Case Study: Opening Your New Dunkin Donuts Locations

07.08.2019 in Case Study
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The management of human resources is an important and vital part of business success, especially in the career of a new authorized manager. Specific knowledge and experience in this area influence the subordinated personnel, which leads to the managerial sample. Therefore, each stage of the labor relationship should be supported by executive literacy and competence. The introduction of qualitative managerial concept permeated all processes of interaction of District Manager with employees of newly launched stores is the important base for business expansion.

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Job Design

The Conceptual Framework and Background of the Case

The new assignment presupposed that its core character would be based on the powerful motivational mechanism as job design. The conceptual rationale would be in the duties of the previous work done at an exceptionally high level. By expanding its market opportunities, growing enterprising and initiative human capital as well as improving its motivation mechanism, the Dunkin Donuts Company has decided to transfer an employee to another higher position and, at the same time, to launch more locations for two following years. Properly speaking, it was a great example of performed job design.

Job design contributes also to the sharing of knowledge in this case, as the transferred has manager moved to the new job position and founded the new locations of the existing business (Foss, et. al., 2009). The motivational component is triggered due to the high level of authorized executive, operating, and economic functions by the management. In addition, not only does the experience appearing after the application of job design promote the enrichment of practical knowledge and skills, but it also forms strong competitive advantages of growing businesses.

Job Design Perspective of New District Manager

The job design of the new District Manager will be realized through job enrichment with new functional responsibilities, enlargement of workload, rotation of personnel, and scientific management. These techniques applicable to the job design concept will promote the active use of franchises within a year of the new assignment. The prospect of such appointment leads not only to obtain the benefits from job design, but also to the ability to apply the same technology on five new and to the rest of the existing locations in this district. The social side of demonstrated job design depends on the personal qualities of the District Manager and his/her subordinates, and it relies on the establishment of communication with other employees and the manifestation of leadership skills that can play a crucial role in the promotion of conceptual values of franchiser (Kilduff & Brass, 2010).

As the rotation of the employees to another job place will be associated with motivational rational reasons, it is expected that changes of work volumes and character will affect the employees’ enrichment with practical knowledge and improve the communication of the network of stores. The scientific basis for such management will be replenished by constructive suggestions of the employees to improve the service of the stores and the ways to attract customers. These activities involve the personnel in the business, as their proposals will be considered by the management and implemented by the positive response. Job enlargement will be performed in accordance with the necessary amount of work that will influence the job dynamics but will be generally beneficial to both the employees and the overall performance of business operations.

Organizational Design

Franchising Dependence

The architecture of potential launched Dunkin Donuts stores will be based on the franchiser’s priorities and sales’ needs. Herein, the franchising business requires strict leading to the operational conduct of the main company, as Dant, Grünhagen, and Windsperger (2011) noted it in their research of franchising peculiarities of modern expanded companies, including the Dunkin Donuts Co. Since it provides training and franchising support, marketing strategy, the brand name of the company remains to be the strong advantage in this joint business. Consequently, the cohesion of the organizational elements of the franchisees should repeat the success of the franchiser.

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Autonomous Organizational Design

According to the specific organizational structure and dimensions of the district’s stores, the organizational design consists of authorized and autonomous independence. The small scope of the locations allows designing a simple linear structure with tight active direct communications and quantitative feedback. This type of organization is conditioned by the necessity to provide quick and quantitative service for the customers and to notify the central management of the results of franchisee’s use and development of employees’ career and support.

Moreover, as the parent company uses U-Form design of a corporate organizational structure, the district’s store will benefit from its imitation, as the business operations are adapted to this form of organization. The district manager is authorized to give instructions, make quick decisions, and manage personnel and business operations. Expansion of the business is based on the relative freedom of action that characterizes the stores of the Dunkin Donuts Co. with a small number of employees but significant turnover due to the brand recognition and broad market supply. In addition, as the district manager planned to use job design, the organizational design also allows the movement of personnel within the trading network and exchange of knowledge and experience. Flexibility, simplicity, and accessibility of the senior management will be the main guidelines of the organizational design of new locations.

Recruiting and Selection

Preferences and Reference Points

Recruitment of the labor force and its selection are the important components of human resource management of the enterprise, especially in the franchising area. Responsibility for the staff completion of the new stores of the district lies with the district manager. Through the socially-oriented business policy, the manager will carry it out in stages of human resource management with regards not only to the franchisor’s main principles of work with the staff but also to diverse employees from the environment of the direct consumers. These guidelines enable the management to focus and facilitate the marketing efforts of each link of the franchise business structure.

Practical Implementation

Among the practical measurement recruiting of targeting audience, there is a well-established active attraction of motivated and initiative youth due to the possibility of promotion and increasing compensation. The use of social media by this audience of potential employees is characterized by high rates that will become the privileged tool to attract these promising human resources. In addition, the passage of practical training by the students of food specialty from colleges and universities will be the possibility of their returning to the Dunkin Donuts Co. network after graduation. Additionally to these sources, the district manager plans to use rotation between stores in terms of job design. The selection must be performed with the regard to the necessary personal and professional characteristics and requirements for the implementation of practical prescriptions of the workplace. As the stores will operate mainly with to the young personnel, the selection should also give the atmosphere of ambitious youth competition. Recruiting and selection are the first stages of connection of an employer and employees. Certain research of Bailey Clark (2013) confirms the importance and necessity of these measures to persuade the retention of selected and employed personalities.

Selection of applicants will be carried out after studying the data of the application forms that will contain the questions that are important to the management and proposed by the store’s employees. Not only will these measures increase the involvement of the employees in the performance of a business, but they will also create important team spirit for the newly-hired employees. The selection will be based on the interviews, containing a survey about the purpose of the application, tactics to achieve career success, compliance the personal goals to the corporate values and objectives.

Training and Performance Appraisals

Training Area

The training programs will include the development of professional and personal skills to improve the quality of provided services. As the motivational mechanism and franchise support are the strong elements of business, then inviting foreign trainers to conduct master classes, competitions, visits, knowledge sharing, and the developed system of bonuses will contribute not only to the high level of the training programs but also to the maintenance of the corporate culture.

Promising areas will be the diversification within the franchise based on the already acquired skills of the employees. For example, if an employee is perfectly able to paint or decorate the room, his ability will allow conducting the workshops for visitors.

Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisals need to be carried out according to the selected criteria of efficiency personally, loyally, and fairly. This tactic of work with the team will improve the responsibility of the employees for their results to the management and customers. As it is important to maintain trusting and reliable relationships with the subordinates, the District Manager should use it as a principle of the economic effect and reviews of visitors as well.


Summarizing the mentioned measurements, it is should be noted that management of new employees on new assignment supposed to be a significant challenge in terms of utilization of human resources. Implementation of motivational aspects in the planned processes of job and organizational design, recruiting and selection, training, and performance appraisal is possible and successful if there is a well-managed and motivated district manager. This position requires possessing the best practical and conceptual advantages of the performed business.

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