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A narrative essay is a kind of expository essay that, unlike other types of academic pieces of writing, gives much scope for creativity and has enough room to allow thinking out of the box. It allows mulling over own experiences and, later, discussing them on the paper. While writing it, a primary and the only source to be used is usually your memory, which is definitely full of bright moments that could be disclosed and shared with the audience. However, memories of events that occurred to us and images of people whom we once met often blur and mix. That is why the process of compiling these papers may be really time-consuming and tiring, especially at the prewriting stage.

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A story that is told from a certain point of view, which is usually the author’s one, may serve a narrative essay example. As a rule, in the text, there are a lot of sensory details and strong inner feelings, which do not leave the readers indifferent and make them emotionally involved. The language used is memorable and uncommon. Moreover, a correct essay conveys a message or makes the point that is established in the introductory paragraph, either at the beginning or the end of it.

Since narrative essay topics are quite writer-oriented, the paper is frequently shaped out as a story even though other forms are also possible. However, when adopting a storytelling mode, the author should make sure to take care of the wholesome image of the characters and plot, including the exposition, climax, and resolution, and, of course, a picturesque setting. The paper is also supposed to contain many details that contribute to the vividness of the picture and explain the point mentioned in the introductory paragraph. The writer may even use dialogue to support the idea.

In a Nutshell, the Narrative Essay:

  • is told from a particular perspective;
  • conveys a message or makes a point;
  • involves a lot of details;
  • uses bright language;
  • includes all story elements;
  • may contain a dialogue.

Sometimes, you may be given a task to write a narrative report aimed at describing something. Many students think of it as a very complicated academic piece of writing that requires them to do a detailed analysis, make assumptions, discuss underlying concepts and theories, and prove claims. However, this is not the case. Such narrative essays challenge one to tell about something, a book, for example, and not more than that. The writer just has to briefly retell a plot, present the characters, and describe some scenes. Due to the simplicity of the task, a narrative report is not really fruitful in terms of grades but is offered for students for the purpose of practicing writing a narrative essay.

If You Do Not Know How to Start a Narrative Essay, Read the Following Three Principles, and You Will See the Light:

  1. Make the readers involved in the story. Instead of barely telling, recreate it. Paint a vivid picture, appeal to emotions, and make the audience feel as if they are the heroes of the story.
  2. Search for generalization. The story will touch and make sense for the readers if it encompasses something that is familiar, experienced or even suffered by them. They should start associating themselves with the characters and understand their feelings. So, look for something that is common not for humanity in general, but for, at least, a certain group of people, for instance, children, students, etc., and focus on this similarity.
  3. Do not forget to include as many details as possible. Nevertheless, all of them should enhance the impressions and, what is more important, be pertinent and supportive of the point of the story.

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Proper Formatting Narrative Essays

It is no longer a secret for you how to make your thesis statement impressive and adequate for a perfect essay. You have already learned a lot about proper text structuring. However, this knowledge about a narrative essay is not sufficient to make the whole paper perfect. There are a number of further steps to be taken if you want to gain great results and impress your tutors. Have a look at a brief guide on narrative style that will save your effort and time and inspire you to creative writing work.

  • Wise choice of a format. Check the requirements to a specific narrative essay writing task and follow all the standards of Harvard MLA, APA or any other style that is needed. There are general standards which are obligatory, but also mind the differences which might appear from specific guidelines from your professor. You are interested in being successful from the first attempt of submitting the essay, so we recommend double-checking all the instructions.
  • Title page. Learning how to write a narrative essay, mind the importance of the title page as it is what your instructor sees first. If it contains typos or formatting mistakes, it is a sign that you are probably not a diligent student, and you are not interested in this kind of an impression.
  • Text blocks. Your style of writing and purpose of the essay demand a specific order of the parts in your essay, including the introduction and conclusion. This is not difficult to do if you are attentive.
  • Referencing. A works cited page is different for every style and it is better to revise the standards every time you get a new task to do.

If you know what a novel is, you will definitely have general understanding of peculiar features of a narrative essay. Nevertheless, there are a lot of aspects that determine specific rules for writing. Follow the key obligatory standards of writing and adhere to proper structure, mind that every idea should be original, avoid plagiarism, and reveal all the topic aspects in full.

Moreover, it is a must for every student to be careful with grammar and engage the readers not only with brilliant ideas and individual approach even to the most threadbare topic, but also with the correctness of word choice, excellent grammar, and absence of mistakes.

Help with Narrative Essays

Have a look at one good narrative essay example to see that it does not seem to be impossible to try and become an expert in this type of academic writing. You are qualified enough to tell a story, but try to choose the topic that appeals to your interests and brings you pleasure when you are thinking about it. You will definitely get a strong emotional response from your readers if the topic does not seem boring to you and your friends. It is especially interesting if a narrative deals with certain experience that makes the readers learn an important lesson or helps them get a new perspective on known things.

What is a narrative essay? It is a type of writing that can bring out vivid emotions of the readers and the best writers know how to share their own emotions with them. This skill of making the texts appealing and exciting to others is what you need to develop and your further studies and practice in writing will help you improve.

In case it seems to you that narrative writing is too complicated for you, you can try learning from the online samples, visiting different websites and borrowing some descriptive techniques from experienced writers. You can also use our blog: Tips for Writing a Good Narrative Essay.

It is great that there are absolutely no limits and restrictions in choosing a topic for a narrative essay as everybody has his or her own personal experience and attitude to what can be going on. You may wonder if it is appropriate to tell about something that is not true. You can try making up some stories, but if they sound unrealistic at all, they will not be liked by your audience. Your readers deserve respectful attitude and they want to believe that they are learning about the events that have actually taken place.

It is possible that you are so much pressed for time that learning to write, researching, finding a good topic, and drafting the texts seem to be not possible for you now. There is also Plan B for every student. Having no possibility to work on the paper yourself, you can entrust the task to and ask a professional writer to deliver the top writing product that you can use.

Narrative Essay Writing: Customized Services for You

A definition of a narrative essay presents it as a piece of writing that demands your personal efforts, voice and experience. If you feel that you have nothing to say or you do not wish to focus on writing now, just contact us for help. This assignment will be graded by your professor, and you do not want to be criticized for insufficient efforts exerted. Urgent assignments for sure need some professional guidance, as you cannot make your narrative essay excellent having no time for concentration.

It is great that we have hired a lot of top-rated writers who will be happy to be at your service. Luckily, you have found our website and now you can make use of our legit writing assistance and pay for a properly researched, formatted, structured, and presented essay.

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An example of narrative essay writing obtained from us will make you satisfied both with how we presented the ideas and how much we charge you. We will either bring to life your experience you have shared with us or invent some story that will arouse vivid emotions in your readers.

Let us know if there has been anything exciting in your life that you would like others to get to know about. If you do not want to bother about this, just give us the general details about the paper you need: number of words to be written, topic, and deadline. We will work on a scenario you may like and produce an authentic narrative text according to the specifications you have given.

We know how to create narrative essay writing that will be highly graded by experts. We are not afraid of any deadlines, even if they are extremely strict. We will either reveal your genuine emotions or make the readers believe that the story we have made up is real. Every client of knows that an essay prepared by a professional writer is a masterpiece that impresses and amazes the instructors.

We have a list of narrative essay tips that you may use to work on the paper yourself. Another great option for you is to trust one of our writers and forget about the pressure as a professional writer can do everything perfectly well. We give you our word – your voice will be evident in the story we will compose for you.

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