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Best Research Paper Topic Ideas

Research paper writing is something that every college or university student is familiar with, as this type of assignment is given in all educational institutions worldwide. Due to this reason, the question of choosing one of research paper topics is rather important for the learners today. It is obvious that research topics determine the content of the whole paper, as well as its style and format. Thus, it is worth taking it slow and spending some time for finding some good research topics, which will guarantee a solid paper in the end. However, while interesting essay topics are easy to find, most science research topics are dull and overused. Knowing this, we have gathered some fresh research paper topic ideas for you. 

Find Research Paper Ideas in Your Sphere of Interests

The main rule while searching for educational research topics for college students is to always follow one’s interests. This sphere deserves a careful examination, as it can offer the most valuable resources to you. A sheer inner drive to learn something new about a certain academic field or a particular topic will always uncover some unique research paper ideas and lead to the outstanding topics to write about. Thus, think about the sphere that you are curious about, something that you always wanted to learn or study, and try to find an area within this theme that requires more research. Write down all the theses and ideas that occur to you, and use these notes later to formulate the topic. It is not necessary to choose the most sophisticated direction for a good paper: even the easy research paper topic ideas can serve as a basis for a profound study later. So write down the list of research topics based on your interests and choose the one that seems the most appealing and related to the studying materials you have. A more detailed plan for choosing a topic for your scientific paper is given below.

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Strategy for Choosing Research Paper Topics

  • The Basics

To make an excellent research job, you need to consider a few simple aspects while choosing a topic. First, avoid the traditional topics that have been studied back and forth: search for some new themes that require highlighting. Second, choose the theme that you feel passionate about. This will contribute both to the efficiency of writing and your presentation in front of the audience. When one is fond of what they do, it is always obvious, and it is an undeniable advantage.

  • Stay within your specialization

It is unreasonable to write such an important work on a subject or sphere that you are unfamiliar with. Dealing with a new material will take you twice as much time, as you will need to read tones of literature and search for a similar research paper online. For instance, if you browse healthcare research topics for college students, you will find a hundreds of ideas for various papers, but choosing an unfamiliar area would mean not having a clue about what to start with. Therefore, it is always safer to stay within the frames of your specialization and make a deeper research on the subject that you are aware of. If you cannot think of a suitable topic based on your course, consult your professor regarding this, and you may get a valuable suggestion.

  • Formulation matters

The topic should be laconic and focused on one particular problem, so avoid wide notions and narrow the theme down as much as possible. If you look at some good examples of research paper topics, you will see that they are clear and very specific, which should also be your priority. Thus, take your time to formulate your topic and cut out all the unnecessary elements from it. 

  • Stay centered

In contrast to creative writing assignments, research papers should be based on facts and accurate data, so do not get carried away with any kind of narration or description. Stick to the main theme of your paper and build your arguments around it, not stepping away to some unnecessary information. Precision is vital here, so double check every source and make sure to support all your ideas with clear evidence. 

These tips will help you to make a right choice and build your work on a decent foundation. If you are looking for specific topics for various disciplines, see our list of research paper topics 2022 provided below.

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Healthcare Research Paper Topics 

  1. The rate of fast food consumption among European countries: a comparative study.
  2. Encouraging a better physical shape: how employers provide proper conditions for exercises at the workplace.
  3. Biologically active additives in food: hazards and use. 
  4. Health insurance and the extent of its usability.
  5. The use of antibiotics in meat production. A statistical analysis.
  6. The quality of health care for different social groups in the US.
  7. Toys and products for toddlers: how is the chemical content controlled?
  8. Prevention of anorexia among teenagers in USA.
  9. Sexual education as an element of the nation’s reproductive health.
  10. Overuse of information and its impact on brain activity. 
  11. Shall technology and Internet be forbidden to children? From which age is it advisory to start using screens and displays?
  12. Shall the national healthcare system control and regulate the weight of every citizen? 
  13. National standards of food quality. Do they ensure a healthy diet for the citizens?
  14. Regulation of smoking by introducing new policies: effective ways of lowering the percentage of smoking people.
  15. The relation between substance addiction and social life. 
  16. The dangers and benefits of vaccination.

Psychology Research Topics

  1. The biological and psychological roots of autism.
  2. Tools for regulating violent behavior among teenagers in high school.
  3. Corporal punishment for children and its influence on the individual’s psychological health.
  4. First signs of depression. How to provide self-aid?
  5. Dependence on a person’s emotional state on the pace of music on the background.
  6. Sleep deprivation and its impact on behavioral patterns.
  7. Nightmares as a result of stressful situations.
  8. Which extent of stress is permissible for young adults?
  9. Emotional intellect: how to develop it and why is it important?

Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Providing free education for the developing countries: why is literacy important?
  2. University loans: does the investment ever pay back?
  3. Does personality matter in teaching? If so, which types of individuals make better teachers?
  4. New tendencies in high school education.
  5. The role of uniforms for the quality of learning.
  6. Online education: is it possible to learn everything outside of the group?
  7. Does the educational approach used in schools allow showing individual character enough?
  8. Learning new languages: practical use and general importance.
  9. Testing systems and their effectiveness. A comparative study. 

Social Media Research Paper Topics

  1. Social networks as a basis of human interaction: pros and cons. 
  2. The new approaches to advertising through social media.
  3. How to filter the information received through social media?
  4. Internet detox: why is it important to regulate the amount of time spent online?
  5. Social behavior online: how Internet communities differ from real life communities.

Technology Research Paper Topics

  1. The impact of the use of technologies on learners’ memory.
  2. Irreplaceable devices: which spheres of life are impossible without technologies today?
  3. Technological education for the elderly.
  4. Virtual information storage: pros and cons.
  5. Increase in life span and the role of technology in it.
  6. Internet availability in every corner of the world. Is it possible? Is it necessary?
  7. The impact of technological advances on the ecological situation on the planet.

Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. Replacement of manual workers with machines: the recent tendencies.
  2. Relation between gender and social status.
  3. Social involvement of elderly people. How can their status be improved?
  4. Social norms of behavior for young women in 1940s. 
  5. The consequences of war for the nation’s mentality.
  6. Tendencies in religious preferences among young people.
  7. Communication between generations as a factor of forming a unified society.

Qualitative Research Topics in Education

  1. The number of drug addicts among youngsters with and without higher education.
  2. Bilingual education and its growing popularity in the US.
  3. How many schools lack technological supplies for effective teaching?
  4. The accessibility of education for different social groups: a statistical study.
  5. How many years does it take to become a professor? The stages of preparation.
  6. Post-graduate programs as a necessary element of professional growth.
  7. The number of male and female graduates in higher educational establishments. 
  8. Which new tools of information presentation have occurred for the past 10 years?

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