifics of a Persuasive Essay

Many students, who are assigned to create a persuasive essay, know nothing about it. Thus, before starting browsing the lists of persuasive essay topics with the purpose of picking the one which you desire to explore, it is necessary to find out more about the mentioned kind of essay. It is a paper that tries to persuade readers to accept writer’s position on the explored matter. When producing such an essay, one has to present their viewpoint on the issue clearly to be able to convince readers in its appropriateness.

It should be admitted that such academic work is often assigned to students. Regardless of the chosen persuasive essay topics, students need to undertake in-depth research to collect useful material for their papers. Only reliable sources have to be used when gathering information!

Persuasive Essay Elements

Is It Complicated to Select an Interesting Essay Topic?

Picking a great subject for an essay is not as hard as you may think. There are a few handy tips by following which you will be able to choose an attention-grabbing topic. Here they are:

  • Ponder over the issue which you consider intriguing and make it the chief point of your paper. Remember that the more emotions the chosen item provokes, the more compelling your essay will be.
  • Talk to the friends who enjoy reading. They may easily suggest you some awesome ideas.
  • Do not strive to astonish your professor with good persuasive essay topics you have picked. It is hardly possible that you will guess professor’s preferences. Thus, concentrate on the subject which you are curious about.
  • Avoid writing your essay on overused topics such as teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, etc. Such themes have already been covered many times. Thus, it is unlikely that you will be able to say something new about any of them.

Where to Find Magnificent Persuasive Topics for College Students

It is known that students start browsing the Internet when they need some information about something. The Net also comes in handy when it is necessary to find a worthy topic for an essay. However, you may search the web for hours trying to identify a worthy theme and still your attempts may be vain (in case you do not know what resources to surf). Have you ever thought about going to the library? By reading a couple of works relating to your topic, you may come across some valuable ideas. Apart from that, you may register on different forums focused on academic issues (in this case the Internet is indeed helpful) and ask users to help you pick a good subject. One more option to get a full essay topics list is to turn to an online writing company. Reputable agencies hire qualified writers who have great expertise in producing projects on various topics. Certainly, looking for a theme for one’s paper by using any of the aforementioned methods takes much time. If you lack such a precious asset, take a look at the list of essay topics which we have prepared for you. You may choose any of the items for your academic work.

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Fresh Persuasive Essay Topics 2023

Subjects Relating to Sports

  1. Avoid conforming to stereotypes about high school athletes
  2. Harm to peoples’ health caused by energetic drinks
  3. Professional sportsmen are not always good coaches
  4. Women should deal with female coaches only
  5. Bodybuilding and women: why such sport may undermine their health?
  6. Males are injured more frequently than females
  7. Can chess be considered a kind of sport?
  8. Should it be obligatory for athletes to attend press conferences?
  9. What is the best methods of reducing stress?


They are adored by almost everyone and probably your professor too. Thus, why not select an engaging theme and write a superb work about them?

  1. Adopting pets versus buying them from breeders: what option to choose?
  2. We should not destroy the dogs that have bitten people in terms of self-defense.
  3. Factory and battery farming should be considered unlawful.
  4. Why do many people buy cats? Put forward three powerful arguments.
  5. Dogs are the best pets. Develop the statement providing convincing arguments.
  6. Pitbulls are not as dangerous as they are usually depicted in news.
  7. It is unethical to chain dogs outside when it is rainy or frosty.
  8. The majority of spiders are harmless. That is why it is not worth being afraid of these creatures.
  9. It is required to neuter animals to avoid overpopulation and abandoned pups.

Music-Related Top Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Current music is not as beautiful as that of the 60s.
  2. The core of protest songs has changed considerably since the early 1900s.
  3. Putting parental warning labels on the albums containing the songs with filthy words is essential.
  4. Getting professional music education is of immense importance for singers of different genres.
  5. Sad tracks make teenagers fall into depression. Prove or disapprove the statement by providing compelling evidence.
  6. Can the quality of the tracks downloaded from the Net determine the way which singers create their albums in?
  7. Producers have more responsibilities than the band. Prove or disapprove the statement.
  8. What role does the Internet play in the development of online music sector and the collapse of radio?
  9. iPods are regarded as the best gadgets for listening to music.

Engaging Science-Related Topics

  1. Computer science as the most important academic discipline.
  2. Is it ethical to consider peoples’ needs more essential than those of animals?
  3. The habitats of animals must be treated appropriately.
  4. It is believed that smartphones are dangerous.
  5. Health problems are caused by vaccination.
  6. Natural disasters as a result of modern inventions.
  7. Can fossil fuels be replaced by alternative energy?
  8. Cloning is unethical.
  9. What measures that can be taken to prevent the rare species of animals from extinctions?

Constitution-related matters

The authorities adopt the laws and regulations that make people get nervous. Provide your viewpoint on the issue which you would like to alter. However, mind not to exaggerate your statements.

  1. Drug war: the most effective laws for handling the issue.
  2. People have to be entitled to carry arms. Rights provided by the Second Amendment.
  3. Authorities should be aimed at increasing revenues and not reducing spending.
  4. There should be specific terms for senators and congressmen.
  5. Is it worth allowing terrorists to vote in the USA?
  6. It should be forbidden to bear the assault-style weapons.
  7. Alcoholic drinks should be considered illegal.
  8. Laws should forbid people to burn flags during protests.
  9. Suspected criminals should be detained only after being proved to be guilty by the court.

College Persuasive Essay Topics

We believe that you will manage to find an interesting idea among those presented below.

  1. Printed books have to be replaced by modern gadgets.
  2. There is nothing wrong in gap years.
  3. Writing down lectures has to be obligatory for college students.
  4. College students should be allowed not to take the classes which they are not interested in.
  5. Should college students work?
  6. Students attending colleges should have an opportunity to enroll on student exchange programs.
  7. It is necessary to modify the curriculum since it is very complicated.
  8. Home education cannot be considered better than the college one.
  9. Companies cannot be advertised in colleges.

Current Persuasive Essay Topics: Education

  1. Professors should take tests as well as students at high schools and colleges.
  2. Making lectures at college shorter is a great idea.
  3. The number of homework tasks has to be decreased.
  4. SATs as well as other exams are ineffective.
  5. Why should students take economics-related courses?
  6. Are IT classes beneficial for average students?
  7. Remote schooling versus traditional education.
  8. Is it required to take PE classes?
  9. It is necessary to cut the number of school years?

Appealing Business Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Allowing employees to browse social networks within a limited period of time can be useful for them.
  2. Constant music in shopping centers damages employees’ health.
  3. Business ethics requires reconsideration.
  4. Stealing business ideas from other companies as the essence of competition in the business sector.
  5. Clients’ complains are a good tool for improving ones’ business.
  6. Sending a huge number of emails to customers by the corporations has to be prohibited.
  7. The role of public-private partnership in setting up environment-friendly businesses.
  8. Advertisements should tell the truth about the advertised products and not create a perfect image.
  9. Monopolies: useful or damaging to country economy?

Political Issues

To some extent, all people are interested in politics. We believe that your professors are not an exception. Down below, there is a list of several superb topics for you to consider:

  1. The made border fence will not save America from immigrants.
  2. Locating the US embassy in Jerusalem as a reason for the crisis.
  3. The situation which Palestinians are living in is terrible.
  4. Why Trump should not give too much support to Israel?
  5. It is necessary to pay more attention to political crises.
  6. The USA should not play the role of the world’s judge.
  7. How many terms should a president be allowed to take if people really like his/her governing?
  8. Why do people have to vote?
  9. Functions of political lobbyists.
  10. The role of third parties in the American political system.
  11. Electoral college reform: A necessary change in presidential elections.
  12. The pros and cons of mandatory voting in democratic societies.
  13. The impact of lobbying on government decision-making.
  14. The need for campaign finance reform to reduce political corruption.

Religious Issues

Since religion is rather a delicate area, you have to be tolerant when discussing it. A few intriguing topics are highlighted below:

  1. Genocide was caused by the Catholic inquisition.
  2. Religion should be an obligatory academic discipline for students.
  3. Church and state: is it required to separate them from each other?
  4. There is no solution to such an issue as Atheism.
  5. Abortion: a deadly sin or a fundamental women’s right?
  6. Fundamentalists cannot be considered a part of Islam.
  7. Islam does not support war.
  8. Is there any means of resolving religious problems in the Middle East?
  9. Religion should not be an issue preventing medical staff from saving people’s lives.

Economic Persuasive Essay Topics

It is obvious that economy is an important element of country’s wealth. Thus, ensure that the selected topic is explored thoroughly. Look at the themes highlighted below:

  1. Chinese trade deficit – a threatening issue for the USA.
  2. In the majority of countries, the economy is controlled by a few enterprises only.
  3. Is it worth purchasing goods produced outside the USA?
  4. Oil corporations are the reason for the rise in prices for energy.
  5. Outsourcing work to cheap foreign labor helps the US economy survive.
  6. Immigrants as a powerful means of boosting the US economy.
  7. The connection between government spending and the state of economy.
  8. Currently, poverty cannot be avoided.
  9. It is necessary to redistribute wealth.
  10. The potential benefits and drawbacks of a universal basic income.
  11. The impact of automation on employment and the workforce.
  12. The role of government subsidies in supporting renewable energy.
  13. The ethics of wealth redistribution through taxation.
  14. The consequences of a cashless society on financial inclusion.

Environmental Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The urgency of adopting sustainable practices in agriculture.
  2. The impact of climate change on coastal communities.
  3. The role of individual actions in reducing plastic pollution.
  4. The importance of conserving biodiversity for future generations.
  5. Debating the effectiveness of carbon offset programs.

Social Issues Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Universal healthcare: A necessity or a burden on the economy.
  2. The ethical implications of genetic engineering and designer babies.
  3. The role of social media in shaping public opinion and behavior.
  4. The criminal justice system: Reforms needed to address systemic racism.
  5. The impact of income inequality on societal well-being.

Education Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The benefits of inclusive education for students with disabilities.
  2. The value of standardized testing in assessing student knowledge.
  3. The role of technology in modern classrooms: A blessing or a distraction.
  4. The need for comprehensive sex education in schools.
  5. Homeschooling vs. traditional schooling: Which is more effective?

Technology and Ethics Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The ethical considerations of artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles.
  2. Online privacy in the digital age: Balancing security and individual rights.
  3. The consequences of social media addiction on mental health.
  4. The role of technology companies in combating disinformation.
  5. Ethical implications of genetic cloning and human gene editing.

Health and Wellness Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The benefits and risks of a vegan diet on human health.
  2. The importance of mental health awareness and destigmatization.
  3. The role of government in regulating the fast-food industry.
  4. The impact of excessive screen time on children’s physical and mental well-being.
  5. The legalization of recreational marijuana: Pros and cons.

Bonus: Amusing Topics for Persuasive Essays

  1. What do pets do when their masters are out?
  2. What things will you never heard from a driving instructor?
  3. People often hate their names.
  4. Customers are not always right. Prove the claim with powerful evidence.
  5. People do not like McDonalds.
  6. Clothes as a means of characterizing a person.
  7. Being fined is a new experience.
  8. Marijuana legalization as a basis for everyone’s happiness.
  9. Wine – the elixir of life.


We believe the lists of diverse topics presented above will make it easier for you to pick the right theme for your academic work. However, if you find choosing a topic and then writing a paper complicated, entrust your assignment to the professionals working for We will help you receive an excellent grade in your project!

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