Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

08.01.2019 in Comparative Essays
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Thousands of companies around the world support the policy of both working at offices and from home. Thus, the scandal announcement of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s chief executive, concerning a ban on working from home shocked the world’s media and caused many discussions. It happened because there are numerous advantages and disadvantages of such work management for both employers and employees.

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Working from home can be rather beneficial and convenient for workers. First, it is convenient for workers engaged in childcare as it provides a more efficient work-life balance. The average workweek is nearly forty hours and influences profoundly family time. Thus, it will be impossible to spend the required time with children, like taking them to the zoo, etc., However, it is obvious that staying at home with them will probably improve family relationships. Moreover, home-based work also reduces overhead and eliminates long commutes.

This kind of work management makes it possible to employ talented disabled workers or professionals with no localization limits. Besides, working from home is health saving as it is less stressful because home workers do not face the spread of germs from sick co-workers. In addition, people working from home are able to prepare healthy food instead of eating snacks or fast food from a vending machine (Kruse, 2012).

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Many employers have already realized all the advantages of such workers and employ them efficiently for the growth and development of their business. Numerous surveys witness that working from home is more productive. However, it is significant to mention that only workers with high self-discipline can work in a productive way. Home-based employees can be more efficient, peculiarly when they can arrange their timetable. For example, people who are night owls by nature are able to work throughout the night with the highest productivity rate. This type of work management helps employers to avoid talkative co-workers and constant in-office meetings. The lesser number of office workers can reduce office expenses and utility bills. It leads to the reduction of coffee consumption, stationery, toilet paper, together with lower electric, water, and phone bills. The employer can reduce even the number of furniture, computers, and other equipment necessary for work management in the office.

Nevertheless, working from home management contains a couple of disadvantages. For some employees, it is difficult to separate work from home. Home duties are endless and it is rather important to draw a strict line between work time and home time. Isolation and lack of communication are other problems workers from home can meet since the offices are places for meetings and communication. The lack of stimulation is also a significant obstacle for employees working from home. If a person is staying in the same room all the time, he/she may suffer from a lack of stimulation, new ideas, and emotions as he/she is isolated from the outside world.

Other home workers are captured by procrastination. It is much easier to postpone work until tomorrow as there is no manager annoying you and forcing you to work. Work management, motivation, and sufficient stimulation are probably the most difficult tasks for employers who employ workers from home. It is rather hard to maintain team spirit with such workers. One more obstacle for both employees and employer is the perception of work. Many employers do not take home employment seriously, and it will be treated as a gap in the employee’s resume.

It is necessary to mention that employers should not completely change the type of work management for employees working from home. Only professional, well-disciplined and responsible people can work more productively and efficiently even though they work from home. Considering numerous advantages and disadvantages of working from home, it is up to employers whether to apply it in business or not. Flexible working hours, arranging own schedules, and time management are the problems employees from the home encounter, and it depends on a person’s nature and motivation whether it is suitable for him/her or not. Thus, employers can reduce expenses, and increase efficiency and productivity, whereas employees can find the best work-home balance, be more satisfied with their work, and reach higher expectations.

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