Recommendation letter is a kind of a letter used to prove and support personal abilities and skills of a student or any other person. They are mostly used to state that a peculiar person is suitable to hold a specific position at a company. Consequently, the letter must be paid special attention to in the process of writing.

Recommendation letters are normally composed by you previous chef, supervisors or colleagues. It is expected that they will outline positive features, attributes, and aspects, which will demonstrate the best personal features and prove that you are the perfect candidate for a specific position.

Regarding students, they require letters of recommendations from their lecturers, course instructors or supervisors to start their future career after graduation.

In Order to Write a Letter of Recommendation, It Is Advised to Fulfill the Following Steps:

  1. Meet with the person you are going to write the letter for.
  2. If you do not know the person, try to gather as much information about him/her as possible.
  3. Ask a person you meet to provide certificates or any other documents that confirm his/her qualifications.  
  4. Gather all the collected information in one folder so you always have everything you need for writing at hand. 
  5. Write a recommendation letter template.
  6. Think of all aspects you would like to describe in your letter.
  7. Consider all the ethical issues connected to the given kind of writing.
  8. Dedicate each paragraph to a specific quality of a person.
  9. Provide the top paragraph to explain who you are and what connection you have to the person you are writing about.
  10. Pay attention to the layout and recommendation letter format.

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In Addition, There Are Many Aspects That Have to Be Included in a Letter of Recommendation:

  1. The duration of time you are acquainted with the person.
  2. Full name of the candidate, his/her address and contact information.
  3. Information regarding your personal dealings with the person.
  4. Short information about you and the company or institution you represent.
  5. Explain why your recommendation can be considered reliable.
  6. Description of candidate’s qualifications and qualities.

To Answer the Question “How to Make a Recommendation Letter?”, the Writer Has to Consider the Following Points:

  • Before you start writing recommendation letter for student, you must remember that the future career of a person may depend on what and how you write.
  • It is important to make notes during personal meeting to make your letter accurate and precise.
  • It is not the details that matter in the writing process but the way you write, the expression, and the tone of the letter. In order for people to trust your letter, they should trust you and consider you as a reliable referee. 
  • Be attentive during the meeting. Try to avoid mistakes and clarify the names if necessary, to write them down correctly. Organize the collected information in a proper way.
  • Create a draft of your letter and check the information given in it once more. If there are any mistakes done, correct them and only then start working with the final version.
  • Avoid controversial and informal language in your writing. Besides, pay attention to writing techniques. Describe the candidate from the positive perspective. Avoid exaggeration as any information provided by you can be easily checked.

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